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An Office Affair. Ch 7

I woke around five in morning by noises of doors from downstairs but there was nothing to talk with mother. My lady was in sleep besides me. Her thick lips were again inviting me. I could distinctly see some minute swellings and cuts on her lower lip.

I recalled the dream-walk and the disappointing yesterday. Certainly for a man like me, that position in exports required a price. I knew that my wife was best in mill rather in town. Further I had no doubt that CEO of my mill had intensely fallen for her and the exchange proposal, he had sent was very much in balanced to her beauty. They do not see such women daily on roads. If there were any substance in Mrs. Sen's talks then my wife would be there in some or other way.

Looking at her on bed I thought; would Reddi ever sleep with her? Why I desperately waited call from Sen? I was not sure myself what exactly I wanted! But every act of me testified - I wanted that position!

As I looked at my sleeping wife, my dick began itching and soon I had full erection. I sat on bed and opening my pajama, I took out hard shaft pulling its fore skin, put its tip on her lips I rubbed its mushroom head very sensuously on her lips. Then I repeatedly tried to insert it in her mouth; she woke. Looking at me with wide eyes she lowered her eyeballs and saw at the hard shaft that I was trying to slip in her closed mouth.

I wanted day to be successful form the first act of day. Not to put any uneasiness to my lady and I carefully I withdrew tip from her lips and looked in her widened eyes. I lovably put my left hand on her head and moved my fingers very gently on her hair.

Again looking deeper in her eyes I slipped fingers to her lip and said whispering," Please take it in mouth, please, please pleeaaseee!"

Her eyes slipped to my cock that was just touching her mouth and were fixed on it.

She reluctantly opened her lips a bit and not missing the moment I quickly fed it in her mouth and slipped further by exerting softest possible pressure but that began choking her mouth.

"But you are crushing me," She said pushing my belly up by her hands, "If you want me to do than sit on your feet or lay straight on bed and let me come up"

I carefully ensured her comfort and moved up to squat on bed bridging over her neck so my erect cock was just touching her lips. She opened her mouth and I lowered myself a bit. The mushroom went in her through her teeth and she raised her head to take it further. There after she began sucking taking it more and more. It began sensitizing me to break. I had never cum in her mouth and at that was not the time to do it. In about ten minutes I begged her to leave my cock.

She moved her head down and my shaft coated by her salvia hanged in air. My juices too quoted her lips.

I was happy, as that was the good start of day, good omen, which I desperately needed.

I gave her a good morning fuck to the best of my ability.

Ruchi wiped semen traces by a napkin from her fenny and tiny hairs there, rearranged her and kurta and tied slawar cord and went downstairs. I however favored a nap.

It was around 7:30 when I woke up and in an hour I would leave home to reach factory at 9:00.

I had a pleasing start of day. I expected the day to be good. Moving scooter on bumpy road to mill was tiring job but I was happy as my cute wife had given me a nice daybreak. After denials and teasing for two days, this morning she resumed pleasing my cock by her mouth. With that I could shed my apprehensions that she was neglecting me after her eyes met with those of horny CEO.

At 8:52 AM I was in daily crowds entering the mill gate but today I felt differently. Who else in that herd possessed that lovely wife?

I reached my departmental floor in sheds and did routine morning stock checks before coming to my tiny ply wood cabin. There were no fresh papers to look.

My thoughts began rambling. I was in jumble and I still was unsure of sharing my wife's with any one.

The intercom buzzed and interrupted my thoughts. It was my boss who broke a pleasing news to me. Last evening Mr. Sen had asked him to send a special reports about my work and conduct and little later he event sent his peon to collect it from him! However my boss feared that the report was asked because of some mischievous complaint against me. He assured me that I should not be worried any more as he had sent a pleasing report. I could only give him warm thanks.

Impulsively I began feeling a sexy itch in my belly. By all consequences I would be getting a call from Mr. Sen very soon or may be even from Reddi ji. I sense the urgency of having clear thoughts while I talk with them.

A simple cup of tea helps to put nerves at right place so locking my drawer I walked toward mill canteen. I sat on the small table at an empty corner.

The tea came and I began to put the things one by one.

God had placed me equally with them. If they had power and money, I had most pretty lady on my bed. If I acted like dumb they would steal her in some or other way. The offer was unbelievable as I compared my crap cabin with the impressive position of manager exports, I had seen last day. I recalled morning crowds at mill gate running in herds to their machines. I knew this was the time to act; opportunities do not knock again and again.

I must talk with them open-mindedly and see their basket and may do so even for fun. I could talk them presuming that my wife would accept Reddi to some extent for the betterment of my family. May be with that price it would not be only a one-night-stand. There could be many other complexities but I too would be having many options. If at later stage I didn't feel for it, I could always back out telling them that my wife was not going with it.

I even shrewdly considered bribing Sen in some way to sway the deal in my best favor as Reddi was depending on him.

I had now a concrete setup in my mind. I thanked tea and walked out of canteen.

As I reached my cabin, the blue dressed peon was waiting outside of my cabin but it was no more a surprise for me. He informed me that Sen Sahib wanted to see me at 3:15 today after noon.

So it had come.
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