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Rahul Nisha Part 3

After our second encounter, things were noticeably different. I noticed Nisha was shying away from me ever since the guests had left. I had both feelings of accomplishment and guilt inside of me. We hadn’t made much eye contact since then. I didn’t know what to do. Either she was really angry at me, or maybe she was just shy.

I am sure she was angry. She was my sister and I had no right to do what I had done. I really had to apologize to her or this incident would drive a permanent wedge into our relationship as siblings.

One afternoon I walked into her room and found her reading a magazine on her bed.


“Yes Raj?”

“How are you” I asked as I sat on the edge of her bed.

“I am ok. How are you?” She asked plainly, never taking her eyes off the magazine she was reading.

“Nisha I have to talk to you about something.” I said.

“Ok.” She closed the magazine.

“About when we were playing dark room with the kids…” I stopped.

“Yea?” She looked up at me.

“And you know, in the corner, I didn’t mean to…” I stopped again and then resumed again after a short break:

“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad Nisha. Please don’t be mad at me. It was a mistake.”

“I am not mad Raj.” She said, looking at her magazine again.

“Don’t tell Mom.” I asked.

“I won’t. But don’t say it was a mistake.” She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked in surprise.

“You knew I was going to be in there.”

“I didn’t!” I shot back.

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“You are lying again.” She said in a singing tone. “Raj if you be honest with me, I promise I won’t be mad anymore.”

“Ok. I will be honest.” I lowered my head.

“It wasn’t a mistake Right?.” She said.

“What do you mean Nisha?” I asked.

“You knew I was in the corner and you still came in!” She said.

“I didn’t know you would be there. But yes I do admit that once I felt you in there, I didn’t want to get out.”

“OK. Go on…”

“It was an excellent place to catch Rahu…” I couldn’t finish the sentence before she threw her pillow at me.

“Honesty! That’s what I want…” She sad forcefully. “Continue…. You didn’t want to get out because…?”

“… I didn’t want to get out because… you were there.”

“Cuz you could feel me in there? Right?”

“Nisha, no...” I stuttered getting up.

“Sit down! “ She commanded. “So you stayed because of me?”

“Well, yea, you didn’t say anything the first time, so I figured you won’t mind me being in there.” I half admitted the truth. This was hard. “Did you mind?”

“Well, Raj it depends. Now that you are almost admitting the truth, go on…” She said calmly.

“I stayed in because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what I would feel.” I said.

“It is kind of unfair that you got to touch me all over Raj. I should be pissed about that. Now what if I tell mom and dad?” She asked.

“Please promise me you won’t,” I begged.


“It was a mistake. I didn’t know how you would react.” I said lowering my head.

“Raj I am your sister. You should respect that.”

“I know, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It… was a natural reaction.” I looked down.

“Whatever. Just don’t ever do it again.” She said plainly.

This was utterly embarrassing. She has made me admit my guilt and threatened that she would complain to mom and dad. But I had to take it like a man and pay for my actions. I would never be able to look at her again the same way.

I walked out without saying anything.


A very uncomfortable week followed during which I barely spoke to Nisha. I had disrespected her as well as myself. Feelings of guilt were all I could think about. But it didn’t last long.

One afternoon as I was watching TV in the living room and Nisha was cleaning the house. This was her routine as mom and dad were both out to work, she would take care of the household chores. I would go out or just bum around the house. She paused her cleaning for a minute with the vacuum in her hands and said,


“Yeah?” I looked up as she turned the vacuum off.

“You really didn’t know I was gonna be in the corner?” She asked.

“I swear.” I gave a passive answer.

“You are so stupid Raj.” She shook her head.

“What do you mean?” I lowered the TV volume down and turned my head towards her.

“Did I say anything the last time you were there?” She asked.

“No. Look Nisha I am sorry, you don’t have to bring it up again.” I said, without a clue as to what she was getting at. And this was embarrassing.

“If you didn’t know I would be there then why did you come to the corner?” She continued her questions.

