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Sex in Indian family - Pt. 04

At last he was giving her what she craved, the whole rock-hard length of his swollen lund. She whimpered in ecstasy as he eased it into her, cramming her full of what she so desperately desired, his thick, throbbing lund. Sameer pushed till he was up against her womb, and she soaked his lund with floods of juice.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, now fuck me hard with that gorgeous big lund," she sobbed. "give it to me good and deep!"

Sameer couldn't believe how chudasi his didi was. She wasn't in the mood for gentleness or playfulness. She just wanted him to fuck her brains out. But he was only too happy to oblige. He got a firm grip on her slim curvy hips and immediately began to hammer his lund into her, his flat, muscular belly slapping loudly against her jiggling ass. Hasina shrieked with delight as she took his thrusts balls-deep into her eager young choot and pressed her gaand back at him for more.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Sameer, fuck it to me," she panted, "fuck me as hard as you can!"

Sameer snorted lustily and pounded it to her, knowing by now that she could take everything he had to offer, the harder the better. His demure-looking didi had a craving for lund, and there was nobody around but him to help her out. The situation suited Sameer just fine. Hasina clawed the blanket and creamed helplessly as her lusty teenaged bhai gave her a teeth- rattling fuck.

Now she greedily tightened her choot around Sameer's hammering lund, getting more and more delicious hot friction. She couldn't stop juicing, and the molten liquid spurted out around his pistoning lund and gushed down her legs. Each deep, savage thrust of her bhai's rock-hard lund gave her a powerful blast of pleasure.

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, Sameer, fuck me good and hard," she moaned, "fuck me forever."

Sameer just wished he could grant that request. He didn't ever want to haul his lund out of his didi's tiny sucking choot. It was deliciously hot and slippery in there, and the walls of her chootwere like velvet. It was the perfect place to hammer his engorged lund. Each lusty deep thrust gave him a stab of pleasure that made him groan.

"Awwwww, shit, Didi, it's so fuckin' good," he rasped.

"It sure is," Hasina gurgled.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeah, I'm almost there," squealed Hasina, looking back over her shoulder at her bhai. "Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh, God! Fuck meeeeeee!

Sameer could feel it. Her choot was practically flattening his lund, it was so tight, and he knew by now that she always tightened up just before she came. But this time she was gorging herself on the hot sensations, deliberately postponing her climax. That gave Sameer a wicked idea. He loved sneak attacks on his didi, loved surprising her and throwing her off guard. He remembered how sensitive her clit was. Still hammering his steel-hard lund in her hungrily squeezing choot, he reached down between her thighs, grasped her throbbing joy button between his fingers, and started kneading it. It was just like pressing a button and launching a rocket.

"Oooooo, shit, unnhhggghhhh!" Hasina screamed, her petite young body immediately rocking with orgasmic convulsions. "Ooooo, Sameer, I'm coming!"

Sameer chuckled over the success of his plan, then groaned with pleasure as her tiny hot choot convulsed around his deeply thrusting lund. His lund got a violent, juicy massage. But once more he managed to hold off his own orgasm. Sameer wasn't finished with his horny big didi yet. He was determined to turn their first fuck into a marathon of pleasure. That way she'd be more willing to let him fuck her again whenever he wanted.

"Unnnhhhh, fuck, that's so good.... so fucking good!" Hasina sobbed.

"Good one, Didi?" he asked smugly, when she finally stopped coming.

"Ohhhhhh, Sameer! That was fantastic!", murmured Hasina dreamily.

Then she gave her choot a squeeze around his deeply imbedded lund.

"Doesn't that thing ever go soft?"

"Are you complaining, Didi?", laughed Sameer, giving his didi's choot a long, deep grind with his lund.

"Uhhhhhhhh, nooooooo!", Hasina moaned. "I just can't believe my luck, that's all."

"Me either!", grinned Sameer.

He kept up a slow rocking motion, fucking his rigid lund in and out of his didi's choot as she lay with her ass up and her head resting on folded arms. Sameer's knees were starting to hurt a little as the pebbles beneath the blanket started to take their toll. Then he had an idea... a way to fuck that would be comfortable for both of them.

"Time for another position change, Didi!" he said, giving Hasina's pert little ass a playful slap. "Why don't you get on top this time."

"Ohhhhhh, my favorite position!" said Hasina, wriggling her ass back at her bhai suggestively.

"I've got a feeling they're ALL your favorite positions, Didi", smirked Sameer.

