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Taming Of The Orthodox Virgin

This is a story happened in this month. But the backstage works have started since 4 months. Infact it has started from that day when our new typist has denied the typing work given by our director. She was asked to help him in his I.B. But she has denied it outrightly. She was correct in her stand officially. Her work was only in her office. She as not a steno to move with him.

But she was not knowing that she has hure a willy tiger,the scion of the ex king of that area. While the rule of that dynasty ,practically there was any girls who were not known the taste of royals. When the girl have reached the puberty there were lady informers to register them at the royal entertainment minister. . The call used to come according to the further growth of the girl and the taste of royals. A flag used to appear in front of her house means her time has come to report at palace.

The normal faithful way is to take her by her mother. In case of resistance royal palkin will move in the late eve to fetch her..She may be returned at appropriate time as decided by king. so all used to be faithful to their throne. The time has passed. democracy has come royals have also changed. Still some genes have persisted in different form.

It was known to many that the director yuvraj does mot like the word no for his call. Also many have experience of his help and good will for those surrender to him. And since the royal gene has also have the habit of shikkar of those who resists and run away ,by following to any extent.
It was Akshara's first posting and her friends have advised her to do so.

She was only 25 and has a tall 5.7 body with fair skin and extraordinary bust. NO one can escape fron her attraction. She knew it ,and so she used to be extra careful to avoid males. Yuvraj was mad after her .In his 54 years he has seen many .But this was a fine catch for him. He has spread his net. And he was sure for the catch . many type of baitings were given. Transfer to her hometown, gold materials,properties. A plot from the royal lands still with him ,but of no use The land was so costly there and so it was a good bait.

Then he has stopped the try,or at least she has thought so. She was staying with 2 girl friends in a house. Ine was a senior engineer and the other a LDC. they have advised her not to bent in front of the so called prince. She has started following them for all important works. the supdt engineer deepa is me ,writing this true experience. I was a lady of 46 and with a girl .Ii have a palatial building at the state capital,where my family is staying at present. I was from a very poor family . In fact I was from the ares of that kingdom.

It is possible that the yuvraj is my own cousin.>I have heard these experiences from my grand mother and mausi ,how they have gone and seeked for royal anugraha at their puberty and then before marriage. It was told that in some days there will be more than one girl for the inauguration. king has many methods like lottary.All will be asked to keep a lamp on their chest while in swimming pool. Whose lamp stays till last will be used by the senior The rest as per seniority.

Those girls used by the royals specially the king will get any of her demand like land money gold etc. There are many rich in the area has got this chance for many times.Then this will not apply for very beautiful and lucky ones.Those going with mother daughter team and sisters team was having more weightage since king was interested in that,provides they are young and beautiful.

No one used to feel bad for this. all may not be enjoyed by the king,some by royals or even the army divan group . finally the kings of later generation used to have their own sisters for enjoyment. and still it was normal. As in animals mother sister and son and father used to do so. That was the animal kike existence at that time. I could get the job only after meeting the then an engineer, yuvraj sahib. ,and his father. the kingdom was not there still they had power.

There were 2 mla's from that family. The king has not used me but kept his palm on my head as a good wish. but i was used in the age of 23 for many tine by yuvraj and one of hid friend. But I have been given a good plot in capitan and a job as well as a husband from a good family.He always have a goodwill for me and never told any one about our relations. he was do decent in my view. So how i can forget him. Even Though now he has any interest in me i used to dream his royal ways.

Last month I have told Akshara that we shall go and meet the minister ,who was known to me and request for a transfer. She has almost become a fan of ne. Since i used to tell against yuvraj she has never thought that I will serve her as a dinner in a plate. on that day we went to a secluded palace where the minister is supposed to stay. Her main request was a transfer to home town and a loan for repair of her house and proper job for her elder brother. I have guaranteed this after her meeting . I Have boosted her to go alone and meet them and hand over the representations.

Also she can tell about her problem with yuvraj ,incase she get time.M y main advice was to stay calm, cooperate with them and surrender for their advices. . She went to the bed room of yuvraj and with what ever happened there She came alive and happy after words. Transfer order was in her hand and also a government job for her brother. Since 15 days i was ion leave. I was to avoid her till her transfer. now she has gone. On enquiry it seems she is happy . She was given about 20000 rupees in her account .

Now i am sure she will go to him of a call,of course if he desires. the interest of killing the shikkar ends with its death. shikkari may not eat it. Let us see. I feel happy for her.I an sure when time passes she will forget this as a good or bad day, But i hope she will again go and will become a rich and beautiful with a good husband and kids.
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