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Maid Servant Husband Part 4

He swiftly caught hold of one arm and twisted it so that she had to bend. “Now spread your legs and don’t disobey me even once or you will get even more hurt than you did last time. And don’t try this drama. I know that you are enjoying this. Wow what is this? A pretty tattoo! Right on your buttocks. Went to the shop and got it done. There you don’t feel any shame undressing in front of an unknown man. ”“No, This can be done in the home only. ”Anita protested. “Shut up! I do not need any explanation. ” He barked.

With his fingers at the curvature of her feet he started sliding both his hands till her pussy and gave a tight whack on her bottocks. “You know one of the reasons I come to fuck you is the shape you give to these. ”Bhasu then pulled the cheeksof her buttocks apart and saw the tiny ass hole. He tried to insert a finger but it was too tight and Anita gasped. “Today you are not wearing the chain around your waist. Girdle, you said it was. The gold one. It went well with your body. Anyway, go and get some vaseline. ”“No, please no. You can do it otherwise. You have done it otherwise. Why insist there?” Anita pleaded. Bhasu laughed. “Did I say I would do it there? Go and get it. ”Anita hesitated. “Come on.

Be quick. As it is you walk around nude in the house so why this hestation?” Bhasu said. She went to the bedroom leaving all her clothes in the drawing room only. As she pulled the drawer of the dressing table she saw that Bhasu was there with all her clothes and alternatively sniffing her panty and bra. “ You want to be fucked or you want to be left alone? I will do one thing which is quite fair. Give me your finger. Hmm. Verynice” Bhasu said licking it. Holding her hand with both of his hands he directed it towards her pussy andinserted it for a second before pulling it out. Anita’s finger was wet with her secretions. Bhasu slowly licked it clean. “See, ” he said “You are all wet and dying to get fucked. So far as the Vaseline is there apply it liberally on your ass hole. Don’t ask me if I will fuck you there or not. It is for your own benefit. ” “But I have fucked you so often that ------what?”Bhasu stopped. “Not so often. ” Anita replied firmly. “You did that once and without my consent. ”“I am so sorry.

I should have done it more. Is that what you wanted to say?” Bhasu sneeringly asked. Anita remained quiet. How could one argue with this man! “What I was saying was that there should be some conversation between us also. So first tell me is your husband’s cock bigger than mine? Come on now, don’t feel shy. What is there to feel shy now? Or is there?”He said making a mock attempt to put a finger up her ass hole.

“Look, if you remain quiet you will get into trouble. Did I not tell you what Lakshmi’s pussy is like. Like a jungle. And yours is like a well maintained garden. So you should also tell me about your husband’s cock. So what is his cock like?”“ Same as yours. ”Anita mumbled. “Not like that. Say that both our cocks are similar. But the colour must be different. Right?”God! This time he had planned humiliation. Well, if that has to be, so be it. “Yes, your cock and my husband’s cock are similar except for the colour. 'she replied with a straight face. “Good. Then you can very well imagine that he is fucking you when I get down to it. Does he fuck you daily? If you want you can also ask me whether I fuck Lakshmi daily. ”Anita again remained quiet. “Come on! ”Bhasu persisted. “Not daily but every alternate day. 'she replied truthfully. “Say, my husband fucks me every alternate day. And look at poor me. What is my fault? Why should I get to fuck you so rarely? Is it fair?Look what a shame for a pretty lady. The cock is losing its erection.

Get down to sucking it immediately. ”There was absolutly no way out. Last time he did the job and got away. This time he has hundreds of queries in addition to the fucking part. As she bent down, Bhasu said “First tease it with your nipples. They are so erect I just don’t feel like ignoring them. Lakshmi’s areall black but yours are so chocolatey in colour. ”This constant comparison with Lakshmi was getting on Anita’s nerves. She bent and made her nipples touch his cock briefly andbefore he could say much she took the head in her mouth. After the previous incident she had got over her inhibitions about sucking and getting the discharge in her mouth. Even Amit had been surprised. Pleasantly. “Yes, that is better. ” He caught hold of her hair with one hand and started the rhythm. She too cooperated hoping that he would discharge soon and go away. Without her knowledge he had smeared his fingers and the thumb with the vaseline that she had brought. Slowly he took his index finger of the other hand at the tip of her ass hole and suddenly thrust it in slightly. Anita started to get up but her hair were in his hand. “See, no problem, whatsoever. This hole has also been given for men to insert their cocks.

