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A Cuckold's Tale Part 7

"Good choice, because you're marriage might be in a bit of trouble again," Anghsu laid back, propping up a pillow behind his head. "Keep stroking, boy. You really know how to work a cock with your hand. All that practice at jerking off really shows."
"Anghsu..." I began.
"Address me as sir from this point on," Anghsu said, sternly.
"Sir? What kind of trouble is my marriage in? I thought she was happy?"
"Well, SUMITA was getting restless. We were having fun with the cyber and phone sex, but that slut of ours has a needy pussy that needed to get stuffed. So I gave her permission to fuck someone," Anghsu answered casually.
My eyes got wide. "You gave her permission!"

Anghsu smiled big. "Well, sort of. I can't say I've fully put her under my control yet. But she did consult me about the idea of spreading her legs for someone she likes. Not to say she wouldn't have done it anyway, but I think she needed me to make her feel ok about it. So I did."
"My, my, my wife is fucking someone?" I felt my body shaking.
"For the past few months," Anghsu nodded. "There have been a few, but only one that you ought to really be concerned about. His name is Nikhil."
"SUMITA is fucking someone else," I repeated, lost in my thoughts.
"Spreading her pussy around like the whore she is," Anghsu chuckled. "Snap out of it, dear. I know your feelings are a mixed bag, but it does no good to think of the negatives. Just take it with a grain of salt and enjoy your fantasy."

"I, I know. You're right," I said, not truly convinced. "How many men has she been with? Did she tell you about it? Did she like it?" I rattled off questions in a frenzy.
"The first was a your neighbor Sunil Sharma.
"That guy? He's a bustard! My god he is well over 50. He has 3 children’s and he beats his wife.
Anghsu grinned. "And his experience showed in his bathroom where he fucked her. His wife was ill and was sleeping in the upstairs. Your wife said he pounded her cunt like an animal, and she enjoyed it quite a bit. But She wasn't happy about his arrogance and dictating attitude.. Only 2 months and no repeat business for him."

"In a bathroom wile his wife was sleeping upstairs?" “My god… what a slutty act that was”. Then I remembered banging her in the hotel parking lot the night I'd met her. I guessed she was staying true to form. I wrapped my free hand around my own cock.
The second guy didn't have a name. He was a college student. A random pick up at a friends birthday party and she got herself fucked in the back seat of his Honda city. First orgasm she's had in years that she didn't have to give herself. Dark hair, grey eyes, skinny...she definitely has a type."
"The backseat of a Honda city," I breathed heavily as I stroked my dick. "Slut...whore..."
"You're focusing a little too much on your pleasure and not enough on mine. Work my cock, dear," Anghsu said irritably.
"Sorry," I said, meekly.

Anghsu grabbed my hand and stopped my rhythm. "Take your clothes off."
I looked at him blankly.
"And put these on," he tossed SUMITA's panties into my lap.
I didn't move, shocked at what he was asking me to do.
"You've read my stories and gotten off to them, so don't look stunned when I make a simple request like this. I'm about to get to the important part. But if you'd like me to stop and leave you alone, go ahead and sit there looking at me like a fucking idiot. Get to it! Thirty seconds!"
I got myself undressed as quickly as I could, Anghsu watching intently as I stripped naked. I stared at the panties, my mind cueing in on the fact that they'd last been worn by my wife, and according to Anghsu, had covered her pussy after she'd been fucked by another man. The kinkiness of putting them on suddenly seemed strangely exciting to me. In my head I was asking myself, what the hell is he doing with you! I needed another weird fetish like I needed a hole in the head.

They were a little tight, but I managed to get them on, my hard dick poking out the side.
Anghsu nodded approvingly. "Good, boy. I'm glad they fit. From now on I want you to wear your wife's underwear exclusively."
My face crumpled up like an angry child.
"The answer you're looking for is yes, sir."

"Yes, sir," I said, reluctantly, not convinced I would actually follow such an order.
Anghsu patted the bed and gave his cock a few strokes, "Now, get back to it and let me fill you in on the rest."
I sat down beside him and took his swollen rod back in my hand. Without SUMITA's panties covering it I could feel every contour of his veiny monster, making me even more keenly aware of what I was doing. It felt strange to be holding another man's dick in my hand, but not as awkward as I thought it would. I felt ashamed for not being completely disgusted.
"Get it wet," Anghsu ordered.

