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My Hindu Mother Part 4

He gestured to man who asked us to follow him. He took us to an empty room; leaving us there he left. As soon as he went away I asked mother to think again about the whole affair. I wanted to leave that place but my mother insisted on staying. As the night approached a man came and told us to wear white dresses before going again to Tantri baba. We had no option but to obey. This time we were taken to another room that had a huge ritual place in its centre. The room was lit with brass lamps and bright flowers were spread over the place of ritual. Inside the room tantri baba was present with a few assistants including a lady. When he saw us coming he started chanting mantras. With his eyes closed he spoke is terse words. As we stood in front of him he said to some unseen force,

"Hey yakshi why do you trouble them. What so you need as appeasement to go away. I will give you what ever you want." Then he kept listening in silence. After some time he opened his eyes and said that the yakshi has spoken to him. "She is sexually thirsty. She is asking for some thing that if I spell out may shock you, but then she only wants that to go away. Nothing else. Are you ready to take in what the yakshi has said?" Both mother and I agreed in unison without bothering about the consequences.

The tantri spoke again. "Listen carefully woman, your son's soul was your husband in the past birth. During that time your son's soul was a high cast Brahmin and he fell in love with your soul who was a low cast person. Both of you ran away and got married but the family caught you and did not allow the marriage to consummate. They killed the girl and let the boy free. From that day the girl's soul, which is, you in this birth is longing for consummating the marriage. The yakshi wants to be sexually satisfied; and has promised to go away."

"What we have to do baba" mother asked him in a trembling voice.

"For this your son has to have sexual intercourse with you. Are you prepared for that? I will have to prepare you to go back to your previous birth and then I will let you have sexual intercourse and once the yaksi is satisfied then she will disappear for eternity."

"I will proceed only if both of you will agree."

Both my mother and I looked towards each other. Before I say that I want to consult my mother in private she said, "Yes baba, we agree."

As tantri heard this he called mother to the centre and asked her to disrobe her sari and all other clothes. She was shy in getting naked in front of some strange people but she had no choice. She took off her sari and then her blouse then her bra and then she took off her petticoat. She stood naked in front of all of us. Frankly I was also having her complete picture for the first time. She was 40 years old but had the body of 30 years old.

She had large breasts with pink areolas that stood up stiff in the cold air. She had huge ass almost flat stomach and she had a thick bush covering her cunt .the tantri started to put vermilion on her, chanting some strange words, he told her that she have to remove the hair covering her cunt, and the hair under her arms and between her ass. She can only have hair on her head and all other body parts must be cleaned of hair. So stating that he asked his lady assistant for removing all body hair.

Mother was asked to lie down on the ritual platform and spread her thighs. The lady assistant took a sharp razor and shaved off her cunt hairs, and then she asked her to turn around and spread her ass cheeks and removed hair form around her ass hole and between her thighs. Then she shaved her under the arms and her legs.

Next mother was asked to bathe in the pond in the ashram and come back. She walked naked with her huge ass bouncing and looking at me seductively. The very thought of fucking mother gave me a raging hard on. When she came back, the tantri asked her to lie down again on the ritual platform. He applied vermion to her breasts, then on her pubic mound and then she was asked to sit up cross-legged.

Next tantri called me and asked me to disrobe. I was hesitating as I had a raging hard on, but somehow I took off my dress. I stood naked before all including mother with my thick cock standing up like a steel pipe. The tantri asked a male assistant to shave my unnecessary hairs too. The assistant took a razor and shaved hair around my cock and balls. I too had a bath and then asked to stand on the ritual platform.

The tantri chanted mantra and applied the vermilion on my cock and forehead. He asked me to tie the mangalasutra around my mother's neck; he himself poured oil into the homa fire. We are asked to sit cross- legged side by side. Then tantri chanted some mantra to make us hypnotized. After few minutes he told us that our previous birth souls has entered into us. In particular he said to me,

"You will now perform sexual intercourse and satisfy your wife so that I can drive her away once and for all. You have to perform to your best ability and make her sexually satisfied."

He then offered us a drink specially made to excite the sex centers of a brain. After I consumed it, I felt heat rising in my body that made my cock look like a horse cock. The tantri whispered me to take my mother in wedlock.

