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Destruction Is Another Face Of Sex

I an 45 and is an engineer working in a MN company. I had wife and 2 kids. We are living a good life where both are working and making good money. I am a womaniser. I never has lost any chance in F**king . I have started it from my young age of 14. In fact I was used by some one and the habit has given confidence and guts. but initial 2 years i was in terrible pressure.

I the best student of my class have started going back ,finally failed in that year.At home none has understood my problem. no one used to talk about women except of our ladies. Initially i was not understanding about sex.She has made me as a slave and was making me to do many nonsense works. I thought these are the works doing by slaves . My penis was not getting an erection . That 3 inch thing has later turned to a 9 inch piston. Now a days for me the quality is not an issue .Let it be a queen or a beggar be it a teen or a lady of 50 it does not matter. I am an expert in finding our ladies who are easily available and those difficult and those will never give etc from just a look.

Then i shall work as per the necessity. Even close relatives are not speared. All the character development was initiated by her.Bu luck From the failure I have got up with a vengeance. I have also given her a good lesson for my loss . In my school days I was the only male child in my joint family. I n my 8th class when i was 14 I used to go to the shops for purchasing provisions of my house . Father was working at a distance,and was coming home in every 15 days. Later mother has also went to him leaving me with grant patents and uncles.

I was happy and was studying well. A tall boy of my class was very fair and handsome. Since I was a athlete I had good muscles,and was always used to ware good dresses. Another ability was drawing.At that age I had the ability to make good portraits. During that time in a vacation I was asked to get milk from one of our neighbours. The people were well known to me. It was a tamil family of long standing. The grand father used to come to us for talking with my father. At that time there was no children with them All boys were married and was away. The only people staying were the middle daughter in law and old parents and grand father. The house was so big, made for all four sons. But then many rooms were on lock. The middle son and family were staying in first floor. Since others were old none used to go there by climbing the. ladder.

The fellow was in an agency and used to be out for big spans. In fact the Subu sister aged about 30,( daughter in law) was the most powerful at that period. They has a few cows. it was looked after by the uncle and aunty ( father and mother) They used to earn from that. My work was to get milk from them. I used to stay in that house for some time by talking with grand father or with uncle who was 70 then, They had many knowledge of stories from religious books. In my house also no one used to get angry for the delay. Then the sister had a radio and I used to go to her for hearing the music ,provided she is in good mood. One day she has called me in ,She took me to the ir floor.

We were sitting and hearing songs. She on a setty and I on the floor. One day she has put her legs on my shoulder as if accidently. Then has removed. She told me that she has a pain on ankle . Also told that I have no strength to carry my legs. I have nir felt anr pain in carrying her leg and so I told her to keep it. She has again did it. She was a black lady but her skin was shining with out any flaw. .Similarly her feet was very beautiful with long and shaped fingers. I told her that I can draw her sketch. This has startd.daily. I used to take my sketch book and she used to pose. soon she has reduced cloths and finally one day she was naked. Then I have got feared .Bur she has threatened me that she will tell to my house about my misbehaviour. And drawing of her sketches. She has took away my book . For keeping the secrets She made me as her slave.

I was made to lick her thighs up to the end including her pussy. Initially for 2 years I was thinking that was her urine pore. I had to press her breasts body and was forced to lye over her and introduce my dick in her. Even though it was not done well initially,but in next year I could do it and was happy for that. She also used to take my dick in her mouth. Her height and mine was same then but she was bit bulky. Later When the age has gone I Have used her for all type of perverted ways. My family has taken me from that place to fathers station when I have failed in school. This was the best thing in my life I have recovered and got a state ranh in matric exam. But the other art also has progressed well.

I have stopped my drawing after that blackm*il. It took 5 years to re start it again. Now i am a professional artist. I used to sell my portraits for good amounts. There was a painting of my sex guru in my collection strictly not for sale. I still kike her sex but dislike in almost finishing my career. The lady (Subu sister) is still staying in that house. Now she has a daughter and husband with her. I used to go to her till I have got married. I have started blackmailing her after tie mobile camera has come. I could take back my sketch book from her by shear begging. By then she has understood mu madness on her. It is still with me, as a rare collection. I could get her two sisters and even ones daughter with her permission. The y were used for many a times even together. Now a days i have never go to her at all.

Some time I used to think of having her daughter who is about 16. But then I used to see me in her. If I want I can surely get her with her mothers permission.She is in such pressure now. Then all acts cannot be punished in this way. Even with much logic I an not able to control my loose sex life. Probably it has' switched on' by that "sister' in those tender age and to' make it off 'may be impossible.When ever the house maid s were used i used to take an oath to stop,but they used to be broken by the sight of another brand new one, .Some time I used to think that i am lucky to have almost all ladies falling for me with less problems. It may be the auspicious moment of my inauguration ( deflowering?) by that lady,Or was her pussy was such a lucky one for a growing boy only god knows . I shall give some stories which has happened in my life later. bye..
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