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Yashodhara's Descent Part 7

Here's a new definition of irony. Me, the man whose wife was going around fucking and sucking almost any young man who showed an interest in her, was relishing all the events and not feeling the slightest hint of jealousy, envy or possessiveness. On the other hand, those men who got to ravish my hot wife on whom they had no real claim, all got caught up in the petty throes of jealousy. The next week was full of events that made it seem like Yashodhara had stepped into the centre of some teen television drama series, and although I found it all very amusing, I could see that she was getting genuinely annoyed.

The first person to get ensnared by the green monster was Ramon. Having finally made up with his girlfriend after days of pleading and lying and falsely convincing her that he had not cheated on her, he found out about Saturday night from Carlos. When Yashodhara refused to fuck Carlos and just sucked him off instead, out of worry that it would piss off Ramon, she had been wildly underestimating the repercussions. Ramon was upset that she had even sucked him off. He was not upset about the act itself, but the fact that it was done in his absence and without his permission.

Ever since Ramon found that that he was only the second guy Yashodhara had ever slept with, he had started thinking of himself as some kind of a hotshot sexual mentor to her. He wanted her to expand her horizons by sleeping with other guys, having threesomes, and maybe even more. But he wanted to be the guy in charge. He was suddenly feeling all territorial about her. So when he came to know that she had been sucking off his cousin while he was busy making up with his girlfriend, it ticked him off.

As if her dalliance with Carlos was not bad enough, he was even more livid that she had slept with Eric. It turned out that Eric and Ramon not only knew each other, but hated each others guts. Ramon's girlfriend Juanita used to go out with Eric before they started going out. And she had left Eric for Ramon, a grudge that Eric still nursed. Eric and Juanita had however, still remained "good friends", and this never sat well with Ramon. He was sure that Eric was secretly trying to win back his ex-girlfriend by trying to convince her that Ramon wasn't right for her.

And now Yashodhara, his special exotic Indian conquest, had gone and fucked Eric. This not only gave Eric something to boast about when they met next, but it also meant that he know had specific information about who Ramon was cheating on Juanita with. Although Eric had not told Juanita about it yet, it was a trump card he held over Ramon. and Ramon was convinced that Eric would use it sooner rather than later. Ramon told all this to Yashodhara while he yelled at her and berated her for, ironically, being such a slut. He seemed so angry and ready to explode that Yashodhara, despite wanting to, did not talk back and just kept silent during his whole tirade.

Then there was Carlos. He was pissed off that although he had been so patient and gentlemanly to Yashodhara all the time, and made his apartment available for her and Ramon to secretly fuck in, she had spurned him. He could have understood if she had spurned him out of some loyalty to Ramon. But then right after refusing to fuck him, she had turned around and let Eric bang her. He sent her a few text messages expressing all this anger and when she tried calling him back, refused to answer her calls.

Carlos was also apparently pissed at his good friend Eric. According to him, Eric should have known from the events of that night that Carlos was pining for Yashodhara. And he should have been a loyal friend and waited before fucking her. Carlos had already let Eric go in the bathroom for a blowjob, after he got one. Eventually when he fucked Yashodhara, he would have shared her with him too. But Eric instead went ahead on his own and fucked her before he could, which caused a rift between them.

Eric, although not as upset or angry as the other two guys, was being possessive himself. On Monday, he called up Yashodhara and asked her if she wanted to go out with him some time. Yashodhara answered she might... she told me she was looking forward to fucking him in more spacious and comfortable settings than a bar bathroom. But before making plans, Eric made it clear to her that they could only hook up if she agreed to break it off with Ramon. Yashodhara found that very presumptuous and refused.

In a week filled with all this mess, there was some good news. Yashodhara's car was finally delivered. She was thrilled because it now gave her newfound freedom. It did not matter that ramon was angry with her because she did not need him for rides any more. So when he ignored her, she ignored him back. For the whole week, it was as if they were two strangers. Yashodhara limited herself to hanging out with Kristen in college, and their friendship grew stronger.

