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Dawn at Midnight (B4 Ch2)

Dawn at Midnight.

Book 4: Genesis. Chapter 2: Impromptu Alluvion

The moment, the flight touched New Delhi airport, I felt a jolt in my chest along with the jolt that the aeroplane had. I looked out of the window trying to search for my love, in vain. “How stupid” I laughed at myself. “How come you will be there in the airport? You do not know even that I am coming.” A spine-chilling shiver ran through my slender frame by the mere thought that once I came with him at this airport. That journey was full of bliss and ecstasy. He found his best friend, Aruna, from losing her in oblivion. That was a beautiful trip where we found ourselves in the midst of high mountains and regained our love.

My son, looked out of the window and babbled in my ears---“Aeloplane mammaa”

---“Yes Honey.”

---“Lights, mamma.”

I nodded as the airplane came to a halt. The new terminal was a swanky one, very different from the old terminal where I came a decade ago with him.

As soon as the door opened, we stepped out and Abhi started to run through the aerobridge.

I screamed at him---“You naughty boy, don’t run like that.”

His face was beaming with sheer bliss, as that was his first time he was out with his mother, going for a trip.

He gave a mischievous look at me and leapt on my lap---“Mamma askeem”

I scolded him---“No ice-cream at this point of time, Abhi.”

He rubbed his small nose on mine, threw his small arms around my neck and gave a pleading smile---“Mamma askeem.”

---“Ok, I will give you ice-cream if you don’t run like that. You are a good boy, right?”

He nodded his head like a sapling swaying in cool breeze “Yes”.

My flight to Bordeaux was at half past one, we had to wait for long hours in the lounge. I collected my baggage and walked towards the departure terminal. Abhi was walking beside me. I handed him his teddy bear, he clasped in with his arms and smiled sweetly at me.

I looked at the swanky T3 terminal, full of vibrant lights very different from the older one. I looked around to find some place to seat.

I found a place to seat and took out my laptop. I wanted to show my son the places we went a decade ago. I searched for some images of Kaza and those snow peaked mountains.

Abhi was looking at the screen wide his eyes wide opened; he never saw such mountains in his life, in neither picture nor real.

My old memoirs of that trip came flooding in front of my eyes “You are a hell of a traveler; you could only find such place and take your damsel to such dangerously beautiful places.”

Abhi babbled sweetly at me---“Mamma askeem mountain?

I laughed on hearing him say those snow peaked mountain---“Yes honey, ice-cream Mountain.”

---“We will someday goto these hills, okay honey?”

Very sweetly, he nodded his head; I took him on my lap and closed my laptop.

I had to make a call to Dr. Sarkar as he came to New Delhi a day before. I came to know that he was on the way to the airport, he asked me to get my boarding pass and go for immigration. He would join me later on. As there was no proper lounge before checking in, so I checked-in. The immigration formalities were completed without any hassle. I saw Dr. Sarkar after sometime.

He looked at me and smiled---“Today you are looking very different, Suchismita.” He pointed to Abhi and asked him---“How are you?”

My fawn gently nodded his head, hiding behind me. I asked him---“You are so naughty at home, what happened to you now?”

He clasped my leg with one arm and his teddy with the other---“Askeem…”

We both laughed at him. Dr. Sarkar asked me whether I was hungry or not. We finished the dinner in one of the cafeteria. I told Dr. Sarkar that I had to make a call.

I had to call Maithili that I have arrived New Delhi safely. It was already thirty minutes past ten.

---“Hey, Churni have you slept?”

---“No, I was waiting for your call. How is Abhi doing?”

I looked at him, as usual, he was watching the aeroplanes from the huge glass panes, and was showing those aeroplanes to his teddy on his lap.

---“Naughty and doing mischief as usual. Titli has slept?”

---“Yes, she is sleeping. How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. I am still in a dream” I was really in a dream. “I feel ripples inside my heart, Churni. Last time he called you, he called from New Delhi?”

---“You can’t forget him?”

I whispered on the phone---“I want those reminiscences as some colourful dreams of my life.”

She bid me goodbye with choked voice.

I asked Dr. Sarkar that could we go towards the departure gate or not. My filial was feeling sleepy. I took him in my lap and he rested his head on my shoulder. I started to walk along with Dr. Sarkar towards the gate. The flight was at half past one from. We had a couple of hours left for boarding. I thought to make a call to ChotoMa also but by then they were in bed so I did not make that call.