“Cuz I thought it was an awesome hiding place.” I replied.

“Why did you feel like touching me?” She asked.

“I couldn’t control myself.”

“You dummy. You didn’t realize that I was in there cuz I was expecting you?” She said, throwing the vacuum on the floor.

“What?” I was shocked.

She wasn’t making any sense. Last week she had insulted me and threatened to tell on me, and now she was claiming her presence in the corner was purposeful.

“And the entire week I have been thinking you came for me. I feel like such a loser!” She said, turning around and sitting down on the sofa, looking disappointed.


“Grow a brain Raj!” She interjected. “If I didn’t want to be in there, I wouldn’t be! OK? And I had said nothing the last time. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? If I was angry, I would have told on you already.”

“So you weren’t mad that I stayed?” My eyes lit up.

“I am mad now cuz you are being such a dummy!”

“So you really won’t tell mom and dad?” I asked.

“Stop repeating questions. I was never going to. I can’t believe you fell for the whole thing.”

“Nisha… I … I don’t know what to say. I thought you would be mad.”

“Well, I knew it was the last time we would have a chance to be in the corner, and since you liked it the first time, I figured you would wanna come back…” She said looking shyly at me.

I couldn’t believe she was implicitly admitting to deriving pleasure out of the touching. I was just sitting there dumbfounded. Her eyes had a sort of a sparkle in them. A look of glee and naughtiness.

“Raj why did you go like this?” Saying this, she simulated my fingers rubbing up and down her pussy outside her pants.

I smiled and looked at her shyly, saying nothing. She continued:

“Why did you do that? Huh? And the second time, you had that big tent in your pants.” She was now smiling too. “And then you went like this…” She brought her hand behind her back and stuck it in her butt crack as I had done to her. She had been staring slyly straight into my eyes the whole time.

“I can’t believe you actually had the balls to touch me Raj. Why did you do it? No one had ever touched me there before.”

I knew she was horny or she won’t talk about this. And now that she had told me she would never tell mom and dad, I was more confident in my movements towards her. The thought that she was my sister was not even in the remotest corners of my brain at this moment. We were just two young adults in heat. Tired of boredom and being alone, we had no one else to turn to but each other.

Right when I was about to get up and move towards her to initiate some contact, the doorbell rang. Mom was home from work.

Nisha went back to vacuuming without saying anything. I had a rock hard cock in my pants. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, dreaming about Nisha and her horny conversation with me.


It was obvious she had liked her private area being touched by me. She had never had a boy friend and I was positive she was horny as hell. She had to wonder what sexual pleasure felt like. And her little brother’s touch was all that was needed to make her want a little bit more of it. She couldn’t have waited much longer.

The next day as she was vacuuming the living room, she paused again to talk to me:

“Look all I was saying yesterday was that I felt you would come back for me. And for a moment I thought you did. But you are denying you even expected me to be there.”

She sounded frustrated. She was looking for a mental connection between us. She didn’t want to talk about it in explicit words but she was implying that she thought I would enjoy the touching as much as she had and that I would come back for more. On the contrary, I was giving her some bull shit reason for going back. She didn’t want to hear any of that. She didn’t want to hear that it was all accidental. She didn’t want to think that I had felt her up just because she happened to be there! She wanted a reason, a connection, a kind of bond which had driven me towards her and which had caused her to enjoy the contact.

“So you didn’t answer my question yesterday Raj.” She continued.

“Which one?”

“Why did you touch me?” She asked.

“Same reason were you expecting me to be there.” I answered.

“What do you mean Raj?” She said.

I had to take charge. This conversation was not going to go anywhere and we would keep running around in circles. I got up, sat next to her and held her hand.

“Nisha.” I said.

“Raj.” She replied but it looked like her eyes were staring in space.

“Nisha, as scared I was after the first time since you looked mad, deep inside my mind I wished you would be there again.”


“The feelings which I had after touching you the first time, I cannot explain. Please allow me to correct my mistake. Please allow the corner to witness what I couldn’t do before.
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