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The Difficulty In Getting Pregnant

I am a middle aged man . I was alone in my quarters on that day my wife was on summer holiday with son. I used to cook myself and was enjoying bachelor days. Night I used to see many videos ,of course sex, and sleep by 10.. In those days our neighbor was transferred. A new one has come with family. I have not seen them for 2 weeks. The man was a clerk of our department. I being an officer I did not try to give him an introduction. I used to be friendly only if they have a status, or have some sexy ladies with them. The earlier one was a lady officer, an engineer with a pvt office clerk. The lady was of my age but I was not attracted to her. It was only late that I could know that she has a beautiful sister. But then they were on orders of transfer. ,And my wife and son was there. Them came the vacation. I have suggested wife for a trip.

In fact she was also thinking of that. .I have started to look for that beautiful neighbor form then. She was also a teacher on a vacation. on a day when she was alone I have called on her. She has opened the door. I have just asked for her bro in law. She told me that he is in office. Then I have called her to attend a call in my land line from her sister.It seems her phone was not working. Lucky for me it was true. She was in a skirt up to her knee. In fact my eyes never has gone above that legs. so beautiful was the tall legs and smooth and soft. She has locked her door and followed me. My phone was out of the cradle. The movement she has entered in I have locked the door. .She has feared and even then she taken the phone. It was disconnected. I have asked her to call her back. while she was trying I have opened all my dresses and caught her from back. she was simply shocked. I told her that if she cry people will come and see me in this way. I have nothing to loose. This is my house .why should you come here.. And if cooperative I shall never trouble you and will use all precautions. By seeing such a beauty how one man can resist.

She was intelligent to understand the problem. I have carried her to my A/C bed room. .I have asked her to be naked and she has obeyed. she was a piece of moon. I have sucked her bests and lips for an hour. licked her pussy and thigh . She has also supported me .she was a married girl and with out any issue. I have asked her whether to use condom or not. She can well have a tab on the next day. she did not answer. Then she has sucked me . it was great. I was thinking that my wife was the top expert in this. But her lips were in such a beauty to catch my dick. I do have a photo video of that. In case she is making problem her willing suck will be an evidence. . The fuck was very nice . she has a bit loose vagina. Yet she was very happy in my work. I was to remove the dick before cumming. Then she has caught me and told not to do that. I have sprayed the juice inside and that fuck has continued again . She have left only after 3 hours before her niece is to return from her tut ions. .

Even though there were only one more week I have got her for 3 more days. She has told me that her Hus is not that good in bed. Also they have no issues even after 3 years. I was sure that she will have one soon. .I was sure that she will be available for he years to come. . on the course of sex she did talk many thinks. She told me that she was really interested for sex since from her 15 th year. Many was running behind her due to her-beauty. But she was fearful and so did not agree those. Then came the marriage with a Dubai rich man. He was a very pervert .He wants the elder ladies and nasty servants. He likes her with sweat and dirt in their bed. Even then the dick was faccid to enter. He was not ready for a consultation also. Once he has brought vaidhya- siddha fellow who is also a maantrik. He has payed a lot. The fellow is not a doctor. I was sure. He told him that I am a devatha material and he being a slave asura. So she should be made impure by another man . Then she also will be a slave for his use. I was asked to sit for a pooja . but later found that the maantrik was intereste in my body. He told me clearly.But I did not agree that.

In the mean while His mother a 45 year old lady also pressed me to obey him. Finally I was forced to sit in a dark room. with oil lamps. .He has told me that he will not fuck me ,only to do externals. to make me impure . He did kiss my feet and legs in full naked condition. He has sucked my breasts an navel. .By then I tool a sword which was there and asked him not to go further. Finally he has told me that he has already had his mother many time since years, and in any condition I will be forced. But I never has believed that. She was a black lady and not so attractive. Then he has asked me to pose as if sleeping an he has challenged that he will show that . In case it was correct i have to agree for him or he will expose all. I have agreed, to fetch time to think. I have lied nakedly as if sleeping.

Soon the mother has come. She was asked to remove her clothes. she was very sexy and good except for her colour. He has soon started fucking her as if they were very known. she was so much enjoying him . By then i have got up and started running out. But I was not knowing of the locked door. By then he has cummed in her and has jumped up.Mother in law was tiered and was sleeping under a chader. He has never tried to prevent me. simply asked me to come and fell on his feet. He told that he likes surrender. I have kicked the door. Suddenly it has open and his chela another middle aged man has entered. He has pushed me and I found that i am helpless. I have feared of two men may attack me. so I have fell on vydya's feet.He has just pulled my hair and took his errect dick in my mouth. He told me that he would have done a very clean fuck but for my bad behaviour. Now I was forced to suck and dring his juices for an hour. The rest was a fuck to remember. So painful .My body was full of bite and scratch marks. He has fucked in angry mood .biting on all over and also fucked all over . After him his second in command has got up from mother where he was busy and has taken me. He was a real goonda. Having many dagger marks on face and body. He was but calm ,and has enjoyed me part by part. even my pussy was sucked for hours. He has fucked me by keeping me on him and pushing from bellow. After his works I was totally sick My anus was swellen and painful..

Later I was to admitted to a hospital for a week. The doctor has asked me the reason for scratches etc. but mother was behind me always. And also I was not ready to expose. .Poor man finally told me that the law is always behind me and so if i feel I can go to police. He has given all marks on body in his prescription. Again once more they have attacked me. While in house I have told my husband about all that. But he was-believing his mother than me. One day she has given a prasaad to me and then has come the so called doctor. In our bed room he had the guts to attack me, that also in front if mother in law. All for making me pregnant by removing the problems. By some reason I was so weak and was not able to fight them. Later i found that the prasaad was a medicine to make me calm.

He and mother in law has opened me up and made me naked. .In front of her he has kissed my pussy, and introduced his tongue. I could not do any thing but only to suffer or enjoy. Then he has told her to go out ,since she may not like to see all . But she has refused and stayed in a corner. He then has got naked and started licking and kissing me finally to introduce his dick in me . He was standing and i was pulled to the edge .I have really enjoyed that fuck which was a new one to me. From the next day He has never come to my place. I have told all that I have the medical report and I will pull all to police if any one press me again. Thus I am here. This was 2 years ago. But the both goondas were found im potants. Even with all the fucks I was not pregnent. Now I feel that I was an item to be used by force as you have done.

When I was fucked on the first day i remember that you have asked whether to cums in or not. I felt that was the best thing to do than to go for the goondas and thief's requesting for semen. From the second day I have really enjoyed all and I was sure that I will bear your son with out ant mantra poojas and medicines... I was happy to have a potential kept (second wife)is ready for me. she has got the first son by next year and she was ready for me at any time. I was infect was jealous for the vaidya for getting her deflowered in perfect time. I was also angry for the mother in law . I have even tried to get her for a single fuck as a punishment . But by then she has crossed 50 and lost my interest. I
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