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My name is Kiran. I am from the beautiful Chikmagalur district but now living in the princely Mysore in Karnataka. I wish to share an unforgettable experience with you. One afternoon, I went to my friend Joe’s house. I rang the bell and I stood looking at the garden, adjusting my books which I held in my hands; I had not carried a bag. His mother opened the door. As usual she greeted me with a smile and said joe had gone out. I was puzzled because I had told him I would come. His mother added that he said me to wait until his return. We were on a project work. I sat in the hall. The TV was on. I started to turn some pages over and started doing a small line sketch about the engine which was our project subject. Joe lived with his parents. He was the only son. His father was a rich man. They had a beautiful house, garden,car etc. I visited him often as he was my classmate and had good relation with his family .As I lived in hostel I used to sometimes eat in his house the whole day. We four played many family games and also go an a picnic ocassionally. I filled the void of my family which lived in other town. His father was a heavy man and quite smart looking. His mother was a good mother,very loving and caring. She prepared good food. She was good looking too. . Though christian she never wore pants. She wore ankle length long skirts and full sleeves shirts. She was 45. I presented her with a greeting card with mother and a baby on it. I felt she was my second mother and she too was feeling me her second son.

During my wait for Joe, I drew some 5 sketches and got bored. Joe did not return. I asked where had he gone and she said to the mall. She was watching some news. I asked her permission if I could watch some cricket. She said ok and got up to leave. I felt bad because she did not like cricket and it seemed like I forced her to go. I said what I felt and she said that was not the problem, she had to cook food before Joe came back and asked if I liked to have some.As I had had it before I said no. It was great watching cricket on a good big screen TV. They were rich anyway. I watched for half an hour but Joe did not return still. I had nothing to do but wait. By then his mother had finished cooking and she came back and sat in the hall. We talked about our project. She was an intelligent woman and naturally interested. She sat opposite me. Suddenly there was a phone call. She rushed thinking it was Joe.

In that rush her skirt flew until her knees for a split second exposing half her calfs.. She was in real rush. I was stunned. She came back . It was just a friend. She went upstairs. And suddenly called me to get her her purse on the hall table. I went to give it. She was half way up. I gave it. She said that she had to go out but I could wait until Joe was back and turned around. This time the skirt flew higher exposing her thighs and I almost had the glimpse of her panty but did not. I felt emberassed and that I had done a crime by looking at a woman’s thighs whom I respected. I got back to the sofa ashamed of myself when I heard her say that I had to keep a look at whosoever comes and she would be fresh in about 15 minutes. I said OK. I sat and thought at what had happened. I felt something which I had never felt earlier… Some kind of … I do not know what….. I heard the door shut. Seconds later suddenly something made me go up stairs. I was shivering and my knees were trembling at the thought of what I was going to do. I peeped through the gap between the door and the wall of the bathroom. She was removing her glasses and untying her hair. I had not missed anything, I was in time.

She later pulled out and unbuttoned her shirt and pushing her chest front kind of sexily removed her shirt. It was getting hot in my ears. She wore a normal, broad bra inside, black in color. Then she bent down and lifted up her long skirt
showing her knees, thighs and finally panties, It was also broad and black in color, and removed it above her head. It was heavenly to see this kind of a seen from a woman. She had lot of armpit hair and also hairy thigh which I could not watch in the earlier seen . By now I was feeling afraid, lucky, guilty and all those things you feel when you watch secretly a woman, whom you respect , In bathroom. I thought watching a woman whom you respected and moreover beautiful and always wore clothes covering neck to toe stripping, that too secretly was fun and wondered why did I never felt something about her all these years. She was facing me now. She put her hands on the back to remove her bra . Her big boobs were pushed in front. She unhooked the bra and removed the straps on the shoulder and slided out the bra. The breasts were huge and brown with a big black circle around the nipples. She was looking sexy; topless, opened hair, panties, muscles around the waist giving her the curved shape and top all hairy body. She was a muscular middleaged sexy women with rounded thighs little belly, a big navel and hair running from it into her panties Now she turned other side showing her bare back. Her panties covered every bit of the pelvis. Now she put her thumbs in the elastic of the panties and pulled it down showing her bums with little hairs. Then she turned towards me and my god… She had a very hairy pussy. She was a really hairy woman. Hairy armpits, belly, thighs, little on calfs and lots on her pussy which was completely covered. I could not believe my eyes because I never expected such a hairy sexy body inside the clothes because in the first place I never thought about it any time before.

I felt here was a woman whom I respected and loved like my mother at whom I was peeping while in bath but then I said myself that she was “Like” and not.my mother. She was proceeding to shower. Her nude and hairy body invited me to lick it but I felt enough is enough and as I had cummed by this time all the horniness ended and all those affectionate moments with her and her family came to my mind and I thought I should leave the place at once..

I went downstairs an called her to say I would be going home and it was too late. She came ot in a robe but I never thought what was inside the robe not only because I knew she was nude inside but also I did not want to. While I was about to leave I said sorry. I meant for what I did , she might not have known what the apology was for. Thinking the apology was for me staying at the house so long and disturbing her, she said it was my house , I was like her son and I could stay as long as I intended and gave a motherly smile. I left. On my way back to my hostel I was upset, ashamed,disgusted everything. I felt like killing myself . I prayed god to pardon me and take whatever I had seen from my memory and things like that and cried my heart out. That day onwards I cutoff my visit to Joe’s house as much as possible but still whenever I saw his mother the nude body came to my mind. Things were not the same. I could no talk looking at her face, I could no sit next to her….. I was suffering mentally. One month later my course and my education ended. I left the city. Since then I never met Joe or his family but still those scenes haunt me and will continue to haunt until my death. Hey all you erotic incest story readers and sex maniacs, know that incest is sin of sins, never even dream of it, control your madness, be clean, never think bad about your sisters or mother, father or brother or blood relations or any of your friends’ mother. Go for a prostitute instead if at all. We are humans not DOGS.
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