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Two In One Is Not Just a Cake Part 5

We would all feel better. We know that after this; we wives, have to get into the tough life again with our children, in laws, house hold responsibilities and all that. Where is the time to have attachment with the third person? Actually, we have no time to have any attachment with even our husbands. Very soon, the third person will pass into history, but in future, when we have the opportunity to ponder; I and Anil shall cherish the time that we three spent in the adventure of threesome."

"Anyway, Raj, let me admit; I was never so horny in my life so far. You both have made me so sex starved. I can now understand what must have happened to Neena, when both of you were working on her in the night of Holi. Now both of you, please satisfy my sexual desires and I shall do my best to fulfill your sexual desires." Said Anita. She got up and turned on her buttocks to assume doggy position. She raised her belly from bed supporting her body with two hands and with two knees down. She was positioned like in alpha shape (an engineer can only describe this in technical language!).

Anil asked me to get behind her. I tapped her ass cheeks lovingly and got behind her and pampered her pussy hole rotating my fingers around her hole periphery. She started moaning and OooooPh!!!! Her pussy hole was quite bigger than Neena's. Anita's love juice was dripping from it liberally. I inserted my tongue into her gorgeous love hole and began to lap up her juice at the same time rotate my tongue into it. I had to bend down a little to do it. I inserted my hand below her and picked one of her breasts in my palm. I loved squeezing it. It was so lovingly soft and bounced in my palm like a ball of jelly. Her nipples were so uptight. I pinched them between my two fingers. I used my other hand to adjust myself.

Anil positioned him in front of her. He wanted her to suck his lund. Anita refused. She said, "I want to taste Raj's cock first in my mouth." Laughing, she continued, "I know, yours' tastes so terrible!" Anil pretended as if he felt offended but asked me, "Raj, Madam wants to taste you first. Don't fail the test." Anil and I changed position. I was now in front of Anita and Anil was behind her. I extended my erect cock, which she took into her mouth. She first licked the head clean. Her saliva was making me go mad. I was real horny. She took some of my cock into her mouth and was pushing it in and out. I began to mouth fuck her. She was careful to avoid her teeth from touching my cock.

She looked at me as if to ask how I felt. I was so aroused. I removed my cock from her mouth, bent down and kissed her hard on her lips. We both kept kissing for about two minutes. It looked as if we were not going to stop kissing. After disengaging from the kiss, I said, "Anita, I know, you do not like to suck cocks. I am so grateful to you for having done this. You are my beloved lover and my dear friend's precious wife and I thank you for making me your lover for one night and giving me the pleasure of your physical love." She placed her fingers on my lips and almost repeated what I had said earlier, "Those who love, don't say thank you."

From behind Anil was finger fucking her seriously. She was shaking and moaning. I was then squeezing her breasts and rubbing her back, buttocks and kissing her all over. She then asked Anil, "Anil, please fuck me from behind in doggy position. She simultaneously began shagging my cock. I was so erect and on the point of cumming. I murmured in Anita's ears. I can't wait. I want to fuck you now. As if Anil heard it; he stopped. Moved away from Anita and said, "Raj, please come now and fuck her. Please do it as well as you ever did. I went behind her. She picked my cock in her palm. Positioned it at the opening of her love hole and slightly pushed it in; leaving for me to do the rest.

I held my cock and felt Anita's palm also there. We both rubbed my cock around the periphery of Anita's cunt lubricating it with her love juices. I pushed my cock with a heave of my body into her gradually. It slipped into her cunt. Her cunt was quite flexible and her hole was big enough for me. I went into her right through. It was like heaven. I loved the slippery feel of her cunt. Neena's love hole was much smaller in comparison and every time we fucked, she was always pleading for me to go slow.

There was no such problem here. I loved Anita's inviting love hole and felt so sweet and easy. I kept pumping with greater and greater force. She was shaking partly due to my thrusts and partly due to her convulsions. I realized that she was reaching her orgasm. Her breasats were falling loose pointing downwards. I picked them both in my palms from behind.

