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Sex in Indian family - Pt. 02

After that they'd fucked like bunnies on every date. They just couldn't get enough of each other. But summer vacation tore them apart.Munna had to go home to a regular summer job, and Hasina's parents demanded that she spend the time with them. Going without Munna's regular hot fucking was just killing her.

Feverishly she rubbed her chudasi choot(horny cunt), but it just wasn't the same as when Munna did it. She missed his lund. She missed it so badly, she could have screamed. Her fingers couldn't do the job. They weren't the size or the shape of his bada mota lund. Hasina moaned with frustration and looked around the room, searching for something that resembled a lund.

She spied a basket of fruit her mother had left in the room for snacks. A fat long banana seemed to fit the bill. Hasina snatched it up and pressed the pointed tip to the creaming mouth of her pyasi choot. She began pushing the banana into herself, panting and moaning as it stretched and crammed her chudasi choot just like Munna's big lund.

"Oooooo, fuck! Shit, yesssss," she hissed.

Munna had taught her to talk dirty when they made love, and now she just couldn't help it, any more than she could help her hot heavy creaming as she eased the thick banana into her hungry little fuckhole. She closed her eyes and pretended she was taking her boyfriend's big rock-hard lund. Her excitement reached fever pitch as she shoved the banana home.

"Ohhhhh, honey, yesssss," she sobbed, "Stick it in me, fuck me with it, Munna. I need it so bad, honey."

Hasina started plunging the firm thick fruit up and down in her juice-slick choot-hole, as she felt blast after blast of pleasure, just as she did when Munna fucked her. She could tell she was going to be really fond of bananas this summer. She worked the thing faster and faster as her lust reached boiling point. It made an obscene sucking noise, reaming the thick hot cream from her greedily clinging little choot.

It felt fantastic, yet she still wanted Munna. The banana might save her sanity, but it wouldn't cure her boredom. Only Munna could do that. She needed his hard male body writhing against hers, his throbbing hot lund cramming her choot.

"Do it to me. Honey, fuck me good," she whimpered.

Hasina had never been turned on by any of the guys in her little hometown, and the only other males around were her father and her two younger bhais. So, for the rest of her long vacation she'd just have to use bananas and fantasies. She jerked the banana as hard and fast as she could in her frantically chudasi choot, pretending it was her boyfriend's pile-driving lund.

"Ohhhhhh, God, I'm almost there," she sobbed. "Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me as hard as you can! Ooohhhhh, God! Fuck! Ohhhhh! UHHHNGGHHHHH!"

She felt the delicious explosion in the depths of her choot, and it flashed out to burn through her whole body. She rolled around on the bed whimpering and moaning with ecstasy, frantically fucking herself with the glistening banana.

"Ohhhhh yeah, screw me you motherfucker, you're doing it, I'm coming!" she howled. "Unnnhhhh, shit, I coming so goooooood!"

The body-wracking orgasm was the first she'd had in a week, her first relief since the last time she and Munna had fucked. It lasted a long time, and it left her limp and gasping. She finally rolled onto her back and withdrew the cream-soaked banana from her temporarily satisfied choot, giving it a wistful look.

"Well, pal, " she sighed, "I guess it's just you and me for the next six weeks."

Hasina rolled off the bed, slipped into a light bathrobe, and headed for the shower. She was so hot and sweaty after bringing herself off, she really needed to cool off and get clean. But to her annoyance, the bathroom door was closed and she could hear the shower running inside. No doubt, one of her bhais (brothers).

Sameer and Raja were always hogging the bathroom. Hasina didn't understand how guys could spend such a long time in there. She decided it was time to satisfy her curiosity, so she knelt and peered through the keyhole.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped.

It was her 19-year-old bhai (brother) Sameer, and he was jacking off. He cleverly had the shower running, so no one would be suspicious as to what he was doing in there, but he wasn't taking a shower. Sameer was standing outside the stall, fully clothed except that his jeans and shorts were down around his ankles. He was standing before the sink, and in the sink he'd propped a big color photo of a naked woman. He was staring at the picture and pumping his lund like crazy.

Hasina stifled a giggle. She'd really caught ol' Sameer this time. Totally unaware that he had an audience, he was ogling that naughty photo and beating his meat, his face flushed and contorted with lusty pleasure.

