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Wife & Mechanic Part 05

Once the orgasm ended, I was still on my fours on the back seat of my car. I heard a zipper being opened. I looked back at Gurnam and he was pulling down his pants. He was ready to fuck me right inside my car but I couldn't risk continuing this.

The black sedan was a close call and someone could show up or worse, call the police. I didn't want to get caught in such a situation. I couldn't let Gurnam fuck me here.

"No...Gurnam...don't fuck me here...anywhere but here...I don't want to do this in the open." I pleaded.

"Hahaha...you mean you are ready to get fucked by me." Gurnam chuckled.

I turned around and pulled him close and whispered into his ears, "yes...fuck me!" before sucking on his ear lobe. Gurnam moaned and kissed me. As our tongues dueled furiously, Gurnam inserted a couple of his thick fingers inside my pussy and wiggled them a few times before bringing them over my lips. He smeared my own juices over my lips and then sucked his fingers.

I licked my lips, tasting the salty, tangy juices of my own body. I pulled his hand and inserted his slick fingers inside my mouth and began sucking them. I sucked his fingers like sucking a cock, bobbing my head forwards and backwards, signaling my intent.

"That's enough for here..." I said as I removed his fingers from my mouth.

"Where now?" Gurnam said as he buttoned his jeans.

"That is for you to decide." I winked at him.

"I have just the right place for us." he winked

back before getting out of the car. He grabbed my clothes, some of which were on the roof of the car and some were lying in the dirt next to it. He threw my clothes at me before removing a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lighting one.

I didn't bother to wear my bra and threw it aside before wearing my shirt. Gurnam was staring at me, puffing plumes of cigarette smoke as I wore my clothes. I grabbed my panties and found them to be very wet. There was no use wearing them, I thought before tossing them aside as well.

As I was about to wear my pants, Gurnam stopped me and said, "No...No...No...you are not going to wear them now."

"What...you expect me to drive around bottomless?" I said in shock.

"Well...yes...I want some entertainment as we drive back." He replied.

"What nonsense." I almost shouted back at him.

"Don't waste time arguing Aditi, just sit in the front." He said as he pulled jeans out of my hands and walked over to the driver's seat and got inside the car. I sighed and sat next to him. Gurnam started the car and turned it around and soon we were on the highway. Earlier, Gurnam was driving leisurely; taking his own time but now he was driving as if we were in a race.

My discomfort at sitting half naked inside my own car was gone once I realized that I was in relatively safe position. The car had dark tinted windows on the side glasses which prevented anyone from seeing inside and anyone seeing me through the windscreen wouldn't be able see my naked lower half, thanks to the high rising dashboard.

The only way of seeing me in that state was that if the car stopped and someone deliberately peeped through the tinted windows but that was almost impossible considering that it was a hot march afternoon in the sparsely populated suburbs.

As the car hit the highway in top gear, Gurnam resumed his antics. He caressed my thigh with his left hand for a while before going for the honey pot. I shivered and sighed as Gurnam flicked my clit with his thick, raspy fingers. I reclined my seat and spread my legs and let Gurnam finger me.

"Were you aware that I was watching you fuck that woman the other day?" I asked him as caressed his bulge with my right hand.

"No...in fact I wasn't expecting you guys to be on time, let alone before time and I surely didn't expect you to come alone." He replied as his fingering got faster.

"So...you liked what you saw that day? Are you ready to experience it first hand?" he asked.

"Ummm..." I moaned as I closed my eyes, waiting another orgasm to hit me. The images of that day flashed in front of my eyes again but this time, I pictured my self in that woman's place. Just the thought that the fantasy would be true in a few minutes was enough to push me over the edge. I moaned loudly and came.

A few minutes later we were in the city and were now nearing Gurnam's garage. Gurnam turned the car into the lane and then drove it into the garage. As we drove over to the back side of the garage, I realized that no one was around.

"There is no one around right?" I asked just to make sure.

"It's just you and me here right now." He replied before stopping the car. He got out of the car and closed the door before walking over to my side and opened the door. I was still cautious and looked around, just to be sure that we were alone in the garage.

"Don't worry Aditi...we are alone here...my crew is away for the afternoon and no one will be disturbing us." he said as he held my hand and gently pulled me out of the car. I stepped out of the car holding Gurnam's hand and we slowly walked over to his office cabin.

