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Transfer Through Many Hands

I am anitha 38 married and having a boy child,working in a private bank . we are happy and well off. I am interested to share an experience of mine in 2004. Then I was working with another financial institution Delhi. I used to travel a lot to reach in my office. I was with a friend, staying together in the old Delhi area..I was a tall girl with a fair and sexy outlook, while friend was bit low height but with golden color and innocent face. I was a tomboy in those days. Does not have the fear or worry.

In the office I was the boldest than even more than males. While i was in suit my friend was always in saris. We both were a nice company.She was very fragile and soft and smooth. with out cloths she used to be like a doll. used to joke with her that how she can be enjoyed by a strong man?. She may be crushed to a pulp on the first night itself. Even though I have no sex experience I used to pose as if an expert. . Some time we used to enact as husband and wife just for joke. Her feet was just like a pink cheese piece. I used to kiss it then. My feet is long and golden with long fingers which was also licked by her. we used to paint nails of each other.We used to compare each part of us and comment.

Not a lesbian in any case.I used to be the protector of her when ever we go together. Strong and the innocent. It was in the second year of our stay. We both have changed our company to a private bank. which was more near to the town. We hoped for a transfer to our home town soon ,since the bank has branches there. It was in this matter we had met our regional chief more than three times. She was a tall strong lady with a bit dark complexion. She was also a well behaved person. .It was heard that her husband was also in that bank in bit higher up. So we hoped to have a better chance for our request. .She has a positive view on our case. She in fact liked my friends innocence and fragility.

She has called her to meet her husband on a specific day ,when her region was having some vacancy. I was not aware of that. she has gone to her house and met her. Later she has got a transfer to a nearest place in her region. I was much worried. She has told me to go and meet him .But since he has not called me I was not interested. Finally she has taken me to their house after a phone call. When we have reached there madam has welcomed us ,given tea and was happy with us. But her husband was not there. so She has told me to go to his office and meet him ,and if possible come with him. While I am away my friend shall be waiting at mams house. Since I was bold I have agreed. When we have reached ,I found that it is a guest house like place. .I was taken to a room where he was having talk with another older man of 50.

A grey beard and black haired man. A dwarf and fat fellow. The madams hus has introduced himself and has introduced the fat fellow an the senior most officer in our bank. I have told my problem and that fellow has agreed for the transfer in the next month. . They have offered me to have a drink and I have taken that.We have moved to a room with bed sofa etc. When asked they have told me a truth. It was their practice to have a ragging of the beautiful staffs in trouble . Once reaches there then only their way will only win. If you shouts the watch and guard ,who has provided the drink , and the gate security also will take part in the play. Now the ball was in my court. I have tried to run away.

They have never tried to stop me. But i have found that the door was closed from out side or has been locked. I have decided not to attract the sub staff .I have simply keeled in front of the dwarf fellow. I told him he is like my father ,and requested to spare me. He took me with my shoulder and embraced me. Kissed in my mouth neck and shoulder. All in front of the other. When I was fully under his control he has removed all my dresses. I have also did support him. Then the other has moved to the anti room. .I was made to sit on the royal sofa and he has removed my foot-wares and licked my pussy, by keeping my thighs on his broad solders. He has an extra long tongue ,or so .he has introduced it almost 2 inches to my hole. .He told me that It was his selection It seems . I was selected for him. and the other girl my friend , for madams husband. .I came to know that she was enjoyed in madams house and with her permission. Later both have used her . .He has a crase for tall white girls.

He likes to make them surrender in bed. May be due to his complex of dwarf ness. . Every year at least one or two used to fall for them. I was fucked for hours with much force ,even though I was very submissive. .Later I was filmed in full. They told me that it is only for safety. After a bath the other man has has started to play. He was a real he man.. He took me as a kid and has played as he like. No force but I was well under his maleness. .It was a smooth affair. I was jealous of the madam. I have asked him how she is agreeing. His answer was that she is at least 50 points bellow him, and she has got me as a lottery. So she has to make him happy in this way He has told thie rules at the time of their marriage, which was a love marriage. He has also told me that he will enjoy me with her at her home which they both enjoy.

When there is no way to escape I have enjoyed them well. It was a great sexperience in my life. . . After the play they told me that the sub staff inside the house is their stooge ,and has to be satisfied. Had it be in home it would have been easier. But due to my bold behavior they have not taken a chance. My friend has easily surrendered at home even in front if the madam. By seeing the naked manliness she was submitted. I was not willing ,but what is my chance in front of them. They told that he is old and not able to do any thing but to lick or to see. So let him see us enjoying while let him to do all he can . Then I saw a 6.5 old man of 70 + entering in with oit clothes.

There was not a single hair other than grey. From waist a long thread like organ in seen hanging. I was in sirs hand. the old fellow has sat on the bed and has started massaging my leg thighs finally diverged my thighs .started drinking pussy. It was very painful since I was deflowered newly. By then sir has climbed on me and has started to fuck ,by kicking the old man. While fuck was in force he has started taking me fingers in his mouth .He has bitten my soles and heels till we have finished sex. Then he has climbed on me and posed of a pseudo fuck.while drinking an biting mu breasts. .His kissing in mouth was very nasty . By then I have forced him to turn and lay down and I have climbed over him and just crushed him with knee and feet and hands, and sat on his chest , so finally he was breathless. .I have left after a bath by 9 PM. with sir.

After reaching our room both has embraced and cried for some time. .. But later has agreed to compromise with fate or lust or force. I have also reached in my zone after one month, of course with some more sessions. I had a threesome with madam and with my friend. I found that the small and fragile size is not an inferiority in sex. I found she was enjoying it more than me and was happy. Many years have passed and we both are in family life and also happy. I will not tell a lie .even now I used to think of those days and have nostalgia of those experiences. .
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