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Subhash Fucks The Maid Part 2

The next day Subhash heard the door-bell ringing at 8-00 A.M. , he was surprised, because there was nobody expected and Sushila never came before 9-00. When he opened the door sure enough he saw it was Sushila standing there with a plastic bag in her hand.

Subhash let her in, locked the door and asked her, "Does that bag contain the towel?"

Sushila just smiled and nodded. He said make tea for me first. She went to the kitchen. It was a small flat, two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen, the windows were of frosted glass and invariably they would be closed. The dining table was a small table placed in the kitchen for convenience.

When Sushila came with the cup of tea in her hand, Sushila was still smiling. Subhash just took the cup from her and asked her, "Could you not sleep the last night?"

There was no answer. While sipping the tea, Subhash again asked Sushila the same question. She shook her head. Subhash finished the cup of tea and returned the cup to her. She took the cup and walked away to the washing area of the kitchen. Subhash got up from the table and walked into his bed-room. He could hear her washing utensils and going about her routine work from his bed-room. He was basically, playing a brain-game with her. He wanted to see how desperate this shy woman could be. That she was never going to make any direct move he was sure of, but women do have sly ways of making their wishes known. Soon he saw Sushila pass time and again in front of his bedroom so that Subhash could see her.

Subhash just snapped his fingers loudly and within moments she was inside the bedroom. He gave her a bar of bathing soap and asked Sushila to take a bath in the attached bathroom. She took it quietly, and started walking towards the bathroom with her towel.

"Keep the door open, I want to see you taking a bath!" Subhash shouted behind her. She obeyed.

This woman though apparently silent, would be a willing partner to all his sexual motives, fantasies and perversions was something that was slowly but surely dawning in Subhash's mind.

As Subhash watched Sushila take a bath, he was taking in her form. Dark lips, a broad nose, shoulder length hair tied behind by an elastic band, small breasts, dark skin, a shapely ass, her nipples were longish and big, almost like elongated grapes, they looked slightly odd sitting on such small breasts. Her waist had a dark band around it where her petticoat had been tied for years. When he saw her standing nude he could see that her body formed a figure of 8 albeit her it was not a perfect hour-glass. Her ass was broader than the top of her body.

Nevertheless, the very idea that this woman will let her body used by him any and every way he pleased was turning Subhash on, and to him that nullified all draw-backs that he saw in Sushila. His hard, ever since, she had walked into the flat had raised its head in acknowledgement and anticipation of the fact that this was the closest to a slave, mistress or concubine that he would get in this modern world.

Sushila finished her bath, and started wearing her clothes. Subhash did not stop her, the excitement of the hidden, rather than the freedom of exposure was dearer to him. He was sitting on the bed when she finished wearing her sari and came and stood near the bed, close to where he was sitting. Subhash opened his shorts took out his dick and showed it to her. It was hard.

"Do you want this?" Subhash asked. Sushila nodded.

"Do you like it?" He asked again. She nodded again.

He said, "Then why don't you speak out, instead of just nodding or shaking your head, woman!"

Sushila broke her silence for the first time since morning and said, "I like it."

Subhash said, " Then take it in your mouth."

Sushila sat next to him on the bed and held the base of his prick and opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. Her mouth felt cool. She would suck on the head stroke his prick and soon established a rhythm.

"Fuck! This woman is good!" Subhash thought to himself.

Subhash caught hold of her hair and pushed Sushila's head down hard on his prick. She gagged.

" Take it in bitch!" Subhash said. He repeated this two or three times but was soon lost in his own pleasure. The movements of Sushila's hand coupled with the wet feeling of her mouth were driving him to seventh heaven. If he did not stop her soon, he knew he would shoot his load.

Subhash asked her to stop. He made Sushila stand and asked her to show her panties, she showed him. They were black today but not torn. Subhash started feeling the lips of her cunt over the panties. He started stroking her pussy softly, alternating the rhythm of his fingers, he liked to tease and he knew he was good at teasing.

Sushila started breathing heavily and started shifting her weight from one foot to the other and rotating her hips while doing so. Subhash, slipped his fingers inside the panty and started stroking her labia again, he would occasionally give a flick to her clitoris. It was all wetness... and he knew that it certainly was not because of the bath.

Sushila wanted more and broke the silence," Sahab, please put your dick inside."

Subhash asked her," Would you like my dick inside you more than my fingers?"

Sushila said, "Yes!"

"Is your pussy hungry for it?" Subhash asked. Sushila again said, "Yes."

Subhash asked," Do you really want my dick?"

Sushila said, "Yes, I want it."

Subhash stripped off his shorts, and asked her to pass the condoms that were lying on the bedside table. She took the packet, he asked her to put the condom on for him. She tore off the wrapper, and pulled it out, he instructed her and she finally managed to roll it over his hard.

He caught hold of her, and pulled her on the bed. She fell on the bed, a moan escaped her lips. He pulled up her sari and shoved his hard inside her. Subhash's prick was not very big, about 7" but it was thick and meaty. Hard as a rod of steel, Subhash wanted to really show this bitch what it was like to have a good fuck.

Sushila was all vocal now, "Oh Sahab! This is so good!Sahab! Please not so hard.Sahab! You will tear my pussy! Oh! Sahab! Oh Sahab! Yes! Oh Mother!"

Each stroke would bring out an exclamation from Sushila. Subhash was in no mood to listen. He was in no hurry to come either, he just wanted her to go off the edge time and again. He was varying his strokes deftly, Long and slow, then short hard ones with his pelvis making a slapping sound against hers, then again long. Then rotating his strokes, entering and re-entering.

Suddenly, Subhash pulled his dick out completely. Sushila was having none of it. She immediately reached down and grabbed his dick, trying to guide it back. He pulled back.

Subhash asked, "Do you want it?" Sushila nodded.

Subhash said," Then beg for it woman!"

Sushila said," Please Sahab, put it inside me, I cannot live without your dick. My pussy is dying of thirst for this prick! Sahab I will be your slave forever. I have never felt so much pleasure in my life. Please Sahab!"

Subhash re-entered and this time, it was with long hard strokes, mercilessly pounding into Sushila. Stroke after stroke till she started climaxing. She would hold his hips hard each time she came and exclaim loudly, "Oh Mother!" when she would climax.

Subhash heard three loud, Oh Mother's! before he thought of ending it and he could see that there was no strength left in Sushila. She was reduced to a sobbing mass and was begging him to stop or to come, (whichever would be earlier.)

Subhash finally let himself go. Rapid strokes, now unmindful of her, her pussy was simply a pounding place for him 'cause he was concentrating on his climax. Surprisingly, Sushila came a fourth time almost as if she had timed it with his own release. He came with an earth shattering climax. The complete irony of it all was, that Sushila through out was the one talking and exclaiming and Subhash remained silent except that once when he had pulled it out to tease her.

Subhash grinned a silent grin when he thought about this as he pulled himself off Sushila, and lay besides her to gather his breath. Sushila was lying motionless and it was a good fifteen minutes before she could pick herself up and set her clothes in order.

Subhash slipped her another couple of hundred bucks.

Sushila told him, "Sahab, don't pay me. Its ok! I have never experienced something like this."

Subhash told her in a cold and silent voice, "Listen woman! These few days, and whenever we find the time and opportunity is all there is to it. Take the money and never refuse it, there is nothing more to this, than sex and money. Now finish your work and come tomorrow!"
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