We reached the cabin door and Gurnam opened it with his key. I entered inside before Gurnam and walked over to the table. Two weeks ago I was in this very cabin, negotiating the cost of repairs and now I was here about to pay the ultimate price!

I turned around when I heard the door close. Gurnam closed the door and began walking towards me. As he walked slowly, he pulled his T shirt over his head and threw it on the couch near him. He was now standing just a couple of feet away from me, in a white vest and a blue denim where as I was in a blue top with nothing underneath.

I stepped closer to him and ran my hands over his chest. I wanted to feel his tight chest and the vest was proving to be a hindrance. I pulled his vest over his head and threw it on the couch. I shivered as I gently ran my hand over his hairy chest. I flicked and lightly pinched his nipples to which Gurnam moaned a little. I ran my hands over his tight stomach and his waist before again going up his arms over to his shoulders.

I rubbed his shoulders for a few moments before locking my hands behind his neck and pulling him over for a kiss. Gurnam bent down and brought his lips over to meet mine. As soon as I opened my mouth, Gurnam's tongue sneaked in and met my tongue. Gurnam wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him. As I went into his arms, our kiss intensified and our breathing got heavier.

Gurnam broke the kiss and stared at me for a second before I pulled him back. Gurnam was an excellent kisser and his first kiss itself made me weak in the knees so this one wasn't different either. The sudden rush of excitement triggered by the kiss made me dizzy. We broke the kiss for just a second as I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor before kissing him back.

I was standing on my toes kissing Gurnam, when he suddenly grabbed my ass with his large hands. Without breaking the kiss he lifted me off the ground and I was now at his eye level. I wrapped my legs around his waist and continued kissing him. I could feel his denim covered penis rubbing against my pussy, making me moan lightly. Gurnam was squeezing my ass roughly, making me moan in his mouth.

Gurnam broke the kiss and lowered his head over my breasts and started biting my nipples. I threw my head back and pushed my chest forward to allow him more access to my soft but sensitive boobs.

"Aahahhh....ohhh...Gurnaammm..." I moaned as I closed my eyes, enjoying the insensitive treatment meted out to my extra sensitive nipples.

"Ummmm...Aditi...your tits are the best I have ever had. I just want to keep biting them all day long...ummm" Gurnam said before going back to sucking my boobs.

I was hanging in mid air; my legs wrapped around his waist, getting my breasts mauled by Gurnam. The feeling was like I never felt before and it made my pussy leak like a faucet. I started grinding my pussy against his bulge and soon Gurnam reciprocated. As I was being dry humped mid air, Gurnam moved over from my breasts, kissing all the way from the top of the breast over the collar bond before settling on my neck.

Gurnam kissed and licked my nape before I grabbed his hair and pulled him for a kiss. As we kissed, Gurnam walked behind the table and placed me on his large, black office chair. I spread my legs and placed them on the arms of the chair and my pussy was exposed.

Gurnam kneeled in front of me and placed light kisses on my thighs. He started kissing and licking my thighs, slowly moving over to my pussy. I felt his warm breath on my pussy as his face hovered over it. He gently flicked my clit with his tongue, sending jolts of raw pleasure all over my body. He flicked my clit for couple of more times before he clamped his mouth over it and began sucking it.

"Ohhh...yessss..." I moaned as Gurnam sucked hard on my clit.

"He he he...like it?" Gurnam said.


"Hmmmm..." I moaned as Gurnam got busy with my pussy.

He spread my nether lips with his fingers before licking all over the length of the pussy. He repeated it for a few times before inserting in thick middle finger inside my pussy and began fingering me. At the same time, he also sucked on my clit. I arched my back and screamed in pleasure as Gurnam played with my pussy.

Gurnam drove his raspy tongue inside my pussy hole intensifying the pleasure. I grabbed his thick hair and pulled him more into me. I bucked and moaned as Gurnam continued devouring my pussy and as my orgasm got closer, I moaned and screamed feverishly. He brought his hands over to my boobs and began squeezing them. He pinched and flicked my nipples roughly as he continued his oral assault on my pussy.

Gurnam then shoved his left index finger inside my mouth and I began sucking it. I could taste my own juices on his fingers and it felt amazing. I sucked his fingers, all the while thinking of his cock.
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