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Postgame Analysis - Satranj Ke Khiladi - E4

The next morning when I opened the door for Ratna, neither of us could look the other in the eyes. She rushed to the kitchen to do her work and I went back to the bedroom. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep some more, but I could not. The events of the previous day kept repeating themselves in my head.

Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the bedroom door. I opened the door and Ratna was standing there.

"Where is saab? There are no clothes of his for washing." she asked worriedly.

"He left." I answered.

"Where?" she asked.

"I don't know. Maybe a friend's place." I said, staring at my feet and fighting back tears. Realization swept across Ratna's face.

"You told him???" she asked incredulously. I nodded. "Why???"

"I just had to." I said, fighting back tears. But instead of me, Ratna started wailing and crying. She sank to the floor and kept crying, saying,

"It's all my fault. It's all my fault."

"No Ratna." I consoled her. "It is not your fault. In fact you tried to warn me."

She cried silently for a couple of minutes. And then,

"It is my fault. It is because of me that all this started." she said. And then I listened with a combination of rage and amazement as Ratna told me the whole story. The pieces that she could not provide, fell in place later when I confronted the colonel and he confessed too.

The colonel had, often with the major, slept with at least half the women in the building. It was not too difficult. Most of those women were in their 40s and 50s, fat and frumpy, in loveless marriages with husbands who were either too busy or impotent. Showering some attention, and the occasional gift was usually enough to get them into bed when their husbands were away at work. Ratna too had been seduced similarly, with a combination of attention and gifts.

Then I moved into the building. I was not only much younger than any other housewives, but I was also good looking and educated. When the colonel saw me around the building, he had his sights set on me. There was also gossip in the building about how Dhruv and I had fights regularly, and neighbors heard us yelling at each other. So my marriage being in trouble was common knowledge. But both he and the major knew that the usual tricks would not work with me. they tried to discuss a few different plans to lure me in, but none of them seemed to be realistic. So they had decided to not even try, and be satisfied with the frumpy older women. The one day, after both men had fucked Ratna, they sat down to play a game of chess which they occasionally did. Apparently both men were really good at it. In fact the colonel used to run a chess coaching camp in the summers and often participated in contests. Ratna while leaving, made a comment in passing that she had seen some trophies in my house with chessboards or chess pieces on them. That intrigued the colonel.

He already knew my maiden name from the name plate. He did a google search and found my mention in newspapers and websites from the late 90s. But he also saw that for a decade or so, there was no more mention of me related to chess. Which meant I had probably given up chess. So he decided to try and use chess to draw me in.

The first day that I went to his place to inquire about Ratna, she had gone AWOL from work at his behest. And he told her not to tell me either. Ratna found the whole idea far fetched, but went along with it. Since he was the only other person in the building she worked for, he knew I would go over to ask them sooner or later. So both the men were waiting for me to turn up. In fact they had even laid out the game as a bait for me to interfere and suggest a move to the major.

That day, the colonel played like an amateur on purpose. Partly to lull me into a false sense of superiority, and partly to gauge my style. Ratna had also mentioned that Dhruv and I argued about money. So he put up cash as another bait, knowing how much it would mean to me. He also acted petulant on being beaten by me, to give him an excuse to take a week long break.

In that break, he really did some homework. But homework that was a lot more involved than I had expected. All chess tournaments keep archives of previous games. For the next week, both he and the major visited chess clubs and organizations that used to conduct the tournaments. They got copies of almost all my previous games. And pored over them to figure out my favorite openings and defenses. And gauged some recurring patterns they could exploit.

The game in the second week was for "data collection" purposes. The colonel played a few different moves to gauge how my playing style had changed, and ten years on, if I had kept up with the game or knew any recent variations. It became clear to them that although I was still damn good at chess, I had stayed abreast of the recent developments. It was possible to beat me with enough preparation and by emulating some grandmaster's recent game. Although I won that day, they got enough pointers about which tactics to employ. And figured out at least 4 recent games that they could replicate and have a chance to beat me with.

So the next week, they felt confident enough to gamble more money. It was still possible that I would win. And the colonel would lose more money. But that was their only shot and they had to take the chance. And the preparation paid off. He knew my queen sacrifice tactic and was able to counter it. I did make a mistake about the bishop, but without it, chances are he would have won. Not only did I lose all the money, but I also made life easy for him by buying a dress with my previous winnings and then wearing the dress to the game. Initially, they had thought it would take more games to get me to a place where I would bet my clothing. But one win did it.

After it, the colonel just had to challenge my feminist pride by acting cocky, and that was enough to get me to bet the dress. And of course, the accidental oversight of not wearing a bra made stripping me even easier.

The men were sure that even if I agreed to betting clothes on the game, I would never put sex on the line. For that I had to be enticed into it. They decided that once I was in at least partial state of undress, they would have Ratna come in, and have sex with them in front of me. It was a risky move again. I could have been scandalized enough to just leave. But again, a gambit they had to play. They had to bet that having sex with her in front of me, combined with the sight of their big dicks, would turn me on enough to go along. And it is turned out, every gamble they took paid off. And in bed, I had been more willing and eager than they had expected.

These revelations pissed me off no end. I fired Ratna, and had a big fight with the colonel. He and I were on the outs for a while. He tried to apologize, and coax me into spending time with him but I was too upset.

On the home front, honesty really hadn't turned out to be the best policy. Dhruv, who had packed up his stuff and left after I confessed everything to him. made up his mind to divorce me and never came back. His lawyer told me up front that since I had been unfaithful to Dhruv, I could not ask for alimony. If I did, they would bring up my infidelity in court, bring the two old men and Ratna as witnesses, and make a public spectacle of the whole thing with details. I agreed to a period of separation followed by a divorce without any demands.

A month later, I had no job, no savings, no husband, and an apartment whose rent I could not afford to pay. I could not go back to my parents. And I had no real friends left who could put me up. All of my friends were also Dhruv's friends who had decided to side with him because I was the one who had cheated. I was at my wits' end, with no actionable plan for my future except to move into a working women's hostel, and take up a low paid job as a receptionist or a secretary. It was in that desolate period of my life that the colonel came to my house again, saying he could help me, begging me to just listen to him. I let him in, and when I heard what he had to say, it seemed like a better alternative than anything else I could do.

He and the major had always wanted to start a chess coaching class. He had enough savings to rent a small room for it. And there was enough demand in Kanjurmarg for chess coaching. If I joined them, they would share the profits with me. I figured that making a living with chess, something I loved, was better than answering phones or making tea for someone. So after a couple of days of thinking, I agreed.

Ten days were spent working together with the colonel and the major on setting up the chess coaching, renting the space, buying the equipment and designing ways to promote and advertise our coaching. Both men knew I was still a little upset about their manipulating and hustling me, so they kept it strictly professional. On the eleventh day, a friday, when we got done designing pamphlets at 10 in the night, the major finally decided to make a move and kissed me. I did not resist. The three of us had sex all night. By 6 am, when the two men finally got tired enough to stop pounding my cunt and ass, I was too exhausted to even walk back to my apartment. I woke up in the afternoon to find a naked colonel next to me, his thick dick poking against my ass.

We spent the weekend just fucking, eating and sleeping, Ratna joining us on one of the mornings. When I finally went back to my apartment after a gap of 3 days, it was for the last time. I packed up all my clothes, books, and other things including my chess trophies. And I moved in with the colonel. No point in paying rent for two apartments when most of your days are spent in one.

It's not like the building wasn't already abuzz with gossip about us. After I vacated my apartment and moved in with him, the buzz reached new levels. Everyone started calling me the colonel's "mistress" which I guess I technically was.
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