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My Indian Sex Adventure Part 2

I've heard it said of a sari that it "covers all and reveals all," and in the case of both Sara and Su, that seemed to be the case, perhaps more for the covering part than the revealing part. But, more about that later.

As I said, Su did not speak English fluently by any means, but she could speak it better than I'd expected. However, when she first got in the car, Su and Sara had a whispered conversation in Hindi and both laughed, glancing over at me as they did so. I wasn't sure what that was about but I suspected they were talking about the horny young prick that couldn't tell the difference between a matronly kiss on the cheek and a pass. It was going to be a long evening if they continued to do this the whole time. But, after that episode, they were very charming conversationalists, even considering some language difficulties, at least between Su and me.

Both Su and Sara had long flowing black hair, and in Su's case, she had the darkest eyes that I'd ever seen. She had beautiful skin that was slightly fairer than Sara's. She was about the same height as Sara but seemed slighter, less full in the breasts for example. She was so innocent perhaps that had something to do with it.

The restaurant was only a short distance away and on the way, we talked about the menu. I'd never been there but apparently it was pretty well-known in Mumbai and somewhat difficult to get into. Both Su and Sara were predominately vegetarians but not in any really strict way, and Palkhi served both veg and non-veg meals. Many vegetarians would not frequent a non-veg (which is the local term for meals with meat) restaurant but Sara and Su didn't seem to have any hangups about that.

As we entered the restaurant, both Su and Sara seemed to get their share of appreciative looks, from both men and women. They were both very striking to begin with and their saris emphasized their beauty. I think Su's outfit was a variation of a sari actually. It had a silken and sequined halter-like top (like a longer sports bra in some ways) that was tight across the breasts and left the midriff exposed, but that was all surrounded by the flowing sari that alternatively covered and revealed the top. In Sara's case, she seemed to have on a traditional sari but one could also get a glimpse of her midriff, though not as much as with Su.

The dinner was marvelous and at the end, we each ordered a dessert called srikund, which is a traditional yogurt-based pudding. It is marvelous but we were all so full that we didn't eat anything. However, something interesting happened that I didn't understand until later. As we were having tea, Sara kept dipping her spoon in the srikund and letting it slowly drain off the end of her spoon; it looked like pale yellow cream. As she did so, she looked at Su and they both started laughing and said a few words in Hindi. Then both of them did it, and as they did so, Su let some drain over a spoon she held over her mouth and caught some in her mouth and the rest went down her chin. Sara then put some on the spoon, licked it off with a slurping sound, with an "ummm." They were both laughing and while I thought it strange, I assumed it was just two ladies out without their husbands having a good time. For all I knew, all Indian women liked to play with their food at the end of a meal.

As we left the restaurant, Su and Sara walked on each side of me and I have to say, it was a stimulating walk, if there is such a thing. Both were very close and each held my arm in such a way that their breasts rubbed against my upper arm as they moved. It was like four live things moving, with the tips of their breasts brushing me as we walked. When we reached the car, we all sat in the back seat, with me between them. On the way home, they leaned over to talk to each other and again, my arms were treated to breasts pressed to me. And in both Su and Sara's case, as they often leaned to speak to each other, they each put a hand on my thigh. If they'd moved it up my leg a couple of inches, they would have felt the head of my cock stretching towards their fingers. I was lucky it was going to be dark when we got home; I could simply jump out of the car when dropped at my place, maybe without them noticing the randy kid that was about to have an embarrassing discharge.

When we got to Sara's house, however, they really didn't give me any options. On each side of me, they steered me inside the door into the family room. As we moved down the darkened driveway, I felt Sara's hand brush the front of my trousers, and my cock reacted like a coiled spring. At first I thought it was an accident but then it happened again. And again, Sara said something to Su in Hindi and they both giggled like college girls.

Once we got inside, Sara said something to each servant. They brought in coffee and after-dinner drinks and then they left, apparently for the evening. We sat on a L-shaped sofa, with Su and me and one side and Sara on the other. Su sat facing the both of us, with her legs crossed on the sofa. Sara and I shared a hassock.

"So, Ben, have you met any Indian women yet?" Sara inquired.

