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My Girlfriend Loses Her Innocence

Time : 18:00 PM, Somewhere in South India..

My mind is drifting off continuously, the things i have been experiencing from a few days have been effecting me mentally and I had to write it out. I just returned from a crowded bus journey with my Gf and though there have been 2 instances before where I have been risking my Gf's security, this day, it has gone too far. I like to live on edge, experiment with new things in life, but today, it was strange. Though my risky side is craving for more, i'm just baffled about life.

Writing has always been my way out to decide whether i'm doing a right thing or wrong thing because that helps me to stay calm and sit back to think. I've already smoked three Malboro cigars thinking about the last few days and as I've been a vivid reader of the Xossip stories section, It's time I give mine.

For now, It's time to get home and sit back for some time, take a nap and start the writing.

P.S : I've just started writing and I typed this para on my mobile when I'm smoking a cigar in the evening.

#Day 1 : Travelling Home - My Delusion begins
So, I've just started to write and This is no fantasy, These are my real life experiences I've been experiencing from a few days and Again I like to be on the risky side and I may post my gf images here as we continue.

Let me tell you about myself. I'm a no-one actually. I am just a normal guy living a normal life. My name doesn't matter and It'd be actually quite foolish If i posted my real name here. Anyway, this thread isn't about me, this isn't my story.

So, I'm 22 and I have a pretty above average life from the childhood. I dropped out of college trying to setup my own startup and I earn a pretty decent amount from Internet. I've been very choosy about the things I follow in adult entertainment and erotica is the thing that attracted me the most. Eventually, i found out about all these adultery stories and how much people are into it. I never believed in any story until one fine day, it happened to me. Not in an exactly explicit way other story writers write their stories about, but in a decently dirty way. When life is going on cool, I met a girl in college, Vasudha, a girl who went onto be the most important asset of my life in a short period of time. I just love her. May it be her patience and tendency to keep calm in tense situations, or her innocent fear of losing me or just to say, I love her figure. We dated for 3 years and we never had a fight, that's how matured we are. We love each other and I used to drop her everywhere she used to/wanted to go. We both are from pretty nice backgrounds and with me earning money, we were financially stable in our dating. Vasudha had very strict parents who were strict about money and dressing. When we both met for the first time, I just categorized her into another no-brain girl who came from her village to study who will probably bury herself in books. I started noticing her when she started wearing Jeans and sleeveless tops. That's when it struck me, Vasudha, even though she needed a little modern help, has a perfect body men would die for. She used to save her money and used to buy these dresses which used to be near modern but were epic dressing fails. The only good thing about those old school modern dresses were I can see her shapes and figure without getting carried away by fashion. To put it in this way, Vasudha was a mega favorite to the cat calling and teasing guys who loved to throw dirty comments on Vasudha. Vasudha however was too bothered about her marks than the comments. As we were in the same college, we spoke a few times and I started noticing these guys giving so much attention to Vasudha. A month before, Vasudha was just a non local girl, but now, She was a catcalling favorite of the college. With that perfect of a figure, it came to me as a no surprise. With that much attention towards her, I decided, I got to make her fall in love with me and It really wasn't easy. Later on, I found a lot of positive things about her and i started loving her more and vice versa. Few months prior, we went onto be a couple and dated successfully for almost 3 years and it's her last year of college now.

Vasudha was a decent looking girl who matured in beauty and mind with age. She was around 5'4 and had a perfect set of boobs. I can't describe what 'cup' are her boobs because I didn't measure them anytime. She had a pretty decent boobs and a near hourglass figure. Her ass is the most eye-attracting part of her body followed by her face and even though I dated her so many days, I never complained about her dresses. Without any complaining, she used to buy and wear the same type of clothing and got used to that semi-modern wear. What are semi-modern wears? These type of clothes are those short t-shirts and tight jeans that hug the ass but are shapeless at the waist. She mostly used to wear short tees, ass hugging but loose waist jeans, tight leggings that would get transparent going by her fair skin and Kurtas that have a long cut, that we can actually see her waist with a little lift. These weren't bad dresses, they are just misfits. She had a fairy wheatish complex and was just very fleshy to look at. Things were going on like this and suddenly 3 instances happened with me which made me start experimenting and keeping my Gf in risky situations even without knowing it myself.

