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My Sister Nisha Part 3

Ever since I went down on her, my little sister Nisha and I had become quite open with each other but an opportunity to further our fun never presented itself. I always envisioned her naked and she probably thought about my cock too but we never really got it on. She got busy with school, I found a job and somehow, our schedules never matched. Hard to believe but we never even touched each other after that for about a couple of months. We never found time alone and mom and dad or somebody else was always there.

Even if we found a short amount of time alone, I didn’t want to pressurize her into doing anything really quick. First, I didn’t know if she would be willing to do it, and then I didn’t want to get caught either. She hadn’t given me any signals and I was kind of getting worried. One day, however, all my worries were quelled.

It was her birthday. We were throwing a little party for her and all her friends and some of our relatives were invited. As Indian girls do, she was planning to dress up for the occasion in a traditional manner. All of her friends were going to wear Indian clothes and get made up in a traditional style. Indian make-up includes Henna tattoos as an essential element.

To understand what happened this day between me and her, it is really important to understand the concept of Henna tattoos.

For those of you not familiar with Henna tattoos, I will explain a bit. Henna tattoos are temporary decorations done on the body with a natural paste made with leaves from a special kind of tree. The designs are usually made on the hands and feet. After the wet paste is applied to the body, it takes about 4 or 5 hours for it to dry and then it peels off by itself, leaving behind beautiful traditional designs on the body. During these 4-5 hours, girls usually either go to sleep or relax somewhere since they don’t want the paste to be moved and the designs to get ruined. If they need to go to the bathroom, they either go and reapply the paste if it was moved, and if they don’t want to take that chance, they just don’t go! They cannot touch anything or wash their hands.

So she and her friends decided to get these tattoos done on their bodies. They all went to their favorite beauty salon and got the paste applied to their hands, arms and feet. Nisha came home around 2 o clock in the afternoon with Henna on her arms. She was getting very agitated since she wasn’t able to use her hands and feet too much and it was afternoon so she couldn’t really go to sleep either. Every time she had to go to the bathroom, she was taking mom with her who would slide down her shalwar (lose Indian pajamas), look the other way while she peed and then helped her put it back on. Needless to say poor Nisha couldn’t defecate while the wet Henna was on her hands. I was getting aroused just by the thought of mom undressing Nisha and seeing her grown daughter naked. Nisha and mom of course did not have any of these thoughts in mind since they were just following a routine.

It was about 4 hours left in the party and the set up was almost complete. It was then, that my luck struck gold!

Mom and dad suddenly realized that they had forgotten to get fresh roses for the party, which they would use to hang on walls and put on the tables, and even shower the birthday girl (my sis Nisha) with rose petals in a traditional Indian manner. They asked me to drive to downtown Boston to get roses but I was busy decorating the walls, and I also had to wait for the catering people to arrive and arrange the food. Mom wanted dad to go buy the roses but she was afraid he would get dry ones and might even pay too much. Without thinking anything, I suggested that they both go and get the roses, while I decorated the house and waited for the food caterers. Nisha obviously couldn’t do anything since she had Henna on her hands and was waiting for it to dry so the prints came out as dark and clear as possible. Mom and dad took my advice and left to get the roses.

Nisha was watching TV in the living room and I was cleaning up and putting the decorations on the walls. As horny as I was being alone in her presence, I knew she had the Henna on her hands and was in no mood to touch anything, let alone make sexual contact! We were just making small talk as she hung around and I was busy doing my stuff, when she suddenly said:

“Bhai I have to use the bathroom”

“Then go use it,” I said without thinking.

“Um.. Hello! I have this mehndi (another name for Henna) on my hands.” She said.

“So?” I pretended as if I didn’t understand.

“If I touch anything, the Henna will move and the design will be ruined,” she explained.

“Nisha then can’t you just wash the Henna off? It’s been so long, the design is dark enough I think.”

“No way bhai. There is still a couple of hours left till I wash it off or it dries by itself.” She said.

“Oh ok, but then how will you go use the bathroom?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“Bhai, can you please help me go?” She dropped the bomb!

I knew she loved it when I had licked her pussy but she hadn’t given me any signals ever since and I was kind of getting worried there would be none of that stuff happening between us again. Was this a signal? Did she want another sexual encounter?

“N… Nisha, you mean… take you to the bathroom and help you inside??” I stuttered.

