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Stripping For My Nephew-2

A smile spread across his face.

Then he said “I'm, sorry about your top Auntie”

“Oh that’s fine sweetheart it was an accident. Besides I think we’ve done enough swimming for the day.”

I saw the disappointment take over his face, so I continued

“I’m going to work on my tan; I need someone to lotion up my back. Would you be interested?” I smiled

“Yea sure!” he exclaimed

I got out of the pool, keeping my breasts covered; I lied down on the tanning bed on my deck face down.

“Just spread it on my back and work your way down to my feet.”

He was ecstatic; he grabbed the lotion and started rubbing it on my bare back.

What a good Aunt I am, making my nephew so happy.

He slowly worked his way down from my shoulders to my lower back. He lightly put his hands on my ass cheeks. I didn’t object.

He got bolder as he started massaging the lotion on my ass cheeks; daringly grabbing handfuls of ass.

“Um Auntie, Can I put your thong in your bum cheeks, I’m afraid your bum won’t get a good tan.”

“Sure hun” I replied

He split my ass cheeks apart; making sure my thong was completely enveloped.

He continued rubbing my cheeks; putting on pounds of lotion.

“I think that’s enough lotion on my bum sweaty.”

“Oh um right.” He said, snapping out of his trance.

He moved on to my thighs; his hands creeping up my inner thigh. He didn’t get to daring as he soon moved down to my calves and finished up.

“Do you want me to do your front too?” He asked eagerly

“Um no you’ve been plenty of help Ty, you can head in I’m going to get an hour of sun in before work.”

He walked quickly into the house.

I turned over after a few minutes; only to see Tyler peeping through his window. I pretended not to notice, as I closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head; exposing my bare breasts to him.

I actually dozed off for about half an hour. I looked up, Tyler was still watching intently, now with his digital camera handy.

When he noticed my eyes were open he quickly ducked down. I stood up and headed inside. I went into my room and got ready for work, putting on a black pushup bra, a black thong and a sweater and jeans. I packed my bag with a tight school girl outfit, and leather boots. I said bye to Tyler, who was now pretending he was watching TV the whole time.

I never really got into dancing that day. I mean my body and moves were there, which was all I needed to make a good days pay, but my mind was on Tyler.

How much further could I take this?

I wanted to take it farther, much farther. And lord knows so did he, but the Aunt in me was acting up. This wasn’t responsible. Playing games like this with my 13 year old nephew? I mean letting him see some cleavage is one thing but exposing my breasts to him purposely? Was I sick?

That night I went home and took another long hot shower. I went to the hamper to throw in my undies when I noticed that my thong from yesterday wasn’t there.

I could only think of one explanation.

I put on a robe and walked out to Tyler’s room

I knocked on Tyler’s door.

“Tyler honey you in there.”

“One second Auntie.” He said

I waited for about a minute before he answered; once again his cheeks were flustered.

“Could you be a dear and take out the garbage Ty.”

“um yea sure.” He responded

“thank you.”

He left.

I decided on investigating his room.

I looked on his bed and under the covers; nothing.

Then I looked under his bed.


There was my thong from yesterday, soaked in Tyler’s cum.

Instead of being repulsed, I was excited, more than ever. I sniffed it, and took in the aroma.

I heard footsteps; I quickly threw the thong back and sat down on his bed.

He came into the room.

“Hey Ty, I want to have a talk with you.”

“Yea sure.”

I paused I wanted him to be nervous. He thought he was busted.

I took a different angle. I used this opportunity to have a much needed Aunt to nephew conversation with Tyler.

“So how are you taking things about your parents?”

He thought about it

“Well obviously I’m pretty sad. I kind of feel like it’s my fault.”

“Well that’s ridiculous Tyler, the truth is that your Mother and Father just grew apart as people, it has nothing to do with you, and in fact you’re the one thing that they both mutually love.” I reassured

He still seemed kind of down

“And you know that no matter what happens, you can come to me with anything. So in a way you have 3 parents, that’s much better than most kids.”

He smiled at me

“I have a feeling you don’t want to be alone tonight, so how bout we bunk together like old times?”

“Sure!” he grinned

I snuggle close to him, my butt was rubbing against his crotch.

“Good night Tyler.”

“Good night Aunt Carly.”

I started lightly snoring, pretending to be in a deep sleep.

After about 10 minutes he gave my shoulder a push

“Aunt Carly, are you awake.”

I didn’t respond

It didn’t take long for him to make his move. He rubbed my waist making his way to my stomach. He slid my robe open. He started rubbing my bare stomach. He slipped my robe further back.

I could feel the sexual energy vibrating off of him. He cautiously brought his hand up my stomach.

He lightly grazed my right breast and let his hand rest on it.

He got bolder as he started lightly squeezing my breast.

I could hear him moaning as he rubbed his Auntie’s big breast.

With his left hand he slipped my robe up above my ass.

It was only as the cold air hit my bare pussy that I noticed how wet I was. I hadn’t felt a rush like this in so long.

I pushed my naked butt into David crotch; his hard dick pushed against my ass cheek.

He moaned; at all but 13 years old he surely had never been stimulated like this before.

I felt movement as he slid his own pants and boxers out, now his bare dick was poking my ass cheek.

All the while his squeezing of my right breast grew more intense. I had to do all in my power to keep from moaning myself.

He adjusted his positioning, bringing his body closer to my back side. I could feel him breathing on my neck. He took in the aroma of my hair and moaned.

I snored a little louder; encouraging him to go on.

He put his cock in between my ass cheeks and started thrusting slightly down my crack. Nowhere near my ass hole, but I guessed at this stage the friction of my tight butt cheeks was enough stimulation for him.

Turns out it was too much

He clenched my breast as his body tensed up. His thrusting stopped. Soon I felt my nephew’s warm cum on my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan. I don’t think he noticed.

He took a moment to savor the moment before he snapped back to reality.

“Oh shit.” He whispered to himself

He got up and went into the bathroom, coming back with a wad of toilet paper.

He shifted back on to the bed. Soon I felt the dry toilet paper on my ass cheeks. In an attempt to hide the evidence my nephew was wiping my ass clean with toilet paper.

I remembered all the diapers I had to change for Tyler when Paige was at work, now about 10 years later he was wiping my ass!

It was sick but I was so horny I found it to be a thrill

He flushed the tp down the toilet then came back to bed and did his best to adjust my robe without me noticing.

The show had come to an end; much to my disappointment the after orgasm crash had hit Tyler pretty hard as soon he was fast asleep.
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