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Police Victim

Hi… readers, here is Arshi again with his sexy experiences. As you must be remembering these experiences are of the period when I finished my matric exams and was waiting for the result and this period was about three months. All these encounters took place in our other house which was recently purchased by my father and was kept vacant for renovation which was expected after about six months. It doesn’t mean that all the friends I got during that period were gandu but they were only a few, rest of my friends were not like that. They were decent boys who were good in their studies and overall behaviour. They even didn’t know about my sexual activities.
However, this time I am telling you about another friend Salim. He was a very beautiful C&C (chittah & chikna) boy with slightly golden silky hair, a boy of the dreams of any londeybaz, but was a very decent boy studying in 9th class and a very good friend of mine. But for the last few days he was being seen with a new boy whose reputation was not good in the locality. I asked Salim that why you have made friendship with this boy, he replied that ‘kuch naheen yar, bus aik din VCR dekhte hooe dosti ho gai thee’. I asked ‘VCR pe kaun si film dekhi thee?’. He replied that it was a xxx film. I was astonished to know this but remained quiet as it was his personal matter. This narration is about 20 years old and in those days VCRs were very rare. Whenever some boys arranged a programme of watching films on VCR, there was often danger of police raid.
After a week I heard that in the next street police has raided on a house where a VCR show was going on and a number of boys including Salim have been arrested. After about three or four days I saw Salim, he was pale and feeling difficulty in walking. I asked him what has happened. He told me a terrible story.
When the police raided, the boys who were watching the movies tried to run away. Some of them escaped but some including him were arrested by the police and taken to the police station. They were kept in a lockup, but after an hour two policemen came and told Salim to come with him. He was hesitating but they forcibly took him away. Please keep in mind that Salim was the most beautiful among all the arrested boys. Policemen took him to another room, where some more policemen were present, and told him to take off his clothes and they wanted to fuck him. He refused as he was not a boy of this kind. At his refusal they became infuriated and using filthy language snatched his clothes and made him naked. Then two policemen caught the naked Salim by his arms and legs and laid him on the ground on his chest while the third came holding a leather ‘chittar’ and hit it on his buttocks with full force. This causing him severe pain made him crying and shouting loudly. But he instantly received another chittar and then another. As it was unbearable, he loudly begged them that ‘I am ready for ass fucking and don’t beat me’. They stopped beating him but the three chittars turned his ass red as a ripe tomato. They let him get up from the ground and took him to a wooden bench six feet long, one foot wide and about two feet high from the ground. They put a cushion in the middle of the bench and made him lie on it with his belly on the cushion. Then one policeman tied a leather belt on his upper back tying his chest with the bench while the other one tied another belt on his thighs tying his legs with bench. Now he was tied in such a position that his ass was raised from rest of the body by about eight inches which was an ideal position for fucking the ass.

Then first came the SHO (head of the police station) and rest of the policemen went out of the room. He at once became free of all his clothes and started masturbating to get an erection. When ready, he spit on Salim’s asshole and entered forcibly. This made Salim scream but SHO told him to keep quiet or he will again start his chitrol. As the SHO entered fully in his asshole the pain became unbearable but Salim has now to bear everything quietly. After a few jerks he came in Salim’s ass and got up saying ‘teri kunwari gaand ne bara maza diya hai. Main dobara bhi teri gand maroon ga’. After him other policemen started visiting him one by one and after about five or six fuckings, Salim lost his conscious. Then they threw water over his face thus bringing him back to consciousness again and then left him still tied for an hour. This one hour’s rest helped Salim to gain some energy but he was in great agony both by the chitrol and ass fucking.
After about one hour the SHO again came and fucked him this time taking more time. After him came another policeman and then another and thus during that night he got about 12 fuckings which exhausted him beyond limits. Next night he again got about eight fuckings and the following morning he was released and he thus came back.