I stood up and took hold of her hand and then we lied down on the ritual bed covered in red cloth. Tantri continued his chanting and instructed every once else to maintain strict silence so as not to disturb us. I kissed my bride mother on her lips, she responded by moaning with pleasure. Our tongues intertwined, I touched her nipples and slowly sucked the nipples caressing the breasts. I sucked alternatively both the nipples, which hardened with sexual tension. I trailed kisses on her torso, to her belly and finally placed a kiss on her cleanly shaven mound.

I parted her thighs and opened her labia majoras, which were thick and engorged with blood swelling like a balloons. The labia minoras looked like a pomegranate opened out. The sexual scent of mother's womanhood was hitting my nostrils. I lowered my lips on her vulva and sucked on the nectar. She gasped and gave out a loud moan "Ahhhhh!!" I started flicking my long tongue over her inner cunt petals and spreads open the petals. All the while the tantri and his assistants were chanting the mantras louder and louder.

I saw that my mother's cunt lips flared open deep red in color; her clitoris peeked out from the hood like a man's cock. I had my face covered in her cream, which tasted sweet and intoxicating. The effect of the drink we had was slowly taking more effect making us sexually lust for each other. Mother moaned aloud "Oooohhhhhhh Aiiiieee, please fuck now."

I went on my knees and she closed her two hands around my cock. She licked it and then her mouth engulfed the cock head and she sucked it taking a large part into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as I thrust my hips in unison with her head moving up and down. She slowly played with my balls hanging low in the heat, filled with cock cream ready to spurt any moment. One of the tantri assistant standing near us and supervising the act touched me on my shoulder and whispered that I should discharge my cum into her womb for the act to take full effect.

Hearing this I pushed my mother back on the bed. She was a sight to watch with her head resting on the pillow, her hair splayed out, her breasts rising and falling with deep breathing, her nipples standing like two small cheries, her areolas red in color with the vermilion mixing with her sweat.

I went between her thighs and looked into her eyes, she smiled and placed the head of my mammoth cock over her sacred hole. The cock head spread the cunt lips apart and inch-by-inch filled her. The tantric chanting became an echo now as the sexual intercourse act was in the final stage. I put my palms by the side of mother's shoulders, while my cock was fully thrust inside her cunt. I started to fuck her in and out drawing the cock head until only the tip was inside then thrust all the way. She was screaming in lust,

"Fuck me pleeeeeezzze fuck me, fuck me! Ahhhhhhh! Ooooohhhh!" Her screams got louder with each thrust as I fucked her for half an hour without throwing my seed. Then She screamed loud enough to be heard half a mile away, "Aiiiiii!"

She clenched her thighs around my hips drawing me more in and then I exploded into her cunt. After crying like animals we collapsed over each other exhausted. Still I put my hands beneath her chin and kissed her deeply, sucked her breasts and then fell besides her. After about ten minuets we were given another potion to drink. Soon I had another raging hard on.

I again kissed mother on her breasts and she fed her huge mameries to my mouth. The tantri asked me to lie naked on the floor, and asked mother to stand over my legs. As she placed her thighs on each side of my hips, her big fat ass spread open revealing her pink cunt hole. She took my cock in her hands and placed my cock head at the lips of her cunt.

Next she pushed her hips down, eyes closed moaning deep and breathing hard as my cock impaled her like an animal. She pushed all the way down, her clit pressing against my cock, and then she started to slowly raise her hips up and down, her hand pressing against my chest. Again the fuck lasted for half an hour. Finally I exploded.

Now all the male assistants gathered around us naked and continued the chanting, each had his cock in his right hand and started pulling masturbating slowly in unison. In about 10 minutes they all ejaculated their cock cream on our bodies. The tantri rose and poured holy water over us and said that the yakshi had left us after being fully satisfied.

When we made it back to home I made it clear to my mother that tantri was wrong in saying that Yakshi has left. I yearn her body more than ever. She looked at me for a long time then started smiling. She hugged me and said,

"My darling I have given you my precious thing and I shall continue to give it to you as long as you want; but you shall promise me on four things"

"Mom, have I ever disobeyed? I know how you love me.
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