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Wife & Mechanic Part 04

After a long night of passionate love making, I woke up to see my husband packing his clothes in a bag. I was naked under the sheets. I covered my breasts as I sat up and looked at the clock on the side table.

"Good morning baby..." Arjun said, smiling at me.

"Good morning Arjun. I am sorry; I couldn't get up on time." I said, still a little sleepy and tired from last nights romp.

"Don't worry dear; after last night, even I had a difficulty getting up and after all, you did all the hard work last night...he he..." Arjun giggled as he continued stuffing clothes in his suitcase.

Last night was really wild. In all our married years I had never been so wild with my husband. I was an initiative taker and unlike several women, liked being in charge once in a while but last night, last night I was possessed.

Last night came to me in flashes. Arjun was lying on the bed and I was sucking his cock, I rode him again to another massive orgasm. In the middle of the night he woke me up and took me from behind. It was the most sex we had in a single night since our honeymoon.

"Why are you packing your bags?" I asked Arjun as I came back from thoughts.

"I didn't tell you last night...or you didn't let me tell you. I am going to Delhi this after noon for the Pan India Zonal Manager's conference." Arjun said as he closed the zip of his bag.

"Ohhh...when will you return?" I asked.

"Around Friday...and I am sorry Adu...you know how my work schedule is in the year end. Let March end and I promise I will take you on that Kerala trip that I promised you in December." He said as he sat close to me.

I rested my head on his shoulder and Arjun kissed me on the head. We sat like that for a while before I pulled of the sheet off my body and got off the bed.

"Let me make up a hot cup of tea." I said as I started walking towards the kitchen, buck naked.

Arjun left that after noon and I was at home, alone, wondering about what happened yesterday. I had the most amazing night of my life with my husband, after seeing a mechanic and a woman having sex. I had fingered my self to several orgasms, something that I rarely did. The first couple of orgasms were in a smelly garage, seeing a man and a woman having sex, something that I had never fantasized or even thought off.

Was this because of Gurnam? How could this be? I am a well educated, self employed and successful woman with a good life and how could a man who I had met not more than a couple of times have such an effect on me. Seeing him have sex was the limit but he had my cheeks flush red even before that.

What was it about him that scared me and turned me on even more? I had been around clean shaven, suave guys all my life, perhaps Gurnam was the change I was looking for? Or was it the brazenness in his lecherous stare that provoked the animalistic instincts inside me.

Why was I so attracted to Gurnam? Arjun was a good lover, a caring husband and my best friend, so my life in all was great but why, even after trying to avoid myself from falling in a pit, was I dragging myself into it?

I was openly fantasizing about a man besides my husband. Was this cheating; was I pushing my self towards something like that or perhaps something too far? I had read somewhere that the inflammable fumes of infidelity lay amongst us all; just one needs to ignite it.

I spent the whole after noon thinking and wondering about the events of the last few days. I tried to distract myself and went over to my friend's house in the evening and came back home late at night and went to bed.

The next morning I was sitting at the dinning table, with a warm cup of coffee and a laptop in front of me. I was busy working on my project and had to meet my deadlines. I had kept Gurnam's thoughts at bay and tried focusing on my work.

I worked till around noon before I made myself a small meal and got back to work. Almost half an hour later the door bell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and was surprised who it could be. I walked over to the door and opened and I almost yelled after seeing Gurnam at my door.
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He was wearing a black T shirt and blue jeans. He smiled at me as I opened the door. I instinctively took a step back, staring at him the whole time.

"Mam...I am here with your car." He said as he dangled the car keys in front of me.

"Is Arjun sir there?" he asked.

"No...he is out of town." I replied. As soon as I said that, I saw a faint smile on his face.

"Ohhh...never mind. You take the delivery of the car. After all, it is your car." He said as he walked inside.

I had no choice but to step back and let him in. He was little too large and imposing for me and it would be rude to keep him at the door when he hadn't misbehaved at all.

"I have fixed up all the issues with the car.

Let's go and check it." he said.

