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Rope trick with a trainer

This is my life experience in my own house. I am a doctor doing pvt practice. In our area the doc is in good demand. Even though the money per patient was meager the sum total was great with other perks, I had a good nursing home ,given by mt father in law as present. Now I am looking for a better one that also in city with my own money. I have 3 salees.(sis in Law) My wife was the eldest and was the best among them then. When married others were so small with out any fat. The youngest in 9 th and middle in +2. I used to consider them ,and they too, as sisters. They were very fair and innocent then, Mother in law was still far better than all in her 40 is. Rich and powerful as a overseer in NH. He has made separate plots for all his daughters. Made one home at the city. After marriage we had 2 kids in my 3 and 5 tears. Wife became more beautiful with more plumb body( a/c to my taste ) WE used to play daily with all protection. It was in her second delivery the middle salee has come for a stay after her vacation. She was in her p.g class. She was planing to stay on the hostel but for my wife. She has compelled her to stay with us. By then she has grown up to a marvelous beauty. She was bit plump and with olden color. and round face of her mom. All others were with slightly long faces. Only that she also was slightly less tall as her Mom. From the first day I was much attracted in her body . I wanted her for at least for a day. But no way in normal course. She used to keep away and indifferent to me. I have tried all ways to attract. Even I have told that the sex ins nothing and no one will know that. Also being a doc the girl will be well protected. But she never posed as if she has understood that.
Even before marriage I had sex during my 3 years of practice. Then I had a clinic where less ordinary patients were present. Our main work was MTP for unwed mothers. .We had a co operation with the neighboring state s clinic. They used to direct these ladies to me while I used to send those from here to them. Ihis was safe to them that no locals will know any thing. Hardly it tool 10 days or even less for took cleanups. WE had a old lady midwife and a nurse who were very good in this. I need not even know about these except when any problem was there. The service stories slowly spread ed and there was a flow of patients to both directions. It was then I have got married. Then the clinic and better felicities. Still now some used to come for that. But the rate also has increased and so number has decreased. We were now having many other patients and so became well off. In the early days of marriage wife has understood these from the midwife whom she was loving a lot. She has advised her to cat air me with all type of sex so that I will not go for others. She even has tough her many ways which was in my liking. Really I was astonished then that being an orthodox she was open for oral and even anal sex which I was almost mad off. I knew that she was only liking orthodox missionary way since after marriage. The sudden change in liking was not clear then . Slowly she was mad of all method and even demand for vedio quality sex. Those were theoretical still she thought as variety. In those days I have forgotten all other sex avenues for 3 years. .Soon she has started understanding the meaning of sex and my crave for f
variety. Also she has understood my love and lust for her and my control for other sex. She also have no other problem with me. I had a good name and love from staff and patients.. soon after first delivery she herself has told me about the sex problem. She only advise me to be careful about diseases. It was then the AIDS has terrorized all. But being a doc she was not worried. I have also reduced sex to very special cases only. The old mid wife being wife advisory or secret agent was ready to guide or cater me. .Our early way was to use almost all those have come for this, provided that they are less than 6. Only special cases I used to go to + ^ cases. But now the sex has reduced only for special or rare cased. We had special place for all that . In fact there was nothing bad in that since they have already gone for that and any way is doing to clean all.. It was OK for all. Then wife has her second girl and we were ready to stop that since the first was a boy. We have again moved to active sex soon. From then I used to go out only if the other sex used to be marvelous and have any problems. All were so secret between the midwife and me. Wife used to know all and even used to have seen them through her friend. But never has asked me. She also knew that these were very temporary affair and the party will leave soon. I was not having any other known relations, and infact all others used to like my behavior with ladies.
It was then the Salee has turned up. Since wife was at home There was no chance to even talk her about. She was in our guest room and I used to sleep in my room near consultation room ,since she was with a servent and infant. Slowly the relation with Salee turned to a sower note and she has asked to leave to a hostel. It was an accidental embrace while she has entered to my room with wife's sari. I have thought that it was my wife. Even I have told sorry and also told that to my wife she was not satisfied. Wife also made her understand that such relations were common in families and my case ws a mistake. It was then I have changed myself. I have decided to have her under any conditions. I was looking for a chance. It was then her marriage has been fixed with a bank officer. A handsome fellow, infact purchased by father in law. I was sure that that was my last chance. Then came a family function at her fathers house. But sis in law was having an exam. so all have left leaving we two. I have agreed to take her in the next day before the final ceremony.
I have asked my mid wife friend about a solution. She was not ready . But soon she has agreed to give her a doze of medicine to reduce resistance. It was a local medicine in Ayurveda way. It will not make one unconscious but but easily agree for sex if she has interest. Inhibitions will be reduced. In fact I have reached home only at 10 PM while she was asleep . She was alone .I have had my food and found she was almost naked. My friend has removed all dress as far as possible. I have tried to make her awake. She has got up and as told has embraced me and kissed as if she was waiting for me. I also was mad made her naked and sucked her lips ans breasts till they have turned to blood red. She also was so happy and was ready for a sucking of my lond tool .I have taken her to our large bed and enjoyed her thinking of her beautiful mom. The fuck ws painful still she has cried with cooing. > After the first we had a sleep with her on me. She was continuation kissing soon after a rest. In the early morning again we had a second trip. She has told me that she was liking me but was not ready to cheat her sister. She has also told me that she has seen my penis entering the sis once. She was told all my stories by y friend and that has made her to be ready. In fact there was no magic medicine at all.
That was the start. We had many unions in my secret place and even in mt room . Her marriage have taken her away but we did have sex occasionally.. I became more active in my later(+45) life and soon could get her younger sister with out any difficulty. WE were 23 years oa age difference but with 20000 % of taste in sex. She was used till her marriage only. The sex is still in form but careful and with special once only.The last one was ,some way has reached to my wife soon. She has asked how I could have sex with 24 year younger girl. My answer was that she was enjoyed by someone ,her uncle, and got pregnant. Here I have made her happy and understood the happiness and purified to a normal life. The girl was later bought to our house by the mid wife .After talking to her she was also happy since the girl was so happy in my relations. I have been so kind and friendly to her according to her words. Now wife also is calm and used to be sorry about the failure of sex between her sisters,since she has strong relations with them. She has told me that both were liking me so much and had she was not between they would have given all to me. She was in proud of her sisters.. I was so unhappy for her to think such about them.

her sisters. Once s
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