The young woman in the photo had choochis like watermelons, and she had her legs wide open, showing the glistening pink flesh of her choot. She was stroking her choot, playing with herself, and her half-closed eyes seemed to look right at the reader. So Sameer was jacking off while he watched the girl beat off. Very kinky, kind of arousing, too, Hasina thought.

Even though she'd just gotten herself off powerfully with the banana, she felt herself getting chudasi again as she watched her kid bhai jerk himself off. Sameer wasn't badly hung, either, she noticed. His jawan lund was almost as thick and long as Munna's. The last time she'd seen it he was a little boy, but it definitely wasn't a little-boy lund any more. It was man-size.

Hasina stared at her bhai's big, rigid boner and felt her choot moisten with arousal. That was what she really craved and longed for, a nice hard lund. It was hell going without one, and it was just unthinkable that she'd have to wait three months before getting laid again. Here was a gorgeous hard-on that was being totally wasted, and it looked like Sameer was just as hard up as she was when it came to finding a partner.

Hasina was sure he was dreaming of fucking that big-choochiwali girl in the picture. No doubt he was fantasizing that he was hammering his rock-hard lund in her chudasi choot and making her squeal with pleasure... just as Hasina had done when she pretended that the long firm banana was her boyfriend's lund. Too bad she and her bhai had to make do with fantasies. Both of them were ready and eager to make a partner very happy, but no partner was available.

Sameer pumped his lund with lightning speed, and even through the closed door Hasina could hear his deep, harsh panting and moaning as he worked himself toward a desperately needed orgasm. The head of his lund was hugely swollen, a gleaming purple, and it was leaking clear globs of pre-cum. Hasina drooled at the sight of that wasted lund-juice. Munna had taught her how to give head, and she loved going down on him. She was starved for the taste of lund cream, and it made her ravenous to see the pearly stuff dripping from her bhai's long, stiff lund.

"Unnnhhhhh, shit, unnnhhhhh," Sameer groaned, his face contorted with lust.

He was almost there, and Hasina was getting wildly aroused as she watched him. She knew she'd be drooling when he shot his load, imagining a whole mouthful of his come. There was a lot she could do to give her bhai pleasure and a lot he could do to satisfy her needs. Now that she thought about it, she and Sameer could really help each other out.

Yeah, why not? Sure, he was her bhai, but any port in a storm, right. Especially when you were as desperate for lund as Hasina was just them. Besides, Sameer was pretty cute, a blonde hunk just like their father and their younger bhai, Raja, who'd just turned eighteen.

Hasina dropped a hand to her choot and rubbed a finger into her wet little slit as she watched her bhai's large lund twitch and jerk in his rapidly pumping fist. She imagined that long, thick pole pounding into her tight little fuckhole and her choot creamed onto her gently stroking fingers.

Suddenly, Sameer let out a muffled cry and Hasina saw her bhai stiffen in ecstasy, pumping his fist on his lund like crazy. A long jet of pearly jism spurted from Sameer's lund and hit the woman in the picture right on the choochis and trickled down over her choot. Sameer moaned and milked his spurting lund, sending more jets of sperm at the woman's photograph until the whole page was covered with it.

Hasina rubbed her choot furiously as she watched the incredibly arousing spectacle of her younger bhai cumming like a stud bull. She had the sudden urge to rush in and suck the rest of his creamy juice from Sameer's balls, but thought better of it. She might embarrass him so much he's be too sacred to help her out with her own frustrations.

She watched as her bhai's orgasm subsided and Sameer finally released his grip on his lund. The long, limp shaft glistened wetly with his sticky cum and even though it had lost most of it's rigidity, Hasina was impressed by it's size.

Hasina waited till she saw he was zipping up before calling out to him.

"Hurry up, Sameer, I wanta take a shower."

"Uh, okay, Didi," he stammered, grabbing the cum-streaked photo and stuffing it up under his t-shirt.

He was still a little flushed when he opened the door to find his didi standing there in her short robe. It hung open just enough at the front for Sameer to see that Hasina wasn't wearing anything underneath it either. The nipple of one gorgeous firm little choochi peeked out from the edge of the thin material and he could just see the shadow of her choot ka baal through the narrow opening at the bottom.

"By the way, how about going out to the lake with me for a swim this afternoon?"

"Er.. y...yeah, that'd be nice," he stammered. He hardly heard her.

His mind was still reeling from the sensation of his didi's hard little nipples brushing against his chest as she turned sideways to pass him in the doorway.

"Good," Hasina said as she closed the door on him, "we'll go in about half an hour.
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