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Another Cuckold Story Part 05

Nothing unusual had happened that day. We all chatted a lot, traveled a lot in Javed’s car and spend some quality time with each other. That night we took our dinner late, at around 11-O-clock. We went to bed at 12-O-clock. It was midnight when I got awake somehow and found that Priyanka was not in my bed. I quickly went near Javed’s room. It’s door was locked but one windows was slightly open. I looked inside eagerly. Yes they ware doing it again. But this time the movie had just started. I sawJaved grabbed Priyanka's hair roughly and kissed her lips hard. Priyanka was startled, but she opened her lips for Javed and soon her lips were locked with Javed's. Javed's tongue entered her mouth as she opened it for him. She kept licking on his tongue. Priyanka was moaning softly as she kissed him hard. Javed ran his hands through her hair a few more times and then broke the kiss. Priyanka seemed a bit disappointed, but brightened quickly as Javed moved his hand towards her breasts and then removed the pallu of her sari aside. Javed wrapped his hands around her waist and then buried his head in her breasts. Priyanka threw her head back and moaned as she felt Javed's rough beard rubbing in her cleavage.

"Oh Javed Ji, I have dreamed of this for a long time ago. Priyanka moved both her hands and then wrapped them around Javed's head.

"Priyanka Ji you have the sexiest pair of breasts I ever saw. You husband is a real wimp, I don’t know how he allowed me to have fun with you." She laughed loudly, "Yes Javed ji, he is a perfect pathetic wimp. I don’t know from where he got this “cuckold” idea. But when we got the chance we should make use of it as much as possible. They again started laughing loudly.

He doesn't even deserve to touch your lovely breasts. A strong and rough stud like me should handle your breasts."

Javed moved both his hands towards her breasts and moved his head away. He then grabbed both her breasts and roughly massaged those making Priyanka squirm. Then he unhooked all the hooks of her blouse quickly. Priyanka eagerly raised both her hands to allow him to remove her blouse. Javed removed her blouse quickly and then turned to remove her sari as well. He plucked out sari from her where it was attached to her waist and then pulled it away. Priyanka allowed him to remove it completely and then threw it away on the bed. Now Priyanka was in undergarments. She slowly moved closer to Javed and kissed him once again. As they kissed, she moved her hands under Javed's T shirt and slowly pulled it up. Javed raised his hands and Priyanka pulled it out of his shoulders. She then looked in Javed's eyes and kissed him once again. His chest was covered with thick dark hair. She ran both of her hands across his chest and then slowly placed her head on his shoulder. "Oh Javed ji, you are so hairy. I love it jaan. This is more like a man that I want." She caressed his chest as she kissed his neck. She kept caressing his chest with her hands. Javed was kissing her breasts once again as his hands moved to her back. He was still sucking on her breast when he unhooked her bra from behind and then tried to remove it. Priyanka raised her hands to help him and Javed pulled it out. Then he threw it and smiled.

Priyanka once again caressed his chest and kissed it once before she finally moved her hands behind Javed's neck. Then she firmly pulled his mouth towards her breasts. Javed obliged her as he grabbed one breast and took the other one in his warm wet mouth.

"Oh Javed ji, it feels great, my breasts belong to you from now on. Please lick my tits hard. Please suck them, make them wet with your mouth." Then she closed her eyes and slowly started rubbing her hands on Javed's naked back.

"Oh Javed ji, please bite them harder with your lips. I love it when you bite my breasts like this. I want to see your bite marks on my breasts. I want my cuckold husband seeing them every time I change clothes and removed bra in front of him." Javed didn't say anything, but he switched from one breast to another and took her other breast in his mouth. As he was feasting on her breasts, he slowly turned around with Priyanka sitting in his lap and her legs wrapped around his waist. Then he slowly pushed her forward so that she was lying on her back and he was sitting on her hips.

Priyanka opened her eyes and licked her lips. Javed's hands were on her stomach and he was slowly caressing it. She smiled at him and took both of his hands and pulled them on her tits. She slowly squeezed them on her breasts and then closed her eyes once again. As Javed continued mauling her big breasts, she moved her hand across her body and slowly reached out for Javed's crotch. It was already making a tent in his shorts. She slowly rubbed it with her hands tentatively first over the cloth of his shorts. She looked in his eyes seductively for a moment before she pulled his shorts down. It took me by surprise as Javed's huge dick popped out of his shorts as Priyanka pulled it down. Javed was not wearing any underpants. Priyanka pulled his shorts down and Javed got down from her stomach and sat beside her on the bed. Then he slowly sat on his knees so that his huge cock was staring Priyanka right in the face.

