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A tale of two wives

When I hung up the phone, I admit I might have slammed down the receiver in frustration. It was Monday and I had been looking forward to an evening spent in my recliner with a couple beers and some Monday Night Football. Instead, I had just been informed that I had been enlisted by my wife to help entertain another in a seemingly endless stream of consultants brought in to figure out how to make my wife's place of employment hum.

"I know how much you hate it," she started, "but Bill already has a meeting and I agreed to meet Jan and her husband for dinner."

Kate's request was both surprising and unsurprising at the same time. It was not unusual to have consultants come to town and to have Kate's boss pawn them off on her. It was unusual to have the consultant be a woman and be accompanied by her spouse. I was accustomed to being asked to tag along with Kate, who was uncomfortable going solo when the consultant was a man. She had done it once, and complained the guy spent the entire time staring at her ample bosom and even tried groping her after insisting he should escort Kate to her car.

"Please come with me," she pleaded, "I really, really need your support."

That did it. Kate had thrown out the "I need your support" card, which meant I'd be in the dog house if I bailed on her.

"Okay," I grumbled as I hung up the phone. I was pissed at the time, but in hindsight, I clearly made the right decision.

I was running late after a hectic afternoon at work and didn't pull into the driveway until nearly six o'clock. After I scurried through the front door, I jogged up the staircase and ran into the master bathroom intending to take a quick shower. The sight that greeted me when I rounded the corner into the john stopped me in my tracks. Kate was applying her makeup at the sink, leaning towards the mirror wearing only a black lace bra and matching panties. What an ass! I had moved my gaze up to Kate's lovely and large breasts when her eyes glanced away from her face and focused on my reflection in the mirror as I ogled her tits and ass. I was sure she was going to complain I was late getting home, but instead she smiled sweetly and sensuously wiggled her beautiful behind.

I assumed it was an invitation and wasted no time as I slid up behind her and pressed my rapidly hardening and fully clothed cock to her barely covered butt. I ran my hands down Kate's naked back and gently grabbed hold of her hips, while she pushed back with her ass and squirmed against the growing bulge in my pants.

Just as my hand was reaching for the fly on my jeans, Kate gave out a ***** moan before protesting, "We can't," the desire unmistakable in her voice, "we're already going to be late and you need to get in the shower."

With that said, Kate nudged her tight little ass up against by now fully erect dick as it strained against the confines of my pants, turned around, planted a passionate kiss on my lips, gave my cock a quick tug, and sauntered into our bedroom with her hips swaying suggestively.

"What a fucking tease," I yelled after her.

I could hear Kate giggle, obviously pleased with herself, as I pulled off my work clothes and climbed into the shower. At that point, I would have paid almost any price to blow off the plans for the evening and get into the sack with Kate's hot body and just fuck the night away. My cock was hard when I started the shower and I was still sporting a pretty good woody when I pulled back the shower curtain to climb out.

Kate was back at the sink now fully dressed in black slacks and a blouse that accentuated her hot curves. She glanced over at me while I started to towel and quipped, "I was sure you were going to take care of that yourself in the shower," while moving her hand up and down with her fingers curled around in the classic "jerk-off" gesture. "Now you'll just have to wait until we get home so I can relieve your tension."

My beautiful bride was obviously in a horny mood and I couldn't wait to be done with our duties. That wasn't going to happen if I remained in place with my semi-hard dick exposed hoping for a quick blow job so I ambled into the bedroom and got dressed.

Kate called Jan on her cell as we were driving downtown to let her know we'd be couple minutes late. Jan assured Kate that it was no problem and instructed us to look for her and Steve in the bar, where they would be sipping on margaritas.

Thanks to Kate's lead foot we were only about 10 minutes behind schedule when we walked into the lounge. Kate pointed to Jan's table, and I quickly noticed the two glasses on it were already damn near drained. I couldn't get a good view of Jan as we approached, but Steve was facing us and it was clear he had no trouble attracting the fairer sex. The guy was around 35, broad-shouldered, with a full head of black hair graying around the temple.