For instance at times there may betwo men wanting to fuck you at the same time. And you can oblige them. But if you don’t like this I will do something else. Leave the cock or would you like to carry on sucking it?Lie on the bed, fold your legs, the soles of your feet should be in the air, the knees close to your tits, arms apart. If you move your arms I willbreak your teeth. Don’t think I have come here to fool around. ”He said threateningly. Bhasu placed himself between her legs, his cock at the entry of her pussy. He then started licking the nape of her neck, right upto her ear. After that he thrust his tongue inside her ear, brought it over her lips, licked the upper lip very slowly, sucked the lower lip, then pried open her mouth with his tongue and thrust his tongue inside. This time he appeared to be an expert in titillating Anita. “Give me your tongue. ”he whispered. Anita’s body was on fire. She was wondering why Bhasu was not doing what he had come to do. Why was he not fucking her? Why this tease? Did he want her to beg? Oh God, what did he want?She did not have to be told to give him her tongue. They both sucked at each other’s tongues wildly. This time he did not taste all that foul either.

All the while his hands were at her armpits, gently pulling the sparse hair. Now he focussed his attention on to her nipples. First he blew at them and then encircled the aerol with his tongue alternating between one nipple and the other. He kept on doing this till the nipples were fully erect. Even now he gently flicked his tongue over them but did not take them in his mouthAnita wanted to move her hands, pull his head on to her nipples but when she attempted he repeated the warning. She desperately wanted him to suck them. They were aching with anticipation and with constant teasing. All the realisation that he was Lakshmi’s husband was forgotten. His cock was still where it was: with leaking precum at the entry of her pussy. Suddenly Bhasu got up. “Last time I had fucked you. This time you are at liberty to fuck me.

I will lie on the bed. You will sit on me. Yes, you can take the cock in your pussy, bend and tease me with your nipples. ”Anita was in a dilemma. Should she sit on his cock? She again saw it. It was dark and reddish. She herself was fair and pink.He had already fucked her. Did once more make any difference? As it is she was dying to be fucked. On the other hand what about the vows that she and Amit had taken together?Should she knowingly and willingly get fucked by another man and that too a maid's husband. If it wasforcible sex it could becondoned but could she herself take it inside her pussy. That was the right of only Amit. “Come on, come on. I don’t have all evening even if you do. All the other Mem Sahibs get fucked immediately and you are acting so pricey. Don’t tell me that you have not been fucked before by anybody else.

I know these rich types. Lakshmi herself told me that she has seen photographs of you almost nude on the beach where there are so many people. ”God! Lakshmi had seen the album when at Amit’s insistence she had worn that bikini that had been purchased from Mumbai. She had been extremely self conscious initially but gradually had enjoyed being the cynosure of all eyes. Even Amit was very happy. She sat on his stomach and bent to offer him her nipples. Her cock was near her stomach and since it was at full erection it was touching her belly button. “Place your feet in my armpits. I like to feel pretty feet near me and yours are so pretty. Nail polished, anklets and toe rings. You wear toe rings because you are married? Good girl! I thought so. See how lousy Lakshmi is! Who can get an erection with her by the side?”Anita could feel the precum leaking from his cock and sticking to her stomach right down to her pubic hair. He again did not take the nipple in his mouth, but kept on nibbling lightly at the nipples.

A phone call disturbed them. Anita picked up the cordless phone to answer it. As she said “hello” he bit her nipple. As Anitagasped, he tried to lift her hips up with both his hands. Their eyes met and somehow an unsaid agreement was reached. She did not resist but went along with the pressure applied by Bhasu and cooperated in lifting her hips. He aimed his cock at the pussy and left her. She sat down on it and it slipped in so smoothly that Anita felt as if a tremendous burden had been lifted off her. Due to her weight it went deep inside her and almost touched the cervix. Anita gasped. She disconnected the phone without even listening as to who was at the other end and experienced an orgasm even withoutthe strokes. This was sheer bliss. “Don”t squeeze my cock. ”Bhasu said mockingly. He caught hold of both of her breasts and squeezed them. With the pressure of his hands he made her take a few strokes by rising and falling on his cock in which she cooperated by picking her pussy away and falling on him.
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