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Adultery in the Bangalore Office

Hi. My name is Harini and I am from Bangalore settled in Hyderabad. My dad works in a bank and transfers are common. Since he is close to his retirement age this is his last transfer. I got placed in a company and have been working there since 3 years. I have very good friend named Nitin and I mostly interact only with Nitin. He is a good and respectable person in our office. We are so close that both of us are aware of each one personal life and problems and we sometimes solve each others problems as well. Though he never touched me, I generally used to pinch him on his shoulders or poke his waist. He is sensitive towards ticklings. He drops me at house daily.

One day, when he was driving in car, he was kind of depressed due to office work pressure. Just to make him smile i cracked some jokes but he did not change. I forced him to laugh and in that process I again poked his waist. He got irritated and he shouted at me saying "If I do the same thing, how would you feel. Stay in limits". I replied saying, "you can try. i am not as sensitive as you are". He gave a sarcastic smile. I was serious, I had asked him to do it and made it a challenge. He now smiled for real and poked me on my waist. I dint get any tickling. I said you lost the bet. He said, since he was driving he could not do it properly. I said you may try it at my home. He dint take it serious. Meanwhile we reached my place and I had asked him to come up for a tea.

We went to my place and I got freshened up. While I was preparing tea he came from back and again he poked me on my waist. AS usual it did not work. I told him let's have serious bet, if he can make me smile, with tickling, I said I will pay for petrol for one whole month. He too agreed. And if he losts, he will take me in his car daily without car pooling. He too agreed.

It all starts here, he now trickled his fingers on my waist. It dint work again. He tried for few more times, though it dint effect there were few vibes through my spine, kind of an electric shock.

I asked him to do whatever he want to make me smile and I lied on the sofa with my hands up giving him an opportunity to properly use. Until now, neither of us had the intentions of sex. He asked if he can try it on my feet and legs. I simply told him, you can do whatever you want. I was in my business formals, with formal pants and shirt with a slip and bra on top.

He trickled his hands on my feet and legs. It still dint work. He was looking into my eyes asking for permission if he can move his hands little more upwards. I just closed my eyes. He took it as Yes. He moved his hands all over my thighs. Then he moved his fingers on my waist and navel. I was excited by now, but still no smile. I was still closing my eyes.

He said, "I will give up, unless he can touch 2 more areas" (his intentions were underarms and my breasts). I gave him the same reply, "u can do whatver you want"

He now moved his fingers on my breasts. I almost missed a breathe for a second. He says he wins. I did not agree. He said, he will win if I can keep quiet for anything he does he will win. I agreed.

He slowly moved his fingers on my forehead, then to my nose and circled my lips. Then moved to the neck and unbuttoned the first button. Then then 2nd 3rd and 4th. He wide opened the shirt which gave him a full view of my breasts hidden under the slip and bra. He again circled his fingers on my breasts just trickling over the nipples. I am wet by now.

He then made tilt slightly and unhooked my bra at the back. He unbuttoned by 5th 6th nd 7th button and removed my shirt. I just followed whatever he was doing. He lifted my slip and removed my bra. I was topless in front of a guy other than my husband. He is again circling my breasts and nipples. He asked if he can use any other "tools" to make me smile. I closed my eyes (not sure if it was shame or excitement). I suddenly felt warm air on my breasts and soon I could understand he was licking my nipples which are very hard by now. He is sucking my nipples and moving his fingers over my underarms.

I told him, my husband will come anytime and he should be quick in what he does. He brought some ice and rolled it from my forehead to my neck, then to my cleavage, then both the nipples, navel and waist. He then inserted his hands, into my pants and left the ice in my panties. He finally said, he lost, and there is a new challenge saying, if I remove the ice before it completely melts, he is going to make love. Listening to that, i pretended as if it was unbearable (it was indeed unbearable) and asked him to remove. He removed my pants and made me fully nude. He unzipped his pants, and inserted his penis into mine. It slides so smoothly as i was already dripping.

It was not more than 3 minutes of intercourse and expelled his sperm on my body. That's probably one of the best sex moments I had.
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