Priyanka extended her hand slowly and touched his cock. She looked at it once and then slowly started caressing it with her palm. It was smooth and hard. Its head didn't have any skin as Javed was Muslim and his cock was circumcised.

"Oh Javed ji, your cock is so much bigger than my husband's. Seeing this, I think his one is so useless. I feel I have wasted all my married life." She looked at Javed and Javed also laughed hearing her.

"Yes Priyanka ji, his small dick is no match for me. He really can't satisfy you with his small dick. What you need is a big fat 9 inch cock in your cunt to and stretching it to satisfy you. Now come here and make it wet with your mouth. I want you to lick and suck it till it's lubricated properly so that it enters smoothly in your cunt." Priyanka slowly got on all fours facing Javed's cock.

She slowly caressed whole length of Javed's cock with her palm slowly once again. Then she closed her eyes and then slowly moved her face so that her cheek was touching Javed's cock. Then she slowly started rubbing her face against Javed's cock. She moaned as she caressed her cheeks with Javed's cock.

"Oh Javed ji, your cock is so wonderful, so big and hard." Javed moved his hands to Priyanka's naked breasts and slowly started mauling them with his big hands. Priyanka continued to rub Javed's cock against her cheek for some time.

Priyanka ji, please open your mouth and take my dick in that lovely moist and warm mouth." Priyanka smiled at him.

"I will do anything to satisfy and please you Javed Ji." Then she obediently opened her mouth to accept Javed's cock. Strands of her hair were brushing against her face. She slowly tucked it behind her hair. Javed tilted her face upwards and then slowly inserted his huge cock in her waiting mouth. Priyanka's mouth was stretched open, but she accepted Javed's cock in her mouth without a whimper. Even after she had taken it completely in her mouth, still almost half of his cock was outside.

Then she slowly started moving her mouth up and down his massive cock. Javed groaned and threw his head back as Priyanka's mouth sucked his cock. I could see his cock getting wet with her saliva as she licked and sucked its length. Javed also started stroking her face with his hand and then slowly started fucking my wife's mouth with slow rhythmic motion.

Priyanka was now moaning loudly as she sucked Javed's cock. Even I could see her rolling her tongue around his cock. Now Javed grabbed her hair roughly once more as he increased pace of his fucking. With his one hand, he held Priyanka's face steady and with his other he grabbed her breast as he fucked her mouth furiously. Priyanka also was steady allowing Javed to fuck her mouth properly. Her eyes were closed and she was groaning loudly. Her lovely black hair was spread on her naked back as her mouth moved forward and backward on Javed's cock. Now Javed was panting heavily and his entire body was covered with small droplets of sweat. He stopped suddenly and then pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth.

"Get down on your back." He ordered my wife in a commanding voice. Priyanka licked her lips for a moment and then obediently lay down on the bed beside me on her back. She then spread her thighs wide. Her cunt was wet and moist and smelled strongly. She spread her thighs and waited for Javed to take control. Javed quickly moved in and he gripped my wife's thighs. Then he slowly adjusted his huge cock on my wife's cunt. He put his hands below her waist and then slowly started pushing his cock inside her cunt. Priyanka cried out loudly as Javed pushed his cock in her cunt. Even though it was wet, his cock was still pretty big for her. She bit her lips as Javed slowly started stroking his cock in her cunt. She moaned as she felt Javed pushing his cock further and further in her cunt with small swift strokes.

"Oh Javed Ji, please fuck me slowly jaan. You are hurting me with your big cock, I may bleed again like yesterday." Priyanka cried out as Javed roughly pushed his cock further in. But instead of listening to her, he extended his hand and roughly slapped her breasts.

Priyanka cried out as Javed started fucking her violently. Priyanka's mouth contorted with pain as Javed's huge cock ripped her cunt apart. But Javed kept fucking her roughly as he grabbed her breasts for support. Priyanka was moaning loudly now as Javed's strokes hurt her, but to my utter surprise, she was also matching his strokes with her own. She was moving her pelvis back and forth as Javed fucker her. Her head was falling from one side to other and she was biting her lips every now and then.

Priyanka extended her arms and started caressing Javed's chest as he fucked her.
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