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Whims Of a Rich And Royal Couple Part 2

I hope you are remembering my sex life. Since last 6 months I have used surama the maid during all sundays and holidays in day. Wife durga always see it recorded for our night pl our live sex and started using it for replaying at night ti repeat it in our bed room. Slowly i also wanted to see such sex of her to be repeated in our bed room. But she was not happy for that.

I thought of seducing maids husband to have sex with her. So one day I Have asked the maid surama about their sex life. She told that she has enjoyed sex only from me. She was jealous of my wife for having me with her always. Then I have asked her that her hus was also tall and fairer than me.why then he is not good in bed? The reason was that he is not having erection ,and his tool is very small. He enjoys her since their marriage ,only externally. His interest is her legs and feet. He does licking and sucking .but want her feet to be kept well.

I told her that her feet is so good and that was the reason for my taste also. She told me that she knows it. .and she also have watched my wife's feet more beautiful than mine, a real royal feet. I have then again sucked her toes and heals and asked her who in her daughters father. It was the shop owner of their present shop ,she told. Initially they were from a royal zamindar thakur s ares. Really their family was brought by the king from north. for their beauty . After Using for many generations the striking beauty has mixed up. When she was young she used to go to their palace with mother,who was still beautiful than her. She had 6 siblings. In youth she has eloped with her present husband fearing the attack from baboos.

In fact she was once caught by the 70 year old big sahib and made her to such forcibly. He also caressed her breast which was only a lemon sized then. in her 16 she left that place. Three years they stayed in different places. then he came as a worker in the present shop, owned by a muslim owner. He was a great fuck and rich man. He was a large man and about 60 yrs old . He had an eye on me and one day he came with him for a dinner. He has forced me to surrender with that mia saab. In return he gave us that shop. He has enjoyed me in front of my husband. It was a painful day. So big prick has not yet been seen by me. I have bleeded and finally have to meet a doctor.

When he came again after a month I did not allow him ,even though I have enjoyed the mailish ness only through him. I was again forced ,. Then I have asked the house where we are staying now. Only after registration I have willingly lied up for him. This feature was our family character. Since many royals have enjoyed us we have also became rich. Now some of our males are even enjoying the so called royals with or with out their permission ,only because of our richness and education and power.Now I could know the reason for her daughters dusky colour and hight. I was happy that the girl will also give her for me as per family traditions.

Nent day my wife was told the condition of her hus,which she has heard roughly. I induced her to use him. Since he i will only do externally why she will object. I am interested to see her live sex. Due to my pressure She has agreed. I told her to do with out maid suramas knowledge. He has already knew her beautiful feet and leg and it will be easy to attract him ,I told her. I really want to see him enjoying my wife.soon was to go for a tour. Then wife told me to come one day early. She told me that there will be a surprise for me. Since she was alone the daughter of surama was staying with her.

In the next weak I came a day earlier that decided. I have called her and she told me to come straight to the guest room where she want me to f***her as fucked by the Mian to surama. Funny imaginations. Yet marvelous. I went straight to the guest room ,after changing to a special pathani dress. there was low light I have just jumped on her and started the work. she has cried.But in our a.c the sound has not reached out. on removing her dress she was cooperating. I told her she should have fought. then only I could feel her well.

Immediately I have put om the light. It was the daughter indu. She was ready to surrender. I felt this as a surprise I was sure wife Durga will be there vedioing this I Asked the girl to suck me she did well .I Have sucked her breast and pussy and licked her toe to head. Her smell was also like my wife. Later I found that the reason is due to the use of my wife's sent .She has told the girl that if she agrees with me then the course will be started in this year only. Wife told her that she came to know this from a source. She advised and seduced her to cooperate. I had a nice f***. she had some bleeding showing that she was a virgin. I told her that i will use her again for some time . By then she will be in a nice college. You need not tell this to any one . but be ready to be available for me .I was happy that the girl was used softly as surama ,her mom has requested.

she was very happy . and did all once more after a bath . I have never thought this as so easy. Now since the mother daughter was together why not now the father may not be used I have decided to press durga to try for that. In the mean while the girl was told that I like variety in sex.I do help those who keep me happy. She may look for any friends who are in need of such help,but only condition that they should be beautiful. she smiled and kissed me in my lips. I fave again inserted my prick for another pumping.

Durga has agreed for my request only after much pressure. sine he is not a male in strict sense she can use them as was used bu the erstwhile kings and sultanas ,i told her.We were looking for a chance where both mom and daughter was away. A chance has come when they went to the nursing college to admit daughter ,with another family. I have called him to come and stay in our bungalow at night since I am away for two days. I made all arrangements for the sex. He came tat evening .She told him to use the guest room .He had a bath and dressed were given new.

He was served food. while taking it my wife durga has sat on a easy chair keeping her legs up. Her feet was seen in fill light. He has started to get irritated. He has got up and moved to her .sat in front of her to catch her feet. She has immediately gave him a kick. He has got irritated and got up and caught her and pulled her to bed. But she has tried to escape. She was calling me ans shouting. He a tall man took her as a child and thrown to the bed. He has pulled her dresses one by one. ke has licked her feet for an hour then legs calf thigh and pussy.

He has introduced his tongue as a prick and did as it . She also has got full satisfaction a s a f***. She has cried in happiness. He then sucked her breast and pressed it till her body has turned red. Then forwarded to her mouth with a french kiss. after that he wanted her to suck him which he was not agreeing. He was very cruel and closed her nostrils so that she has opened her mouth and took his prick in . She has done it foe about half an hour. Then the final act .He has introduced his prick inside and f***ed her with force. She was just pressed down and her breasts were dancing in pink coloue.It was a nice scene to watch. She might not have enjoyed such in life. When doing at home the wildness will be lacking.

Just like a tiger eating a live deer and it is eating the cut meat. there will be no life inclose loving ones.One always think of the others pain etc. Real force will not be used. The organ was olly 3 inches long .but with her sucking it has reached a size and his force has compensated the erectness . she was really enjoying . it ha continued for 30 minutes. He might have imagined this sex with her for many days ,and since he was not sure that another chance will get or not,he used all type of enjoyment as per his whims. She was totally under him as a slave.

She has simply obeyed him again ti suck ,even though it was fully covered with vaginal juices. She has licked his balls with interest as a prostitute. .Soon he took her as a small girl to the bath and gave a bath. again bought her to have a licking dry and another fuck. He told her that she is her randi now . If she want she may tell any one .he does not mind. Had she have a girl he would have fucked her in an earlier age. If she is happy he will come again ,and as her slave under her beautiful feet. He asked her to crush him under her feet once and while doing so she has enjoyed it ,i know .as a queen and slave .She told him to lick her footwear ,while kicking on his face. . He was so happy than the real act of sex. I have decided to try this methodes of him with the three. I had many time errection and cumming during the live act. He has left only at the morning after once more licking her body ,specially her feet.
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