Very slowly I lowered my head towards his dick, putting on a display of reluctance that was as much for my own benefit as it was for his. Deep down, I could not allow myself to believe that I was actually ok with what I was doing.
With my mouth hovering only inches above his huge pole, I expelled my spit onto his cock to lube him up. I worked it in with a few strokes of my hand, and felt Anghsu pushing on the back of my head.

"Wetter," he said, firmly pressing me down to his cock until it hit my lips. "Open up."
My mouth opened and he pushed me further, forcing me to open wider until I had the full girth of his cock stuffed tightly in my mouth.
"Good. Now move your hand, you won't need it," He said, gripping my wrist and pulling my hand from his shaft.
I looked up at his smug, grinning face, realizing the power he must have felt over me.
"That's right, suck my cock, Sanjay. Suck the cock that's going to fill SUMITA's cunt. You're going to learn to love it. You'll be as good as your wife in no time," Anghsu moaned.

With his hand gripping the back of my head, he began to guide me up and down his shaft with my mouth.
I didn't resist. I knew there was no point. I'd already crossed the line, put him in control of making my long time fantasy a reality, and though wearing panties and playing with his dick hadn't been a part of the fantasy, I told myself that it was a necessary evil to please him – that I was doing it for the sake of achieving my fantasy and not for any other reason.

At the same time, it was the cure for my guilt. I should welcome this, I told myself. I reminded myself that essentially, I'd agreed to allow this man to make a whore of my wife, and a mockery of my marriage. I felt low down and dirty, more at that moment than ever before. Forced to wear panties, forced to suck his dick, that was my punishment. I deserved it.
"The third time was with a man and you know him too. Prakash is his name."
"Mmmmuhg!" I grunted with my mouth full.

Prakash was an young, married man who lived across the street! I never liked him.
"Shhhh, suck that cock, and let me finish," Anghsu said, easily. "She seduced him. I had to tell her how. She's only just now learning how to command her sexuality. Most women know instinctively the power they have over men, but SUMITA is a work in progress.

"Anyhow, that was another one that didn't turn out how she hoped. He has a nice cock I hear, but completely clueless. She took a vacation day from her job just so she could fuck him in your house while you were at work. He screwed her right in your living room. But don't worry he won't be back.
"She was getting frustrated. Three cocks, and two were a complete waste of time. SUMITA found out just how many men there are out here who don't know how to fuck. She was pretty broken up about it too. That same night I spent an hour on the phone with her trying to make her stop crying about how she'd risked her marriage for nothing. She was putting a major guilt trip on herself. She was ready to give it up and resign herself to a lifetime of masturbatory orgasms and unfulfilling sex with you. Can you believe that?

"But I knew you wouldn't want that, so I talked her out of it and told her to speak with her friends to find a guy with a proven track record. So apparently she heard through the grapevine about this young man named Nikhil, who works at her job. He was supposed to be the cat's ass when it came to laying the pipe.
"Watch your fucking teeth, dear!" Anghsu hissed.
"Shiree," I gasped.

"Breath through your nose. There you go. Yeeeeessss, yeeeeesssss, suck me. Now you've got it," Anghsu relaxed. "So where was I? Ohhh fuck. You're sucking that cock like you like it! Do you like being a cocksucker? Mmmmm suck my big dick! Suck it! Yeeeeaaaahhh!"
Anghsu forced my head into a faster rhythm. His thick head was hitting the back of my throat and I was having a hard time with it.
"When you feel like gagging, just swallow hard to fight your reflex," Anghsu instructed. "Yes, that's it. Suck my big cock! Take it! Take it!" He grunted. "Aahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Reflexively I tried to pull away as he began shooting his hot, thick cum into my mouth, but he held me down, forcing me to take it. I wouldn't swallow it, so it gushed from the corners of my mouth in abundance.

"Keep sucking, bitch! Milk me!" Anghsu growled, forcing me to continue bobbing up and down on his dick as his jizz leaked out of my mouth. When he finished with one last violent thrust into my mouth, he relaxed, releasing his grip on my head.

I flung myself back on the bed gasping for air, cringing as I reluctantly swallowed a few remnants of his sperm, then wiped the rest from my mouth and chin.
Anghsu lay beside me, smiling contentedly. "You learn much faster than most men who've I had to teach," he complimented.
"Thank you, sir," I gulped, cringing, disgusted with myself, but still hoping to get the rest of the story on SUMITA. "So what happened with Nikhil?"
"Nikhil? Right. He fucked her. Fucked her real good. The best sex she's ever had," Anghsu rolled onto his side to face me.
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