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AIIMS And Rani

My name is Rajesh, and I'm doing my third year MBBS in AIIMS, Delhi. I had rented a single bedroom apartment and used to stay in it. I had a cook at home and
she used to come in the morning and night and cook for me. Her name was Komal and she would be some 27 years old. She was a mother of two, so had voluptous
figure of around 38-32-38 and had big round boobs, though a bit sagging. I used to ogle at them whenever I used to get a chance and I guess Komal noticed
that but never bothered. One day she said her sister Rani is not feeling well and if I can check her up, as it will be a costly proposition for her to take Rani to a doctor.

I said ok no problem, send her here in the evening some time. I was watching tv that evening and someone knocked the door. I opened it and a girl of around 21-22 was standing on the door, she said I'm Rani, KOmal's sister. I said ya ya, come in. She was much better looking than her elder sister, she was some 36-30-38 types and much younger and looked tight. I just couldnt control my eyes and they were staring at her boobs, she was wearing a chudidar with no chunni. So nothing to stop my eyes to savor her curves. I have asked her to take a seat and asked what her problem is. She said she is having severe back aches once a week or so without any reason.

And also at times her stomach also aches. I was happy coz it will surely give me an oppurtunity to stare at her booties from a closer distance. So I asked her to lie down on the couch and checked her eyes and tongue. Then took my steth and as my hand went near her boobs she was taken aback. I said its ok, am just checking your pulsate. Along with the steth my finger tips were touching her boobs... Aaaa... what a feeling it was... i moved the steth around for no reason here and there to feel more of her boobs. I could see that her heart pulsate was faster coz of my touches. She was very innocent looking and with her talks I thought she can be played around with easily. I asked her if she is having the pain right now, she said yes in my back. I asked her to turn around and started exploring her back. Pressed at few places and asked if its hurting her. She was having pain mostly around the spinal cord towards her neck.

I told her she needs a good massage from an experienced hand to take care of this pain. I told her to go and see a lady masseur, Rani asked how much it would cost. I told her some 3000 Rs or so. And as I expected she was hesitant and said they cannot afford so much money.

Then I offered her that I'm also experienced at it and can massage her back. She hesitated and said she will ask her sister komal and then tell. I said what
is there to ask komal, if you ignore this for few more hours also it will become more and more painful and induced some fear in her. She said ok, but I cant pay you much. I said dont worry about money, I'm more interested in serving patients . I asked her to lie down again on the couch
on her back and to lift her kurta till her neck. She hesitated for a moment and then lifted it and lied on her boobs. I went inside and took some sunflower
refined oil into a vessel and came back and told her that this is a special oil for these kinds of back aches. I was surprised to see that she wasnt wearing
any bra, and I wondered how her boobs were so upstraight without one! Her bare back was a pleasure to watch, and with her kurta on her neck and head, she
couldnt see anything happening. I had applied some oil on her back and started massaging, I was no expert at it, but knew it good enough to make her relax. She was tensed in the begining...

but then relaxed with my hands moving around... I could see the sidelines of her big boobies.. pressed against the couch... almost topless... those were very
inviting... after some time I started exploring her sides a bit... and my fingers landed on her boobs from back.. and I started rubbing the sides of her
boobs and Rani didnt resist, she was fully relaxed. I asked her if it was easing her pain, she said yes yes, pls do more. I told her that I have to massage
from the front too to give full effect to the massage. She was suddenly tensed and asked if it is really necessary. I told her that its very much compulsory to massage from the front, else her back will againt start paining more and more. She had no choice but to agree as
I was the doctor and I knew more than her (atleast according to her). She slowly turned back very consciously, covering her boobs with both her hands. I told
her I need to massage her boobs and I cant do it with her hands covering them. She slowly took them off and slided away. Man, those boobs very sooo fuckin
gorgeous and really handful. I just couldnt beleive my luck.