My wife was looking Steve over good as we walked closer, and after about five steps, I finally got a decent view of Jan the consultant. She was so unbelievably gorgeous I damned near stopped in my tracks! My wife is hot, but this chick was pure southern California beach babe. Straight blond hair framed a face that could have from a fashion magazine. She wasn't busty, but her trim, athletic body exuded sex. The expression on my face must have betrayed my thoughts because I received a decent elbow jab from Kate just before she introduced me to Jan, and Jan took care to introduce Steve.

While we waited for dinner to be served, the conversation came easy and the drinks quickly. We talked about our jobs and families. Kate and I have two children, but both had flown the coop for college. Jan and Steve were still in the middle of it with elementary age offspring who dominated their lives. Jan explained that she decided to ask Steve to join her on her trip so the two of them could have a chance to reconnect and hopefully put some spark back in their love life.

We didn't have to wait long for our dinners to arrive, and the casual conversation continued effortlessly as we sated our appetites. The drinks kept coming, and by the time the table was cleared the laughter coming from our table had grown common and loud enough to attract the attention of a few other diners.

Jan finished off her third margarita and announced it was time for her to visit the restroom. It was my first opportunity to take in her whole body. She stood up and turned around. "Oh, my God," my brain screamed. This chick's ass was the finest I had ever had the opportunity to ogle! She knew it too. Jan added a seductive sway to her gait just before she turned and spied me staring at her gorgeous behind. When my gaze shifted up, I caught a glimpse of a smile on her lips just as Kate's elbow jabbed me in the side.

Steve seemed oblivious to the brief exchange and continued chatting up Kate as he sipped his drink. Within a few minutes, Jan sauntered around the corner and returned to her seat at the table. Another round of drinks was ordered and the gabfest continued.

That's when Jan caught Steve staring at Kate's tits. She wasn't wearing anything revealing, but her 34Ds still commanded the attention of anyone carrying normal levels of testosterone in his blood. It was tough to tell if she was actually mad at him as Jan admonished Steve that it was rude of him to allow his gaze to drift that far south. "How would you like if Jake kept eyeing my cleavage?" she demanded.

For some reason Kate felt a need to defend Steve. "Don't be too tough on him," she pleaded, "boys will be boys." Then, in an apparent move to even the playing field, Kate added, "just five minutes ago I caught Jake taking in the view of your ass, and he wasn't even trying to be discrete."

Before I could recover from nearly spitting out my drink and begin to mount my defense, Jan interrupted with a hint of a giggle in her voice, "Don't worry about it. Steve is used to it, and truth be told, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and it turns me on knowing the guys like what they see!"

For some reason, that opened the floodgates and Jan launched into a story about their visit to a clothing optional beach in Cancun. Jan claimed she had no intention of actually getting naked, but she had found herself getting revved up by the reaction of the men, and a few women, to her revealing two-piece swimsuit.

Steve jumped into the conversation, explaining how he took notice of her aroused state, and grabbed the opportunity to lobby Jan to lose her top. He said it took him 20-minutes, but Jan finally agreed to lay on her belly topless after he promised to give her a good rubdown.

"It was so sensual," Jan said as I caught her squirming a bit in her seat. "Steve kept massaging my back as I glanced around at all the naked bodies nearby. Some probably should have stayed covered, but there were quite a few hot guys and girls. Soon I noticed this one couple watching us, and when I gathered up enough nerve, I returned their gaze." Jan hesitated just a bit before continuing. It was pretty clear she was contemplating if she should share the rest of the story when the small crease that had been forming on her forehead vanished, and she gave herself a little squeeze with her arms crossed over her breasts.

"Steve was giving my butt a pretty good rubdown, and every few seconds I could feel his fingers sliding a bit farther under my bikini bottoms. The couple watching us never looked away, and as I kept my eyes pointed in their direction, the chick casually reached down between her man's legs and started stroking his cock! They were both totally nude. She looked to be in her mid-20s, with short hair and an all-over tan. Jan described the guy as in his 30s and very fit with a full head of jet black hair. Then she added, "Oh yeah, he was also sporting no tan lines to go along with his 9-inch pole.
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