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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 36

Zaheer Fucks Mummy Ruby After Daddy Leaves To Visit Choti Daadi

Next morning when I woke up, Zara phupi was lying naked beside me in the bed. I got up and went to bathroom. When I came back, I woke her up and asked her to get dressed and come down for breakfast. I went downstairs and found mummy and daddy enjoying breakfast on the dining table.I joined them and we did little chatting.

After sometime, Zara phupi joined us at the breakfast. Daddy saw her and smiled mischievously because he would get a chance to fuck her after so many months. Daddy looked at the time and thought it was getting late to go and meet his stepmom. He washed his hands and took my bike keys and moved towards the exit. Mummy followed him to say him bye and also close the door. And I followed my mummy.

As daddy started the bike, mummy closed the door. And as soon as the door closed, I grabbed mummy from behind and pinned her on the main door. She was wearing a nighty and I was squeezing her boobs through the silky material of her night gown. Making out with her, I started to remove her nighty and saw that she was wearing nothing underneath as she didn’t had bath after fucking daddy last night.

Now mummy was fully naked and I took her up in my arms and went to sofa and sat down. Mummy lowered my pyjama and took my cock to suck it in her mouth. After some sucking, I was hard and ready for fucking. She got up and positioned my cock on her enterance and sat down on my cock. We were really enjoying our lovemaking.

I liked to fuck mummy with her hair loose and long. But now, her hair was binded by the clip. So I put my hands on her head and released her long black hairs from the clip. Mummy continued humping me when we were disturbed by Zara phupi.

Phupi: “bhabi..... I also want to join you guys.....”

Mummy: “no Zara...... you go and take care of my grandson..... I am here to satisfy my son.....”

Phupi: “Zaheer.... Please..... I also want to join you.....”

I looked at mummy and she nodded her head telling me to deny her request. I also wanted to enjoy fully with mummy. my mother moving up and down on my cock came forward to kiss me on lips and slowly whispered in my ear,

Mummy: “beta..... take me to my bedroom......”

My pyjamas were down upto my knees. First I removed them completely and kicked them off. Then I stood up with my cock still deep in mummy’s pussy. I placed my palms under her ass to raise mummy up and take her weight. Mummy wrapped her legs around my back and put her hands around my neck.

I walked towards my parents bedroom. I had some difficulty in handling mummy as she was still moving on my cock as I was walking. Once we were in her room, I threw mummy on my parents bed and looked at her. She was looking like a bitch in heat. I saw mummy and looked at her bed. It was compleletly messed up as daddy fucked her real hard last night.

I got on top of mummy and asked her, “mummy.... your bed looks all messed up......”

Me: “mummy..... from now... this cunt of yours will take only my cummmm..... no matter how many cocks you take in..... but only my sperms will enter your pussy..... you will never let daddy cumm inside you.....”

Mummy: “ok beta..... now lick me..... and give me some orgasms.....”

Like a dutiful son, I started to eat my mother and put my tongue deep inside her cunt as far as it could go. I could taste her wetness leaking from inside her pussy.

Soon mummy treated me with her juices and I licked it all clean from her pussy. I got up and put my cock inside her again. We fucked and fucked and kept on fucking. I was close to release my load inside her. I told her that I was about to come so that she would be mentally prepared to take my fertile sperms inside her and make a baby for me. And one more time, I cummed inside the very fertile pussy of my mummy.

We were still kissing each other and playing with naked bodies. Zara phupi came inside my parents room and disturbed us again. She stood near the bedroom door and asked,

Phupi: “Zaheer.... Did you talk with bhabi????”

Mummy: “what do you want to talk about Zara????”

Phupi: “about tonight......???? Zaheer..... why don’t you tell her.....”

Mummy: “Zaheer.... What is she talking about....???”

Me: “mummy.... do you remember that I told you daddy got horny last night for another reason.....??”

Mummy: “yes..... but you didn’t tell me that reason....”

Me: “so the reason is..... daddy will be fucking Zara phupi tonight.....”

Mummy: “what....???? He told you this.....????”

Me; “yes mummy.... he asked me for my permission and I granted him,....”

Mummy: “what??? Your daddy asked for your permission to fuck his sister.... And you gave him???”

Me: “yes mummy..... and tonight he will fuck her in my roon.....”

Mummy: “so why is Zara so desperate to tell me this....????”

Me: “mummy.... we need your help.....”

Mummy: “what help beta???”

Phupi:”bhabi.... You will not fuck bhaiyya tonight......”

Mummy: “but why??? Anyway he is going to fuck you......”

Me: “mummy.... listen to me.... I know you will not like this..... but we want daddy to fuck Zara phupi in full mood.... If he fucks you.... He will not have full energy to fuck Zara phupi.....”

Mummy: “ok beta.... If you also want this... then I will not fuck your father tonight,....”

Me: “thank you mummy.......”

Mummy: “but.... Beta... you have to try and find a way to fuck me tonight when you daddy will be fucking his sister.....”

Me: “no mummy.... that’s not possible....”

Mummy: “why??? If our father will be fucking Zata.... Then you can come and fuck me.... You just tell your daddy that you will be sitting in living room and keep an eye on me..... to inform them If I wake up/

Phupi: “yes Zaheer.... That’s a good suggestion by your mummy..... you can fuck her while bhiayya fucks me....”

Me: “no phupi..... I guess... mummy has to stay without a cock tonight..... and dear phupi.... You will be very lucky to have two cocks tonight....”

Both the ladies were surprised. Mummy said, “beta..... so you will also fuck her after yor daddy fucks her....???”

Me: “no mummy.... I will not fuck her after daddy.... I will be fucking her with daddy.....”

Mummy: “that means you will be doing threesome with Zara and your daddy????”

Me: “yes mummy..... we both will be fucking her.....”

Mummy: “does your daddy knows about this....????”

Me: “no mummy.... this is a little surprise for daddy tonight....”

Mummy: “so I have to stay without a cock tonight????”

Me: “mummy.... if daddy is in a amood to fuck you after he fucks his sister, then you may get lucky....”

Phupi: “and what if bhaiyya wants to fuck me twice..... which he does mostly....”

Me: “anyway...my mummy will get my cock tomorrow morning again after daddy goes to fuck choti daadi Amina.....”

Phupi went out to attend to our son and I and mummy still lay in her bed cuddling each other, kissing each other’s naked bodies. Mummy took my t-shirt and placed in between her legs to stop the flow of my sperms from her pussy.

We were discussing about what we were planning to do more tonight and how I was going to convince daddy to do a threesome. I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem since this was not the first time that daddy was doing threesome. Some years back, he did threesome with the same woman, his sister, my Zara phupi. But this time, the third person was not his father but it was his son Zaheer, and that's me!!!!!
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