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Maid Bangs Me For Money

I am 18 years old and live with my parents in Mumbai. I am a part time photographer and full time student. I earn around 25-30k a month. Our maid Sangeeta was a 53 year old hard working woman. She was dark in complexion and had a fat body. I fantasized of sex with her. Once when my parents, I thought of surprise for Sangeeta. When the bell rang, I greeted Sangeeta with a Rose and a big smile. She seemed happy and said ‘Thank You’. I hold her hand and asked her to come with me.

Sangeeta was surprised and resisted my touch. I hold her firmly and took her to my room. I locked my room and spontaneously kissed her on her lips. It was a long kiss. She was very much surprised by my behavior. She slapped me immediately and shouted at me. Sangeeta said, “wait for your mother to come. Let me tell her what you do.” I begged Sangeeta not to tell anyone what had happened . She finally broke out and apologized for the slap. She said ,”I will be going to to village and not return back. My mother in law is dead and my husband is shifting there to look after our family business. I don’t know how to tell this to madam. Please tell this to her on my behalf. I asked her for a good-bye kiss. She slapped me and said, “I would have even slept with you if you had asked me earlier. Now I don’t have time. I have to leave urgently” Saying so she hugged me and gave a small kiss on my cheeks.

Sangeeta unlocked the door. My mom was standing outside. She asked us, “ What were you two doing?” I got frightened. Sangeeta started crying and left the house without saying a word. She left me to explain my mom what happened. I thought and told my mom, “ Sangeeta is very upset because her mother-in-law who lives in her village died this morning. She and her husband are now shifting to the village permanently and she does not know how to tell this to you. So she told me to tell you about this.” My mom seemed satisfied with my answer but said, “ Then what was all that hugging and kissing about? Was she here to tell this story or fuck you? “ I said, “ I was just making her feel happy by consolidating her. She hugged and kissed me in return. “ My mom said, “ Now go to Sangeeta and say I am fine with her shifting to her village but I want another maid to come daily.”

Since Sangeeta had no phone, my mom gave me her address and asked me to go to her place. She lived in a chawl. It was a few blocks away from my home. I found her room and knocked her door. The door was opened by her husband. I asked him to call Sangeeta. Sangeeta greeted me inside and said what work I had. I said, “ Mom is fine with you shifting to village, but she wants another maid. Do you know anyone who can come?” She looked at me and said, “ Is it you or your mom who wants the maid? I know a woman who is made for your benefits. Let me take you to her.” She hold my hand and took me to a room few rooms away from hers. She introduced me to Nisha. Sangeeta said Nisha would be a good maid and left us alone. Nisha welcomed me inside her house and locked the door. She started discussing about her rates when I said it would be best if she talked directly with my mom and asked her to come with me.

Nisha hold my hand and said, “ Before we start our relationship as a maid and master there are some things that you need to know. I am 36 years old and I was a prostitute but I have stopped it just a few days back. I now want to start a new life by earning money with respect. Please never remind me of my past. Sangeeta told me that you fantasize about having sex with maid. Let me tell you that fucking me will cost Five thousand extra and I will be living with you.” I said, “ Everything is fine about you Nisha, but please don’t tell my mom that you were a prostitute. And we will be fucking me. She will not take you then. “ She agreed with me. Nisha looked beautiful with her wheatish complexion, round ass, big boobs, long silky black hair and many other to die for features. Nisha asked me to stop staring at her and opened the door for us to go. I immediately closed the door and asked her to wear her saree. She was just in her gown through which her sexy body could be seen.

She smiled at me and said she had almost forgotten about it. She said she would change the clothes in front of me and I should not mind it. She removed her gown and was completely naked in front of me. I was locked in a room with a stranger who was naked in front of me. I got a hard on. Nisha looked at it and said,” Saheb abhi-abhi toh mile hai. Thode time ke baad hi mein aap ki lungi” (Boss, we met just now. Please have some patience. I will fuck you after some time. ) Nisha wore her saree and we left together for my home. I was excited that I finally have a maid whom I can fuck.