At college on Monday, Yashodhara sat Kristen down and told her everything honestly. Kristen was surprised to learn that I knew about everything and was okay with it. She was also surprised at how daring or even reckless Yashodhara had been and was now a part of some complicated sexual triangle...well...not even a triangle... maybe a polygon involving people almost a decade younger than her. Nevertheless, Kristen became a trusted friend and confidante and Yashodhara was actually happy to have someone else to talk to about the whole mess other than me.

Meanwhile, I was not too unhappy about the situation. The drama amused me, much to Yashodhara's chagrin. But the drama also meant no sex for her for a while from anyone except me. Although I was disappointed at this temporary halt in her adventures, it also meant that I had her all to myself. So everyday when I came home, I found my wife horny and ready to go at it as many times in the night as I could get it up.


However, on Thursday after we finished fucking for the second time that night, Yashodhara was honest enough to admit to me that she was missing sex with others. I was great and she enjoyed our sex, but now that she had tasted the sample of sex with multiple partners, she felt like something was missing now that it had only been me for about 5 days. Her body was craving the company of some other men, and she readily admitted, bigger and thicker dicks. However, she still had her pride and said that she would not make the first move with Ramon, Carlos or Eric and it was up to them to get back with her.

On Friday, I had to go leave town for the weekend and attend a conference in Los Angeles. When I had booked my tickets a week or so back, Yashodhara was happily fucking Ramon, so when I asked if she'd like to come, she said no, that would have her a couple of days to spend with him if possible. Now, with all the men on outs with her, she wanted to come with me, but all the flights were booked. So it was a downcast Yashodhara, troubled by all the drama and the prospect of a lonely sex-less weekend, who dropped me off at the airport in her new car on Friday night.

When I reached LA, it was midnight there, which meant it was 2 am in the Midwest. When I turned my phone on, I saw two voicemails waiting for me, both from Yashodhara. The first one was in a happy voice and said -

"Ajit!!! Great news!! Eric came to his senses. He called me up and apologized for being so possessive, and said he'd like to be in my life even if it meant sharing me with others. He wants me to go over to his place tonight, where he'll cook for me and then...hehe...you know. Anyway, I have to go get ready and drive over to his house. I'll talk to you later. Love you."

That sounded like good news. I was glad to hear that she was no longer morose and was happy. I was also looking forward to hearing updates from her about their night together. I then heard the second voicemail. In this one, she was whispering and she sounded drunk, sleepy, tired, but also somehow satiated.

"Ajiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I love you so much honey so so much. Tonight has been so awesome. I wish you were here. I am calling you from the bathroom so have to whisper. Eric is just something else. He has just been...ohh god...I can not tell you how the orgasms were.... and the whole new thing he got me into. I cant describe it on the voicemail. I have to go back now...oh and also, if you call me after you land, I wont be able to answer the phone. I'll tell you later why. But just send me a text message so I know you landed safely. Love you." and the whispering ended.

I found that message very curious and confusing. But I was hoping that the next day, I would be able to get the whole account of her night in detail. I sent her a text message saying I reached safely and took a cab to my hotel, where I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw two text messages from Yashodhara. "gud to kno u reachd safe. i luv u." and "gonna spend the day wt eric. hav a gud conf." I couldn't think much about that though, because I had to get ready and go to the conference. The whole day was spent in talks, lectures and networking sessions. I tried calling Yashodhara in between a couple of times, but she didn't answer. Instead sent me short text messages saying she was having a great time.

At night I had to go out for dinner and drinks with a few conference delegates and by the time I got back to my room, it was almost midnight. I went to bed right away. And overslept in the morning, which meant I had to go back to the conference floor without asking Yashodhara about her time with Eric. I did get a couple of text messages from Yashodhara saying she could not wait to tell me everything in great detail and I would be surprised to learn what all she had done.

Sunday night, after the conference wrapped up, I was on my way to my hotel room when I called up Yashodhara. I was now finally free and could not wait to hear everything in great detail.
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