As I sat with Abhi on my, on the chair, he woke up. I was feeling cold due to the chilled AC in the terminal so I took out my blazer and wore that and made Abhi wear his jacket. Abhi leapt from my lap and started his antics. For the first time he saw the moving escalator on the terminal. He was running here and there. I sat on the chair and was enjoying his juvenile actions.

My son was having a great time, but I was afraid as he was running near the moving escalator pavement.

I shouted at him---“Abhimanyu, don’t run like that you will fall down.”

My mischievous son gave me a naughty look and started to run away from me. I stood up and walked towards him and he ran away further from me. I was smiling by beholding his jejune actions. He ran near the moving pavement.

I pleaded him sweetly---“Abhi don’t go there baby.”

I outstretched my arms to beckon him on my lap. He gave a sweet smile at me and ran towards me. He leapt of my lap and I clasped him and kissed his cheeks. He threw his arms around my neck and kissed my lips.

I was looking at his face; he was looking to somewhere else over my shoulder. He waved to someone. That was against his nature to wave to some unknown person, as he was a shy kid. I was bit astonished as to whom he was waving his little hand.

I whispered in his ears---“Found any new friend, sweetheart?” He nodded his head and pointed to someone over my shoulder.

I turned to find out as who was the person. I looked at the person and I was turned into stone. A huge bolt strokes me there. My feet were pinned with the floor. I was unable to believe my eyes that the person of my dream was standing in front of me, mere few meters away and was looking at me with a bewildered face. My heart, my love, my thief who stole me from myself a decade ago was standing in front of me, looking at me and my cub with affliction smeared on his face and agony in his eyes. My thief was unable to move a single muscle. He was not moving. The boy who kissed me, the thief who promised me to build a house in the mountains, the unicorn was standing in front of me. My baby prince, who freed me from my cage and took me to mountains, I gave him everything I had, my heart, my soul and wanted to associate my life with him. A tiny drop of my blood still runs through his veins. Has he forgotten all those days and nights we lived once.

A series of waves started to rise from the abyss of my heart and crashed repeatedly on the shore of my soul, shattering everything I had in my life. My chest was filled up with huge void; I clasped Abhi tightly across my chest to control my flooding emotions. I forgot to breathe, I forgot to blink, and I forgot that I was standing in an airport.

My soul stirred after few seconds and large drops of tears started to roll down my eyes. A huge flood rose from the depth and washed all the dark days from my heart. The core of my heart opened which was carrying his memoirs of my Baby Prince. “Where were you all this time? I wanted you so badly in my life. You returned but returned too late. You never contacted after that. I waited for you. Several thousand of sleepless nights have passed. I kept on tossing on the bed to reach out to your arms. You were not there. See, what you have done to me. Your old sweet EVE is standing in front of you, baby prince.”

I tried to reach out to him but I stood motionless with sudden sight of him that made me numb in shock and excitement. I could not move a single muscle of my body except looking at his face. My heart filled up with ecstasy in that split of second that I was able to behold you.

My heart was shattered with a query “How are you? You are looking bit older. Few gray hair and moustache. Your specs have changed. Are you again leaving India, leaving your life behind like me?”

He jabbed in his inner pocket probably to take out his mobile or something. I clasped my son tightly and bit my lower lips to control my flooding eyes.

I shouted, as he turned towards the gate “Abhimanyu, please don’t leave me. I want to talk to you. What about the promise you made? You promised me that you will take to mountains, paint my picture and build a house in the mountains. What about the promise that we will read out the diary when we get old? What about the promise that we will swing together in front of the hut that you are going to build for me? Have you forgotten all those promise you made to me? You can not leave me like this, Baby Prince. No. I waited too long for this day.” Not a single word came out of my throat, as I was turned into an effigy of stone in sheer trance.

He nodded his head, gave a painful smile at me, and walked toward the departure gate. The sight of him, shattered my whole torso and I shook violently after he already passed through the gate.

I ran towards the gate with my son in my lap and asked the gate attendant---“Where is this flight going?”

---“Kuala Lumpur, Madam”

I forgot that I was in an airport terminal.
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