Vasudha and I met in a local bakery at 14:00 hrs for just a few minutes talk and she was wearing a White tshirt that just stopped at her lower waist. She wore a grey jeans with it. My face lit up as soon as i saw her because she was just beautiful. We love spending time together and we sat at a table opposite to the counter. It was a sunny day and there was one another couple in the bakery already who were busy with their stuff.

So, Vasudha wanted to go to the washroom and I ordered some food until she came. I went to order the food, and there was this elder man at the counter who seemed nice but had the face of a pervert. I noticed him for a few seconds, and he was already checking out the girl from the other couple frequently. My mind settled up and I went and sat straight facing him so that he wouldn't eye vasudha or stare at her making her uncomfortable. Vasudha joined the table in a few minutes. Her jeans was a bit wet in parts and as soon as i noticed, i turned straight back to the bakery uncle and he was already staring at those wet spots. My sweet gf started to blush talk and i too got into her spell and we played a bit here and there moving around and enjoying ourselves. As there were not many people in the bakery, we moved free and Vasudha in an attempt to grab something from me, sat up from her chair and moved fastly towards me. This made her jeans pocket hook on to something on the table and the Jeans slid down a bit along with the panties giving me a glimpse of her skin. Fucking misfit dress, i thought to myself and while i was thinking about all this, I noticed she didn't wear a belt and the Jeans was readily sliding down whenever possible. The sudden jerk from the table made the jeans slide down even more and i can see half of her naked belly and the start of her pubic hair for a second or two. The short tshirt even made it worse. Vasudha, on the other hand, didn't notice much about this as she was happy that she got what she wanted to grab from me. A sudden big laugh from Vasudha brought me to my conscious from all these thoughts and suddenly i forgot about the incident. Talks went on for a few minutes like that and I noticed that the pervert older man is slowly shifting his place from the right side of the counter to the left side moving slowly towards our direction. He then, started glancing a little at our side. I brushed that off too as I wanted to spend time with Vasudha but his glances were slowly turning into long stares and this time, his gaze was fixed at only one place. As soon as I realized that he was looking at her ass, my delusion began. I did an aftermath of why he would be staring there and suddenly it struck me, Vasudha hasn't pulled up her pants and sat the same way since then. I also calculated the amount of skin that may be visible from the POV of that guy, and seriously I thought it wasn't much because from the front side, I didn't see much when she came forward. I convinced myself that he is just seeing a glimpse of her panty and nothing more and started talking with Vasudha. Vasudha seemed to be unaware of what was going on. To her, she was used a short t shirts and didn't seem to mind anything at that point of time, because she badly wants to keep every moment with me worthy. I kept glancing a few times and the older man suddenly started taking his phone out and was projecting it towards Vasudha. That's when the firealarms in my head went off and I rushed to the counter saying to Vasudha that I had to buy a waterbottle. I didn't want to make a scene in anyway and just wanted to check What's the older man is seeing from his POV. I slowly bought the water and turned with a heavy breath...

"It took me exactly 7 seconds to go sit at my table, and after What I had seen, my mind just went through 1000 thoughts of Anger, Lust, Depravity, Exhibitionism and many perverted thoughts." Vasudha had her jeans slide off to half her ass and from the front it didn't seem much, but from the back, I can see her half bare ass with panty sticking inside the ass crack. The bare ass wasn't much visible, but her fair ass with dark blue panty brought thoughts of lust to my mind and i wasn't denying it either. Her tshirt was up to her waist and there was a little bit of skin and bare ass visible with panty visible to the end. I wanted to end the meet as soon as possible but didn't want to make Vasu uncomfortable. So, it took a pretty 15 minutes of time like that and the Older man masturbated inside the counter going by his hand movement.

The thought of someone seeing Vasudha pervertly made me feel angry, but something held me back from complaining.
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