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Swati Part 9

I hurried home from the hotel, showered, stuffed my toothbrush, shaving kit and a change of clothes in an overnight bag and caught a cab to the MLA's Hostel. It was around seven o'clock in the evening when I reached there. I carried Swati's panties in my pocket, the ones she had taken off and given to me in the coffee shop in the afternoon.

The person at the reception counter insisted upon calling Swati on the intercom before allowing me to proceed. She opened the door the moment I knocked; she was expecting me. She had already showered, changed into street clothes and had almost finished packing. She wore a snug fitting, white, three quarter sleeved and V necked top made from thick knitted cotton with buttons running down the front. It was tucked into a dark blue, thick cotton wrap-around skirt. The skirt was bias-cut and molded itself snugly around her hips; its hem reached below her knees. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and I didn't see any makeup on her face. She wore simple flat heeled sandals.

"Do you need any help?" I asked, studiously trying to ignore the faint profile of a nipple poking out and the fluid movement of her breasts as she moved about. It was a clear giveaway that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

"No, I'm almost done." She replied.

Both of us were brisk and businesslike as we moved her bags out. Soon, we were down in the lobby. She had wrapped a large, thin dark colored shawl around her shoulders just before leaving the room. She waited in the lobby while I went to get a cab. There were many Premier Padmini taxis waiting outside. I chose one that looked new, was decently upholstered and had tinted glasses. I got our bags loaded in the boot while she slid into the rear seat and placed her vanity case & handbag in the middle of the seat. I got in after her and the taxi moved off. The driver was pleased to get a fare to faraway Juhu. Being a Sunday, there was no office traffic and the roads were comparatively less crowded. It appeared that the driver was also the owner of the taxi; he drove at a steady pace, not trying any heroics to get past slow moving vehicles ahead of us. That suited us just fine. I complimented him and asked him to keep driving slow and steady.

The Premier Padmini is much less wide than an Ambassador car; with Swati's vanity case & handbag between us, both of us were rather cramped in our respective corners. However, I made no move to rearrange her stuff. After our afternoon tryst at the coffee shop, I didn't trust myself in her close proximity. I glanced sideways & saw her fidgeting with a corner of her shawl. She seemed to be struggling with herself. A while later, her hand stole across and clasped mine; she seemed to have resolved whatever issue she was struggling with. I clasped back, looking at the driver. He was a middle aged, bespectacled Sikh man; his attention was focused on the traffic.

I quickly moved Swati's stuff to the end of the seat so that she could snuggle up to me and rolled up the tinted window glasses. In a couple of minutes, she had wrapped my hand around her shoulders, spread her shawl to cover both of us and rested her head on my chest. The wonderful smell of her freshly shampooed hair filled my nostrils. Soon, her fingers started playing with the buttons of my shirt. In a short while, she had opened a couple of buttons; her fingers had sneaked in and started running through my chest hair. I started getting hard again. I hugged her tighter. She snuggled even closer, grabbed my hand hanging down her shoulder and pressed it to her breast.

"Swati, don't! Let's wait till we reach the hotel!" I whispered; but my hand grasped her full breast of its own volition.

"Ahh… nice…" She shivered deliciously, completely ignoring my verbal admonition and responding to my fingers instead, as they rubbed her nipple. Her fingers reached my nipple and started rubbing it in response. I had by now surrendered to my lust. A couple of buttons of her top popped open as I thrust my hand inside and grabbed her naked flesh.

"Unhh… harder!" She whispered against my chest, her eyes shut tight as she concentrated her attention on the erotic sensations emanating from her breasts. I kept kneading her breasts one after another while she encouraged me with her moans and rubbed her body against mine. I caught the driver stealing a look at us through the rear view mirror.

"Swati, I think the driver is watching us!" I whispered.

Although the interior of the cab was dark and her shawl covered our bodies, what was going on underneath could have easily been guessed by even a casual observer. She looked at the driver, making no attempt to move apart. At that moment, the driver was looking ahead. As if willing him to look at us, she stared at him through the mirror and pressed my hand harder against her breast. I realized that Swati was actually getting a kick out of canoodling in the presence of the driver! Although her strip show in the coffee shop had been spontaneous and unplanned, it seemed to have awakened a latent exhibitionist streak in her. Apparently I had a real sex maniac on my hands.