We entered our home and I introduced her to my mom. The sat on the sofa to discuss the work and charges. I went inside my room. I was thinking of all the positions in which I could fuck Nisha. While I was masturbating, my mom knocked on my door. I asked her to come in. She thanked me for finding a good maid. She said that Nisha lives alone in a rented room and it would be nice if she lived with us. I agreed with her. My mom asked me weither Nisha could sleep in my room on the floor. I agreed. I would have liked if I had a double bed and Nisha would sleep with me on it. My mom asked me to go with Nisha and help her shift her belongings. I took Nisha in car and we went to her room.

There she immediately packed all her belongings. Nisha looked at me and said, “Now I have convinced your mom to let me stay with you in your room. We can now live like Husband-Wife and have lots of sex without any guilt. “ I looked at her and gave her a big kiss. We took all her belongings and placed it in the car. I thought of apologizing to Sangeeta for the last time. But her house was locked. She had left for her village. Nisha gave the keys to the landlady and bid farewell.

In the car, I told Nisha to not make our relationship public and suspicious to anyone. We reached our home and placed all her belongings to the now our room. My mom asked Nisha to rest for today and start working from tomorrow. She asked me to help Nisha get comfortable in the house. She asked Nisha to use me for any work she wanted. Nisha said she would love to have a full body oil massage. My mom looked at me and asked me to get a bottle of oil. She asked me to massage Nisha in the same way I had massaged my Bindu aunt a few days back. My mom did not knew that the massage had led to me having sex with Aunt Bindu, who is her sister. My mom left us alone in the room and said she too wanted a massage from me one day. Nisha locked the door as soon as my mom left the room. I knew my mom would see us from the keyhole thus I hung a napkin on the door handle to cover the keyhole. I spread a bedsheet on the floor and asked Nisha to lay on it after removing her clothes.

Nisha was quick at removing her clothes. She laid on the floor all excited to get massaged by me. She asked me to remove my clothes as they could get dirty with the oil. She askedme to first oil her hair. I used sufficient quantity of the coconut oil to massage her head. She was happy by me technique of massaging. I went on to massage her shoulders, back. I put some coconut oil on her breasts and massaged the juicy melons. Her nipples were erect for obvious reasons. She asked me to massage her thighs as well. I did massage her whole body except the main hole. She asked me to massage it later using my tool. Nisha offered to return the favor and she massaged me with oil all over my body. She put my tool inside her mouth to massage it. She asked me to enter her. It was my first time. She spread her legs for me. I entered her as I was ready to massage her tight vagina. Both of us were moaning and the sound could be heard outside. My mom knocked and said,” What are you doing? Is everything fine?” Nisha quickly answered,” Ji Bhabhi, Your son is giving me a great massage. I am feeling much relieved. There is no problem at all.” My mom said OK and continued with her work. Nisha now started riding on my tool. It was the first time a woman was riding on me. She was great at it. I knew she would teach me great sex as she was a prostitute before. I cummed immediately inside her and we finished having sex. Both of us were covered with sticky oil and badly needed a bath. We entered the bathroom and had a bath together.

My mom did not suspect us as the bathroom is attached to my room. Nisha dressed herself in her saree and I wore my clothes. Both of us came out of our room. Nisha said to my mom,” Bhabhi your son is very great at giving massage to woman. You must be very lucky.” My mom looked at me and said, “ You never give me a massage when I ask you? Tomorrow I will have to go to Pune to visit my friend. But your Aunt Bindu will be here. She has asked you to prepare to give her a massage.” I agreed with mom. Nisha said she had to arrange her things. She held me and asked my mom, “Bhabhi, hope you don’t mind if I take him with me?” My mom let Nisha take me. Nisha took me to our room. She asked me to help her arrange her clothes and other belongings. She made some space in my wardrobe to accommodate her clothes. She put her belongings in place and came near to hug me when my mom made some noise. It reminded Nisha that the door was open and my mom could see us. Nisha winked at me and we came outside. My mom asked me, “ So, how did you find Nisha?” I said ,” Nice”. She then asked Nisha , “ How does she find me?” Nisha replied,” Bhabhi, your son is great. “ After some awkward question-answer session, my dad come home. He was surprised to see a new maid and knowing that she will be sleeping in my room. My mom explained him all about Nisha.

We sat down for dinner. My mom asked Nisha to join us. She said that Nisha would have to prepare food from tomorrow.
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