"Not really," I replied, "just on a casual basis. They seem nice but I don't guess I've found one that is quite ready to go out with me yet. Of course, I haven't gotten to know them well enough to ask."

Su, using halting English, said, "Indian girls are - sometimes afraid of foreign boys. They, they - what's the word - shy. But, if you get to know them, they can be very, very passionate."

"I bet that surprises you, Ben. Look I have an apology to make," Sara said as she sipped her drink, "when you were here the last time, I...I shouldn't have acted the way I did."

God, why did she have to bring that up? I was sorry that we were going to discuss my bumbling groping with Su. She probably knew about it anyway but I didn't want to discuss it. "No, Sara, I shouldn't have acted the way I did. With all the wine and maybe being a little lonely, I shouldn't have tried to kiss you like that. I was just out of line and I apologize to you."

Sara laughed a little, "no, I didn't mean that. I meant that I shouldn't have acted the way I did when I led you on and then when you responded, to push you away."

"Don't worry about that Sara. You didn't lead me on. You were just being friendly. I shouldn't have assumed that meant you wanted to do anything else and I did. Let's just forget about it."

Sara leaned over to put her hand on my leg, just above my knee. "Ben, listen to me. What I mean is that I shouldn't have pushed you away. I did want it to go further. I was just afraid. Indian girls are taught to hide their feelings about men. They're taught that their husbands can do what they want but that the women have to be faithful and take care of the kids. So, I just felt...like...well, I guess I felt like it wasn't right or something. But, after you left and ever since then, I realize that I have feelings and needs too, and I was too timid that night."

To show how much of a doofus I am, I still misunderstood the situation. "Well, we probably both had a little too much to drink so we'll just blame both of us for an unfortunate situation."

To my amazement, Sara slid to the floor on her knees and began to caress my leg. "Ben, Su and I planned tonight. Neither one of us get what we need at home. So, when I told her about you, we both had the same idea. For a long time, we didn't talk about it until one day Su said that she couldn't get it out of her mind, and I told her I couldn't either." Now Su was leaning over to rub my chest. And to my amazement, she started unbuttoning my shirt. I sat paralyzed.

Sara continued, "so we planned this Ben. And unless you say you don't want to, we're going to show you how passionate Indian women can be." As she was speaking, she moved her hand up to cup around my cock, which was fully erect. She felt the length of it as I leaned back and moaned. Su was caressing my chest, after she'd pulled my shirt from my trousers and finished unbuttoning it.

Sara pushed the hassock to the side and got between my legs. I felt the tug as she unbuckled my belt. Slowly she unzipped me. Reaching inside she grabbed my cock and in so doing pulled my shorts down. It all happened in an instant and I was still immobilized. Su's hands moved to my chest as she leaned in to put her lips to mine. I felt her tongue forcing my mouth open and I didn't respond quickly enough in return and the sensation I had was that she was fucking my mouth with her insistent and exploring tongue.

Sara's tongue in turn was running up the length of my cock as her fingers were on top of the head clutching it tightly. I was astounded by what was happening to me. But, after being stunned for the last few minutes, I finally gained my wits about me. As I started to stand, Sara gently pushed me to indicate she wanted me to stay seated. She stood and backed off a bit and then began to unwrap the sari she was wearing. I've never seen a woman unwrap a sari before. This one was yards and yards of mostly blue, soft, diaphanous silk that was wrapped both around the waist and legs and over both shoulders I think. As she unveiled it, she dropped it to the floor draping it around her. Finally when it was finished, she stood before me. The only thing she was wearing was the petticoat and top. Both were sheer and the light blue of the sari. I could see her legs underneath the material, and I think I can see the darkness of public hair around her groin. Apparently she wasn't wearing panties. I was mesmerized by her beauty and the eroticism of the moment. The top was a tight camisole with a bottom that ended halfway between her tits and bellybutton. He tits were fully and firm beneath the thin material. I could see the darkness of her aureoles and the prominent nipples that looked like they were about to pierce the fabric.

Laughingly, she reached to Su's hand and also pulled her up, and they spoke in Hindi.
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