I completely lost control over myself; I was after all just a young boy in my early twenties with no sexual experience beyond what I had gained with Swati. I released my grip around her shoulders and circled her waist with my arm. She moved forward a bit to make place for my arm at the back. My hand rested on her thigh. My fingers soon located the end of her wraparound skirt and crept inside.

"Hnhh…!" Swati's hand flew to her mouth to cut off a moan as soon as I started stroking the bare skin of her plump, taut thigh. She deliberately looked away, staring out the window. But her thighs spread apart, inviting me to stroke their junction. I felt the moist heat emanating from her pussy as my fingers slowly inched up and eventually reached her crotch, over her panties.

"Mff…!" She uttered a muffled moan in spite of trying to control herself.

A shiver passed through her body. I realized that it was almost impossible for her to control her moans. I dug into my pocket and drew out her panties. She allowed me to stuff them into her mouth and clamped her hand on her lips again. My fingers boldly crept under the elastic waistband of her panties and started playing with her pubic hair. Her moans were almost inaudible now, although I could feel their vibrations through her chest. However, her face was so crazed with lust that it had to be hidden from the driver at all costs.

"Lean forward, Swati!" I whispered after I had arranged Swati's vanity case on her lap. She folded her arms on the vanity case and buried her face in them.

"Memsaab ki tabiyat kharab hai kya?"

"Is madam unwell?" The driver asked.

"Nahi. Aise hi thoda chakkar sa aa gaya. Aap chalaiye."

"No. She's just a little giddy. You carry on driving." I responded.

"Achha (OK)." He replied with a knowing smile.

Swati lifted her head, looked at me through her eyelashes and ran her tongue on her lips. She had heard the conversation, but clearly didn't want me to stop what I'd started. However, the curled up position of her body made it almost impossible for me to reach her pussy from the front. So I rocked her forward and made her raise her ass slightly off the seat. I pulled her skirt out from under her ass and pulled her panties down from behind. I was now able to push my hand in from behind her so that when she rested her ass again, she sat on the palm of my hand.

Her head remained buried in her arms and her curled up position concealed her face from the driver. My finger felt its way around and familiarized itself with her anatomy from its rather awkward position. Soon, my finger was stroking her slit up & down at a slow, tantalizing pace. The motion of the taxi on the potholed roads also provided random, occasionally rough stimulation to her sensitive pubic area. My fingers and in fact the entire palm soon became completely wet with her lubricious juices as I continued to finger fuck her. My finger in turn rubbed her clit, her labia and thrust in & out of her cunt. I felt shudders course through her body as she hit climax after climax. Swati kept wiggling her hips and moving her thighs to make my finger touch all her sweet spots, getting the maximum pleasure out of the finger fucking. At one point her thighs spread so far apart that her vanity case slipped down and she doubled over, her ass almost lifting off the seat. This gave my hand more room to maneuver. I took full advantage, thrusting two and then three fingers in her cunt. Simultaneously, my wet thumb circled her anus and gently rubbed across it. A violent spasm gripped her body & she went rigid for a few moments as she experienced a very hard orgasm. I heard her exhale jaggedly after a few seconds and then her hand removed mine from under her ass. After lying doubled up for a few minutes, she slowly rose & sat upright again. I offered her my handkerchief. She removed the panties stuffed in her mouth, wiped her face and tried to rearrange her features into a semblance of normalcy.

"Thank you. I really needed that!" She exhaled with a sob. She looked completely drained.

"My pleasure!" I replied. I meant it. There were several minutes of comfortable, intimate silence between us.

"I never knew even fingers could be so magical!" She whispered. I clasped her hand in response. She caught the driver looking at her through the mirror. She stared at him until he looked away. She was completely unfazed by the knowledge that the driver had probably guessed what had happened between us.

"Sameer, I don't know what I'm going to do when I return home. I'll miss you so!" She said.

"I'll miss you too, my pet!" I responded.

"You know, after having such a wonderful time with you, I'll hunger for more… I don't know how I'll be able to relieve my tensions!" She blurted out, avoiding the use of the word "sex".
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