She started to laugh.

“Tu aur kiya?” (What else, dummy)

“Ohh.. ok”, I was still stammering.

“Yes Bhai, just like Mom. Just come with me, I can’t touch anything, you can raise my qameez (long Indian shirt), lower my shalwar (Indian pajamas), I will pee and then you can help me tie the shalwar back.” She explained.

“Are you sure you are ok with it?” I asked.

“Pagal,” she giggled. “Of course, aap mere bhayya hain!” (You are my loving brother!)

Even thought there were no taboos remaining between us, I wanted to make sure she was OK with it because I didn’t want to appear too horny or desperate.

“Chalo theek hai Nisha”, I said candidly. (OK Nisha, let’s go).

“Thank you Bhai, I love you…” she walked over and gave me a peck on my cheek.

We then started walking towards the bathroom. She was ahead of me and I was staring at her sweet ass. I had seen it naked a month ago and how I had longed to see it again! She started first and tried to clear the air:

“Bhai don’t worry, it is nothing you haven’t seen before.” She referred to our first sexual episode. “Mein jahan se pee karoongi, aap ne uss ko chata bhi tha”. (You licked the spot where I pee from)

This was a demeaning comment, I didn’t know what to say and I was kind of pissed. It wasn’t funny to me.

“Ok ok chalo chalo, jaldi karo.” I said. (hurry up, I don’t have much time. ) I was acting like this was routine and I wasn’t interested. Indian girls like it when the guy plays a little hard to get. Or so I thought at the time.

She laughed and let me open the bathroom door. I turned the light on and lowered the seat for her. She walked in and turned around so she could face me. I was a little hesitant and was staring at her, waiting for her cue. She said:

“Shalwar utaro na Bhai, jaldi se! mujhe karna hai jaldi”. (take my pajamas off quickly brother, I have to really pee!)

“Ok ok Nisha!” Saying this, I lifted her long Indian dress shirt up and put it above her shoulders. Her bra-covered tits were visible now as the hem of her shirt was now all the way up. Her cute little belly button was right there and I was just staring at it. I noticed her breathing had increased. I kept staring at her boobs and the flat stomach when she yelled:

“Aray jaldi karo warna shalwar mein nikal jayega!!!” (Hurry if you don’t want me to pee in my pants!)

I broke my trance, untied her shalwar and let it drop. The lose pajamas just feel to the floor and now her panties were visible. I smelled the smell of heaven again just like I had a couple of months ago. I wanted to see her pussy again!

“Nisha, the panties?”

“Yes bhai, I can’t pee with them on now, can I?” she said sarcastically.

I was still hesitant.

“Mein udhar muun kar luun?” I asked. (should I turn away?)

“UFF! Bhai! Aap ne pehle dekha tha mujhe nanga! Hain na?” She said, frustrated at my timidness. (Geez bro! Didn’t you see me naked before? Did I say anything?)

“No,” I said in a low voice.

“Theek hai jaldi utaro phir,” she urged. (OK then take my panties off already)… “pagal!” (you are crazy), she said.

My breathing had increased and so did hers. I grabbed the top of her black lace panties and started to pull them down slowly. They rolled off her ass but this time, unlike the previous time, the pubic hair didn’t show up at the top. Oh my!!! She had shaved! Why would she shave if she didn’t want her dear brother to lick her again? And why would she wear these sexy black lace panties if she didn’t want her dear bhayya (bro) to take her right there? Oh yes! These were all signals. She wanted me.

She was totally clean. As I rolled her panties down, I saw the line of her pussy become visible. It was wet and swollen red. She was horny! Why wouldn’t she be? She was in the presence of her dear brother who had licked her dry just a few weeks ago and whom she had confessed to that she had the greatest orgasm of her life. The panties were off now and were near her ankles. I was entranced by the clear shot of my sister’s pussy right in front of my eyes. I was literally 6 inches away from this doorway to heaven that I had sucked before. The smell was sweet, and oh so inviting.

She quietly saw the panties roll of and sat down on the toilet seat. I moved my hand around her back so I could lift the back of her long shirt above her shoulders also. Doing so, I brushed her ass. She let out a little sigh, I was staring at her pussy and she was sitting down, this was so hot:

“ok I am gonna pee now”, she declared and out came the stream of yellow pee from her pee hole.
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