"No...No...Arjun will check it once he comes back." I said, trying to avoid spending more time with him.

"Madam...Madam...It is your car...you have to know it. You should be responsible for your car. It is your first car and you don't want to ignore it like that...do you?" he said.

"No...that's not what I meant...it's just that I don't understand a lot about cars you see." I said, trying to reason with him.

"Then that's what I am here for. Let me teach you a few things about your car. We will take it around for a spin and you can see for yourself that your old car is now as good as a new one." He said.

"No need actually...I know that you are a good mechanic and must have done a great job with the car." I said.

"Thanks but I insist that all my clients must take a test drive before taking the delivery. It's a principle of sorts." He said. He was insisting that I go for a drive with him. I thought that I would go for a mile long spin and would come back within a few minutes and ask him to leave, albeit politely.

"Okay...alright...why don't you go outside and I will change and come back." I said.

He nodded with a smile and walked out and I went into the bedroom to change. I wore a round neck blue colored T shirt and a pair of ash grey jeans. I made sure that the shirt was not too deep necked and I was properly covered even if I was bending over to look at the engine, just like I did the last time and caught Gurnam peeking at my cleavage.

After I was done changing, I walked outside the house and over to the car where Gurnam was standing. He got into the driver's seat and asked me to sit next to him. I obliged and soon, Gurnam and I hit the road.

"The AC unit is new so it will take a while to cool. We need to drive long enough to experience the cooling." He said as he drove away from my neighborhood. His point was valid and didn't leave me much scope to argue.

After clearing several blocks, Gurnam took the highway. He said that he needed to show me the performance of the car. As he sped on the highway, I sat, still and quite, my hand on my knees staring down the road.

"Along with the AC unit, I have also done a detailed servicing of the engine. Oil change, piston assembly cleaning, gear box cleaning and smoothening." He said as he smiled.

Gurnam was looking more at me and less at the road and I pointed it out to him.

"Well...Aditi Madam, I must tell you that you are very beautiful, just can't take my eyes off you." He said with a naughty smile. I chose not to respond and even if I did, what was I supposed to say?

Now we were well outside the city and were on the intercity highway. After staying quite for a while, Gurnam spoke, but this time, it was not about the car.

"Her name is Shanti." He said as he looked at me.

"Who are you talking about?" I asked.

"The woman you saw me with the other day. Her name is Shanti." He said.

"I have no clue what you are talking about." I said, feigning innocence.

"Don't lie madam, the look on your face, then and now just tells me that you saw much more than you expected." He replied.

"She is a widow and works as a maid in the neighboring buildings. I hired her couple of months ago and I just couldn't bear to see a lonely, helpless young woman. So I decided to look after her." He said with a smile that wasn't very genuine.

"Ohh...so that's how you take care of women, by fucking them mercilessly?" I blurted out. As soon as I heard my self, I immediately shut my mouth with my hand and looked away from him.

"Hahahaha...so the cat is finally out of the bag...I knew you saw me that day." He said and laughed loudly.

I cringed in embarrassment. Fucking loudmouth, I said to myself as Gurnam kept laughing.

"You must have seen that she didn't mind me taking care of her in my own special way." He said and started laughing again.

"Yeah...I know...I saw..." I said. Now that I had been stupid enough to confess my audience to their love making, there was no use hiding it anymore.

"Well...madam...everyone has their own style...what you saw that day was my style" he said as he gently caressed my thighs. I shivered as he ran his large palm over my thighs. My cheeks turned red with his slight touch. Gurnam saw me in that state and immediately pulled the car off the highway over to a road away from the highway.

I knew this road, it was an old state highway project which was stalled due to protests and was left incomplete after a court stay order. As we drove over the road, the number of buildings reduced to a point where there was nothing around.

After years of neglect, the road had worn out and there was thick vegetation around.

Gurnam stopped the car after a while and said, "Madam...let me check the headlights of the car. There were some issues with the lamps but I have fixed them."

He got out of the car and stood in front of the bonnet.
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