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The Godfather of Maids

Submitted by a fan

Hello fellow svoboda-ek.ru fans. I am a flat security man. I am 40 years old and I am married to a lady who is a domestic help. Earlier I was working in a company as a clerk. But due to my drinking habit, I lost the job. I had in fact touched the mem saab by mistake in the backroom of the party hall. I was expecting their servant maid but the drink inside me made me that mistake. Since then I was dismissed. I could not get a similar job in any place. Finally, I have reached this post.

Even though the post is not glamourous, I used to get more income than my previous post. Also I used to get perks, drink and also ladies which may be the leftovers of saabs, living in the villas and flats. I was happy. Then I fell in a trap and was forced to marry my present wife. She is good and efficient, more than that she does anything for my happiness, including adjustments for sex. We have a son of 6 years, studying in a convent school. We also have a staff quarter to stay.

I am gay with extreme sexual urges and I like to have variety. Be it a meem or a sweeper, I like them all. It should be different. There are more than 25 ladies working in that flats and villas. All saabs ask for my reference, before the appointing a maid. I used to go to their houses and enquire before giving the final nod. So as usual, they were all fearing me and my wife.

Most of the saabs were from high posts, businessmen from various places. In total there were 12 villas and 3 x 12 flats in our complex. Many used to be under lock and key for long time. Some used to hand over keys to me or to the office. I used to keep the houses clean through my wife. Before their arrival, they would inform the office and I in turn used to get information to arrange for the needs of the first day. I was happy in my way of life.

The change came through my wife. Once she told me a secret about a domestic help. Accidentally she had noticed her coming out of a flat, where only a boy lived alone. She could guess that the maid was inside in the flat the whole night. Since I am the overseer man, it was my responsibility to intervene. So as usual, I asked her and she fell to my feet. The incident was in our house and my wife was not there at that time. So naturally she became my sex toy. She was a lady of 40 or so, not very good looking. Still I made her suck my cock and made her to surrender to me to fuck her in the ass. My wife could have known, but she did not react. She only asked me to go for better ladies than these maids.

I have told her of all my tastes and history.  She has even permitted me to bring girls to the house earlier. But my idea was to make that maid know my power and also through her, inform all others.

The result was perfect. The story circulated well among all the maids. Soon I could get another, the best one available, for my use. She was a young girl of 21 who has just started working. Due to some reason, the meem sab did not like her. They asked me to get them another maid. She was in need of the job and she was even an educated girl. I was forced to find out another maid. Then it was then that the old maid who has 'pleased me' advised her to meet me. She has also advised her to stay for a night and get another job.

She was called to our house with the knowledge of my wife. She was not against for that. The lady told me her need and I also told her my problem. Finally, she was ready for anything. No cry or shouting. I made her naked in seconds and took good photos. She was a dusky girl but her virginity was really great. I entered in with much care and I fucked her for a long time. Thus she became my 'adha gharwaly' for life.

My wife was told of all the sex and she was happy that my tastes have improved.  It was from then that the using of ladies became a common thing in our house. Even if my wife was there, she would not create a scene for this. Her only condition was that she would never come into those scenes, and she should be informed in advance. I used to feel that she was feeling proud that I was fucking better or younger and beautiful girls. I also knew that she used to peep on us and enjoy all if she was present.

The magnum opus of my life was the fuck of a meemsab staying in her villa. She was in her thirties. She was staying with her husband who was the M.D of a company. I had my doubt that the lady had some problem from day one. They used to leave the place for about 6 months at a time for different places. Some days she used to be alone. I used to get food from hotels to supply them. The maid of her villa was a customer of mine in sex. She was in 40's. On asking, she told that a man used to stay with her occasionally.

Accidentally the meemsaab has seen me wandering near her house one day and she shouted at me. Finally, her anger got cooled only by me touching her feet. That incident has increased my interest in her. My wife also was angry on her . She told me that my manliness was under question here. She told me that if I could fuck her, it would be a real punishment for her. She also warned me that it will not as easy as fucking the poor maids.

Within a week, I got her flat fitted with a hidden camera through my maid. I recorded a good sex video of that lady with an unknown man. I showed it to my wife and she was happy. Her only request in this game was to have her present as a member in a threesome fuck. She wanted her to massage her feet while we both fuck in her villa.

The surrender was so easy. She was ready to pay any amount. I told her of my wife's request and also of my weakness for ladies. I took a good amount from her and was invited to her villa. I went with my wife. At first, we had a good fuck where she acted as a maid while she massaged my wife's feet. Then Meemsaab was taken by be fucked. She was a real beauty and I have taken her in all her holes. Her sucking was great and she even gave a suck on my wife's pussy and toes. My wife was happy and she reduced her revenge in hurting her husband and left us alone.

Now meemsaab became my number three wife in that place. I have licked the meem from her feet to head. It was great. Her whole skin had the same tone and taste. I have bitten her whole body over. I have not yet given her the video but only my word that I shall keep the secret with me as long as she pleases me.

I am a happy man enjoying her at my sweet will. It is also great to have money and quality sex with the support from my sweet wife! I am the King!

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