He whipped his glistening lund from her drooling choot hole and stretched out on his back. His huge teenage lund was stiff as a board and pointing at the sky. It bulged with blue veins, and pearly drops of pre-cum were oozing from his piss hole to trickle down the oily- looking shaft. Hasina eyed her bhai's lund with renewed lust and moaned deep in her throat in horny anticipation.

She crawled over to Sameer and straddled him, positioning the juicy, gaping lips of her chootright over the swollen purple head of her bhai's lund. Teasingly she rubbed her slippery, swollen choot back and forth over his sensitive lund head, causing Sameer to shiver with excitement. Then she pressed her chootopening against the pointed bulb of flesh and sat down on it.

Hasina slid down the long, thick shaft slowly, pausing only when Sameer's lund-head pressed against her womb. Then, with a lust moan and a sexy wriggle of her hips, she ground her hungry choot down fully onto his lund, taking every solid inch until only his big hairy balls were showing. Her greedy little choot was stuffed almost to bursting with her bhai's throbbing lund. She soaked his shaft with molten spurts of cream, and Sameer lay there glassy-eyed with bliss, looking up at her and admiring the view.

So far he liked this position best of all. There were so many exciting things he could see. He ogled his didi's cute stiff-nippled little choochis. He watched her pretty face contort with lust as she felt his lund cramming her chootand throbbing against every inch of it. He stared at his thick lund as it filled her chootand glided to her tight, hot depth, moaning with her as she squirmed her ass down hard to take the last couple of inches. The feelings were so good, for a moment he became totally lost in them, and only regained his senses when he suddenly became aware that Hasina was wriggling her choot back and forth on his lund impatiently.

"Fuck me, Sameer!" she whimpered, "Please fuck me! I need it so bad!"

Sameer wished that all the girls he fucked were as horny as his didi. He'd already lost count of how many times he'd gotten her off today, but still she was desperate for more. Luckily he was up for it. He wanted to fuck her till he wore his lund out, if that was possible. Growling lustily, he grabbed her by the waist and started hunching his hips up, hammering his lund up into her tightly sucking little fuck hole.

"Ooooo, shit, yessss!" she hissed. "That's it, little bhai, fuck me good and hard! Fuck me with that big, fat, gorgeous lund!"

Sameer loved watching his didi take his lund. She was bouncing up and down on him like crazy, riding his lund like a bucking bronco. Her slim young body shook and quivered with ecstasy, her luscious choochis wobbling wildly. She screwed her eyes shut and flashed her teeth in a lusty grimace. Sameer felt her molten cream soaking his shaft, and he looked down to see it bubbling out around his deeply-driving lund, coating their pubic hair with a creamy foam as the fury of his pistoning lund whipped her hot choot-juice into a frothy lather.

"That's so fucking good, Sameer," she moaned, "keep doing it to me as hard as you can. I can take it."

She sure could. Sameer was amazed that his petite fragile-looking didi could take such rough fucking, but she seemed to love it. The harder he hammered it into her, the more excited she got and the more heavily she creamed. His lund was making an obscene sucking noise as it squeezed the thick juices from her tightly gripping little choot.

Just thinking about it made Sameer grunt with excitement and fuck into her even harder. She was bouncing up and down on his pistoning lund as hard as she could, her firm little choochis shaking and wobbling, her voice hoarse with pleasure as she moaned and squealed in ecstasy. She swayed dizzily, and Sameer had to firm his grip on her waist to keep her from tumbling off him.

"Uuuuuunnngghhhhhhh, Sameer! You're fucking me so good!" she sobbed, "so damned good.... God, I love your big, fat lund fucking me!"

Hasina didn't miss Munna at all right now. Her own kid bhai was giving her a fantastic non-stop fucking, so why did she need Munna? It was great to know that Sameer would be fucking her all vacation long, that whenever she was horny all she had to do was give him the eye and he'd have her on her back, fucking her lights out before you could say, "big didi is horny".

Right now, her lust was at the boiling point, but Sameer's steel-hard lund was about to take care of it. He was spinning out of control, fucking her as fast and hard as humanly possible, and it was taking her over the edge, into a violent, choot-searing orgasm. Suddenly, Hasina felt the delicious explosion tearing through her, and she screamed in ecstasy.



He felt his didi's convulsing young chootsucking the thick jizz out of his lund, and he emptied his balls into her womb.
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