I poured some more oil on to her boobs and slowly started caressing them. I could feel that she was enjoying it a lot, she was slightly moaning. I started squeezing her boobs harder and was playing with the nipples which have
become erect by now with my touches. Her moans started becoming bigger, and by now my cock was full hard and in attention. I wanted some more fun, and didnt
know how to proceed. Then Rani saw the tent in my shorts, and asked what it was. I asked her to check it out herself. She was hesitant and slowly placed her
hand on my cock and squeezed it once. And I could see the surprise on her face, she asked why its so hard and standing.I told her that it is all because of
her that it is standing and it is her responsibility to bring it down. Rani asked how? I asked her to take it in her mouth, and she went cheeee. Why will
anyone take it in the mouth! I asked her to do it, else I will stop massaging her and her pain will return. She immediately agreed and I asked her to take off my shorts and undies.

She obliged obidiently and her eyes became large seeing my hard dick and exclaimed
"its sooo big!". And then slowly she took it in her mouth and I told her to suck it like an icecream bar and she started to do it. It was very evident from
her sucking that she was doing it for the first time. It was like a dream come true for me, getting a BJ from her and massaging her big boobs. I started
pumping her mouth and I know I would come soon with all that sexcitement I had. And soon I came with a loud moan and filled her mouth with my cum, some
dripping down her cheeks. She didnt know what to do with it, but after some time she swallowed it. And now she was looking confused as to what next! I pulled her up and slowly removed her pyjama and was not surprised to see that she is not wearing any panties inside. I just couldnt help but to knead her
handful of buttocks.

They were soooo soft and two hands werent enough! She had a thick bush on her cunt, surely never shaved I guess. I asked, "Rani, kabhi
kisise chudwai kya? (Did you ever got fucked!)", she said tauba tauba, no. I said, then its high time you did it. Seein her standing naked infront of me, my
dick started rising up again. I turned her around and cupped her boobs from behind, while my dick was pressing her ass and was searching for a hole. I was
thinking of fucking her upright in standing position and she was moaning heavily, suddenly the front door opened!! I had completely forgotten that time has
passed and it was time for Komal to come, and that she had a duplicate key to my apartment. My dick went limp in no time, and me and Rani were standing naked infront of an aghast Komal. I was too schocked to talk or even move. Komal screamed at
Rani, "saali raand, mai itte mahinonse kuch nahi karpayi, tu ekhi din mein nanga kardala isko!" (Whore, I couldnt do anything from past so many months, and
you got him naked in just one day!").

It was time for me to get shocked again! It took me a lil bit time to understand that it all was a setup! There was no back pain and nothing like that! Komal then said.. "haye raja, rani ke saath saath mujhe bhi chod" (Hey, along with Rani, fuck me too). For me it was like
Christmas coming too early, and like buy one and get one free, or get one free... and wait... get one more free! Then I asked Rani to undress Komal... slowly. Rani acted immediately and pulled up her kurta and it was a treat to watch one bitch undressing another! Then
Rani took off Komal's pyjama.. leaving Komal in just her bra and panties, and beleive me, those 38 size boobs are not so easy to hold and that bra was surely
overstressed! I told Rani to go behind komal and cup her boobs and squeeze them and slowly remove her bra.. my dick was up in no time watching that erotic
strip tease. Once done with the bra, I asked Rani to pull Komal's panties down, while she bites komnal's ass.. Komal was all sexcited getting naked infront
of me.

What a chance I got, two sexy booby bitches standing naked in front of me... waiting for my instructions and eagerly waiting to pounce one me. But I had other ideas, I asked them to fondle each other. So Komal started cupping Rani's boobs and squeezing her nipples... Rani was all excited and started kneading Komal's ass... as their hands were fondling and exploring each other, it was difficult for me to hold back and just watch... so I joined them in the exploration.. I started squeezing their boobs, one hand on Rani and another on Komal.. it was a heavenly feeling, squeezing those biggies.. my two hands werent enough for two boobies, now I have got four to handle, but I wasnt complaining... I asked them.. so who wanna get fucked first! Both wanted it first... so I said ok... lets do onething... whoever takes my 7 inch deeper into their mouth, will get to screw first. Rani volunteered to do it first... and held my dick and opened her mouth wide and took it in... she could take in just around 6 inches and gagged.

It was Komal's turn, and she help my dick and confidently took into her mouth, and damn... she completely swallowed my dick in and gave a nice deep throat.. the tip of my dick was almost in her throat and it was an awesome feeling.
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