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My Feet

My husband was a party in a joint venture business,. The business has grown well. and we have got good returns from it. But to our bad luck my husband has died in a car accident. I was less aware of the legal and business work. So naturally i became a silent partner in that. Even though the partner was a friend of us, we have lost a lot in the deal.Slowly he has controlled the business.

I have also started going to the office as a worker to avoid my monotony. My children were in the school at the time of his death. 6 years have passed .and they have entered to college. and I have by then has understood some of the business. mi partner used to come to us as usual with files to talk bout business. But now I was alone so i have told him that i shall go to his house.

Why to give a chance to neighbors to make stories. In his house his wife will be there and so no problem. There were many suggestions for a second marriage just after six month's of his departure. May be because of my age . At 36 i was looking very beautiful. Many was thinking me as of 28 or so. Because he was very strict in keeping me fit and keeping body beautiful I have continued it,even though \i have stopped using dark colored saris. My husband was very shrewd business man. He has kept his money in purchasing shares and thus we were in very well off condition. The 60% of company also was with our share. The partner was a poor man and was not having money to invest.

Still now the company was giving good profit to us. The partner was now a days interested to make the shears equal for both, of course with out investment. I have not agreed for that. so he was not that happy to work as the MD. I have told him that as the major share holder I shall now work as MD. HE ha never expected that from me. His wife ,who was a close friend of mine was also became greedy and was aggressive to me. Finally as per the advise of our advocate I have joined as the MD ,since he has resigned it. Then also the company was giving good profit.. I have even agreed to purchase his shears for a good price. He has sold 205 to me and was unhappy with me. The problem was that he had a big loan to return,and he has expected that from company as an interest free loan. I have refused and so he has to sell the shares.

Then one day he has invited me to his house to attend his wife's birthday. I thought it as a chance to clear our misunderstandings. have reached there at about 7 PM. she was also in a good mood. We had a good talk. All problems have melted away. We had a dinner and was to return. Suddenly I got a vertigo. I was about to fall. She has caught me and they have taken to the bed room. Even though i was weak I am able to hear and understand all they are talking. They have simply kept me on the bed and has gone to continue with food.

I was not able to talk loudly, It was just like murmuring only. I have tried to call in mobile but it was in my bag. I could see them coming to my room. He has told his wife that I am inder there control. He has called me in nasty names and sat near me. I thought he has drunk. But his wife also has started talking in abbusive language. " sali kya ochti hei. patraani jaisi chaal. randi. Compani ko labh hei tho kaisa hei. kithna lokomki saath sothi hei randi. Our aisa nahi ho sakthi hai. Hum chalenge isko. .Kalse thum kisko bi muh dekhne nehi sakthi. Hum thumko hamaari jhooth ke neeche hi rakhuoongi. " she has asked him to do some thing or have to get others to do so. Then to my surprise he has got naked in front of we both. His penis was very ong an d thin and was standing in full erection. By then she has pulled all me dressed. torn away my under garments.

I have tried to get up .But could not. Have pushed in the air but she has caught my hand to back over my head. Then he has jumped on me and has licked and bitten my breast and lips. He was a mad fellow by them He has fucked me in such a force even with out careing his wife,Then she has gone out closing the door. He told me that he was waiting for this since long .He thought of getting the company with me. .But sali you have taken over it. Now your son will come to rule me. Let me see how you can do it. He fucked me in mouth and in anus. I was simply a dead body in front of his force and drugs. He has continued it till 11. and told me that all are now in camera. From now you will report me when i call for a fuck. By then his wife has come and they had a sex in the same bed. She was telling him that he has not done such a fuck till to date. I have simply closed my eyes and slept. Finally when i was OK i have left to my house.

I have decided not to surrender in front of then. I have called a relative of mine who was a criminal advocate. I have told all things happened. We have filed an FIR. and has ready to fight. In case he has leaked that he will be in deep trouble. He has thought that I as a widow will never go for a case. Since my bag and shoe was in their house with mobile police have immediately reached there. By then they were still on their bed after 3 or 4 fucks. He has denied my arrival .and then police have recovered all my personal materials and dresses in torn state. He has been taken in.she was on bail. She has fell on my feet and requested to help her. Now when he came out on bail after 14 days he has surrendered in front if me in open office .I forced him to give all his shears to me , Also he has given his palatial house to m on a token amount. I have not yet left him.

My aim is to make him as my door mat. He should beg for a food. he will have to lick my chap pals. with his better half. Then also i will not interfere with the case but may not take interest from my side. Now he stays in a small rented house. He works as a gate keeper in MY company.Since money erned is not enough his wife is working in my house as a parttime maid, This is not a concession ,but who will give a job to such people other than me.

Even though I have not enjoyed the sex from him ,now really enjoying their plight ,that also under my feet.
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