Anil had inserted his cock into Anita's mouth and Anita was using the moment of my thrust to push Anil's cock in and out of her mouth. Anita reached her orgasm. She was moaning now loudly. Her OOOOHHhhhhhh!!!! And OHhhhh!!! I was perspiring with sweat forming on my forehead. I asked Anita,

"Is it OK if I release my semen into you? Are you OK?" she said, "There is no problem. The doctor has told me that in this period it is totally safe."

I think, Anita, I and Anil released our juices at the same time. Anil came into her mouth, I came into her pussy and she had her second orgasm that night. She remained in that doggy position keeping my penis into her cunt for a while. Later I removed my now semi erect cock out and went to washroom to clean. All of us one after the other went to the washroom.

We were tired and slept naked in that bed together. Later that night I woke up to find Anil fucking Anita. After Anil had finished, Anita climbed on top of me and fucked me. I was surprised to find her energy level. Anil looked as Anita fucked me for about 15 minutes before I ejected my load into her one more time and she had her third or fourth orgasm.

In the morning, it was Sunday. It was about 7 am. I opened my eyes to see Anita naked between me and Anil. In fact all of us were naked. We were covered by a quilt. Anita was partially uncovered and slept with her face towards me and back towards Anil. Anil was sleeping with his arms wrapped around Anita and had his cock positioned at Anita's ass. With one hand he was holding one of Anita's breasts. I saw Anita opening her eyes and seeing me. She asked me, "Raj, did you enjoy last night." I replied, "The night is not yet over." I bent down and sucked her other breast.

Anil was also not asleep; it seemed as he said, "Yes the night is not yet over. I am still horny." He turned Anita over and made her climb on top of him. I saw his long john getting tight very quickly. I was turned on. He wanted her take his rod into her. She did and started slow motion pumping his rod into her. I was fully erect by that time. I held my cock in my hand and was gradually holding the fore skin and shaking up and down. Seeing my condition, Anil made a strange proposal.

He murmured something in Anita's ears. I could hear her reply. She said, "Anil, are you mad how can we......?" Anil replied, "Have we not done it? You said you liked it. Raj will do it with plenty of lubes. Why not we do what we agreed. However, we won't do it if you can't handle it." Anil was challenging Anita. Anita replied, "Well I can handle 'Two In One'. Handling is not an issue." I was surprised with Anita's reply.

Anil asked me to get a bottle of cream and oil lying on the dressing table. He asked me to lubricate my cock with plenty of it and then apply plenty of it into Anita's ass hole. I was eager to carry out this new experiment. I had never even attempted it with Neena, although I had heard that people occasionally do this but we considered it as perversion. I told Anil "Anil, no, I won't do it. It might hurt her. Besides, I have never done it."

I was surprised to find Anita saying., "Raj, I want to do it. I and Anil agreed that we shall attempt two in one with you. Rest assured, Anil's cock has already explored that earlier. It won't hurt." I did as told and inserted my cock into her unconventional hole. There was plenty of lubricant. My cock went straight into her. I am not an anus man and I did not really liked this idea. However, I gradually started enjoying my cock being gripped by Anita's tight ass.

As Anita was fucking Anil from the top, Anil was sucking her breasts. I was pumping her from behind. There was a lot of confusion and we were missing our rhythm. Suddenly, I heard telephone ringing. I saw Anil extending his hand to pick up the receiver. Anil spoke on the phone. It was a call from Neena. Anil put the phone on speaker phone. I could hear Neena's voice.

She was asking Anil, "Hey, how are you? Your voice appears disturbed. What are you doing?" "Oh, yes, I am a bit busy drinking milk and am being hammered by Anita" replied Anil.

"Oh! Did you two have a fight or what? Is Anita there?" I heard Neena ask.

Anil said, "Yes, but she busy. She is breast feeding and eating and at the same time banging me."

"Eating so early in the morning? What is she eating?"

"Oh! She is having two in one!!" said Anil, looking at the remnants of the cake lying on the side table nearby and smiling mischievously into the phone.
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