He was still in severe pain so I offered him to apply some medicine on his body. He was hesitating but I told him that he is my closest friend and there is no harm in this and that he strongly needs the medical treatment for the cruelty he has borne. He then agreed and I took him to our empty house, there I gave him some pain killer and antibiotic capsules which he took with water then I took a bottle of Iodex ointment and told him to lower his shalwar. He laid on my bed upside down and bared his ass. I was very sorry for him to see that his ass was red with the beating he received and his ass hole was also still sore with the fuckings. I took a handful of ointment and applied on his buttocks with both hands rubbing gently. I took some of the ointment on my middle finger and applied to his hole deeper producing ooh and aah from him. I spent about 10 minutes in rubbing and then told him to get up and cover his ass. When he was about to leave I told him to come next day and get the medicines again.
Next day when he came I first inspected his butt and found that he has recovered a lot and the red colour has been reduced to pink giving such a sexy look which made me horny and I made up my mind to fuck him later when he would be fully recovered. After such a sexy inspection I gave him the required tablets and again made him lie down for ointment. I started applying ointment on his gaand with a comparatively harder hand as he had recovered to great extent till then and took about half an hour in rubbing his butt and I hope he was surely enjoying it. Then I told him to get up and told him that you require this treatment for one more day and then you would be OK. On the third day when he came he was wearing a new shalwar-kamiz of dark colour in which he was looking very beautiful. On seeing him in such a sexy state, I changed my plan and instead of the inspection of gaand, first I gave him the tablets in which I included a tablet which was a tranquilizer. After he has taken the tablets with water, I told him to lie down for the ointment. He lied down but and bared his ass but I said that you are wearing a new suit and the ointment will make stains on it and your new suit will be spoiled. He asked me then what to do. I told him to take the suit off on which he blushed and refused. I said why not yaar, teen din se tumhari gaand ki maalish kar raha hoon aur tum abhi tak sharma rahe ho. He then reluctantly agreed and became naked before me. Then I made him lie down on his chest and the most beautiful sight was before me. Believe me readers! While lying on his chest, it was unable to guess whether it is a girl or a boy. He was about 5feet 5 inches tall with a girlish waist of about 20” and his ass! Oh….. it was excellent. His buttocks were firm and fleshy and felt popping up like the two mounds of white flesh. As I didn’t see any redness on his gaand today, I decided to fuck him that very day.
I applied the ointment on his gaand and kept rubbing for about half an hour including application of ointment in his asshole with the help of my middle finger. I asked him whether he enjoyed the maalish and he replied that bara maza aya. During the maalish I kept chatting with him and turned the topic to sex. During the chat I asked him that main ne suna hai ke jab koi larka gand marwa leta hai, to us ke ba’ad use khud he dobara gand marwane ke khwahish hone lagti hai, tumhare saath aisa naheen hwa, tum ne to do din main beshumar dafa marwai hai. He blushed and became red all over which made my cock hard at once and then replied that meri gand main bhi kuch kuch hota to hai aur jab tum ne ungli se meri gand main dawai lagai to bara maza aya. I then asked phir kiya irada hai but he said that bari takleef hoti hai main naheen karaon ga. I replied that takleef to shuroo main hoti hai, tum to ab aadi ho chuke ho, aur phir main koi police waloon ki tarah to naheen karoon ga, main to bade araam se kroon ga. He again refused but after some discussion I succeeded to convince him. I then took off my clothes at once and applied the same ointment to my cock (it was already applied deeper in his asshole during the maalish). Then I kept my ‘meat without bone but hard like a stone’ on his hole and pressed but he squeezed his buttocks. I got up, took a pillow under his belly and tried again, This time I entered producing a siskey from him and stayed for a while to make him comfortable. After a few seconds I pushed again and fully entered within a minute or so. He was making sexy sounds of oooh and aaaah but I observed that he was not caring for the pain. Then I started in and out movements and after about five minutes I came in him.
Then I got up cleaned my cock and his ass with a cloth and then kissing on his beautiful rosy cheeks asked dard to naheen hua. He said hua leken maza bhi aya. Then both of us wore our clothes and he promised me that he will keep coming to me for this enjoyment but I should not tell any one about this. I said tum pagal to naheen ho, aisy baat batane ki to naheen hoti, tum fikr he na karo.
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