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Hot Sex With Jyotika

Dear readers, at the very beginning I would like to say sorry, because this story may be boring in some ways, and possibly long too. I request you to bear with me. I hope you do read the story, and leave your comments. I'm Manish, and this is my story. I have chosen not to reveal some details about myself, I hope they will not affect the narration.

I was married young, but it was a difficult marriage. My wife and I never really got along, and after two years, we were divorced. I started getting very angry and lonely with life, and it was my friends who helped me through the tough times. My friends lived in nearby flats in an apartment complex, and asked me to move in nearby too.

They took care of me throughout, and I was slowly beginning to emerge from the loneliness. It was then that I met Jyotika, through common friends. It had been about a year after my divorce and I was not really looking for a relationship. Jyotika and I became good friends over the next few months. She helped me a lot, and I was able to open up a little.

My friends came over in the evenings regularly to check on me, and sometimes Jyotika accompanied them too. I used to really look forward to our meetings as she was the one person with whom I felt really free.

About a year after we had met, it was the anniversary of two of my friends who had married each other. All of us joined them for a small party at a hotel. It was there, that a few tables away, I saw my ex-wife with her friends. The anger welled up in me again, and I could not bear to spend one more moment at the place. I excused myself and came back home, my heart heavy.

The pain was coming back. A few minutes later, I got a text from Jyotika, "Are you all right?" I did not reply. She called after 5 minutes and I did not answer. 15 minutes later, she rang the doorbell. I put on a manly stance and opened the door for her. She came in, and asked me what was wrong. I did not answer. She coaxed me, and I blurted out what was bothering me.

Jyotika took my hand and led me to the bedroom,asked me to sit down. She went into the kitchen and returned with two mugs of coffee. She asked me to talk. I was a bit reserved at first, but I slowly opened up to her, and shared my pain. Jyotika listened with a lot of concern. We had been talking for an hour. She came a bit closer to me, and put her hand over mine, and gripped it softly.

She then said, "Come here Manish, let me hug you." And we put our arms around each other. I was touched by her gesture, and it was comforting. It was then that she said, "Manish... I love you." I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I just hugged her, and I finally said the words, "Jyotika, I need you. I need you badly." I could not control myself, and began to hug her even harder.

Jyotika hugged me back, and kept whispering "I love you Manish, I love you." And I whispered back that I loved her too. We looked at each other, and then she brought her face closer to mine. We kissed, a deep kiss of passion, of someone who has finally found love. Jyotika had her arms around my neck, and my hands were resting on her waist. We kept on kissing, and the passion began to rise in both of our bodies.

We broke the kiss and Jyotika began to remove her top. I unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled off her jeans, and lay on the bed in her lingerie. I took off my jeans and joined her on the bed in my boxers. I lay on top of her warm body and embraced her, kissing her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we kissed and ran our hands all over each other's bodies.

She sat up, took off her bra and panty. I took off my boxers, and began to kiss her breasts, her neck, her stomach, and her legs.I kissed her pussy, and she shivered. I went back to kissing and sucking her breasts. She was moaning in pleasure.

It had been a long long time since I had been with a woman, and I was fumbling, excited, and nervous. I could feel her pussy already leaking as I slowly touched it with my fingers. My dick was already leaking pre-cum. "Make love to me Manish," she said, and I mounted her in the missionary position immediately.

She helped me enter her tight, warm pussy, and I arched my head in pleasure. Somewhere I had forgotten such pleasures, replaced by just anger and resentment. I knew Jyotika wasn't a virgin, but that hardly mattered. I entered her, and lay on top of her, feeling her warmth. It felt as if our two bodies had become one, and we lay together, and kept kissing.

I did not thrust inside her, but I suddenly felt my cum rise, and I was about to pull out but she said "Cum in me, Manish". I came quickly inside her. I was unhappy with my hurried fumbling performance, as I collapsed, panting, on top of her. After I had pulled out of her, she rested her head on my chest as I stroked her hair.

It was then I said, "Marry me Jyotika." She looked at me, smiled, and said "Yes!" and kissed me again. We lay in bed, thinking of the wonderful days ahead. Jyotika and I are getting married in a few weeks, with the blessings of our parents. So friends, this is how I made love to the woman I fell in love with. I hope you haven't been bored by this story.
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